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Verdict: OnlinebizBooster is a platform owned by Peter Keszegh. It provides online lessons for business promotion. The site contains informative text articles and videos, using which you can learn how to start online business and how to promote it effectively.

I particularly like how the guides are presented. They are truly simple and without confusing terms. Plus, all articles are short, containing the most important info.

  • Free mini-guides
  • Informative online course
  • Access to a Facebook group with unique information
  • 24-hour support
  • Mini-guides are regularly updated
  • Paid online lessons
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In addition to free text mini-guides, OnlinebizBooster offers a 15-day online course. Here, Peter Keszegh gradually covers the digital marketing business, starting with basic business models and ending with attracting clients and performing first sales.

Complete OnlinebizBooster Review: Main Features

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Thanks to materials available on OnlinebizBooster, you, as a photographer, can learn to sell your personal presets and get income not only from photo sessions. Moreover, it is useful to know how to optimize your site/blog/portfolio and promote it to the top Google ratings.

Simple 15-Day Online Course to Do Business

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If you have been long in business and now want to expand it or simply try a new niche, for example, sales, the OnlinebizBooster free online business training course is exactly what you need. Unlike other free online photography courses, here you need to spend only 60 minutes a day to get the valuable info.

During 15 days, you will discuss such topics as business models, development of a business plan, generation of leads, copywriting skills, ORM use, presentations, and first sales. Moreover, you will be always in touch with the author and can ask him questions if necessary.

Fast Free Mini-Guides to Promote Websites

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The mini-guide section will be particularly interesting for beginners. Here, you can find more than 100 short and maximally informative articles on various topics. The author doesn’t only give a “flat” text, he provides examples with pictures.

You will learn answers to almost any question including photography tips for beginners, traffic growth, keywords analysis and how to use them, search optimization in 8 steps, various instructions, for example, how to sell on webinars, etc. Plus, the expert shares info on how to choose colors for your business, effective negotiation methods, etc.

Free Access to a Private Facebook Group

A Facebook group is a source where the author publishes tips and information that is not available in guides. Besides, you can ask questions under posts and discuss promotion techniques with other readers.

24-Hour Support and Supervision

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If you have any questions after studying any of the mini-guides, you can ask them. Plus, if an online lesson was unclear for you or you think that the topic wasn’t fully discussed, you can also ask Peter Keszegh personally or via video conferencing software. He is open to communication and will help you in his free time.

OnlinebizBooster Online Business Training Prices

It’s really pleasant that almost 90% of the information shared in mini-guides are available completely for free. Moreover, articles are regularly updated, so you can always improve your business promotion competence by bookmarking a site.

Users who want to acquire selling and promotion skills as fast as possible, should use a special 15-day online course that costs $3576. At the moment I’m writing this OnlinebizBooster review, the company provides a special offer. It sells the course for $7 because Peter Keszegh is sure that you will come again for new knowledge after finding how effective the course is.

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