ElephantMark Brand Audit Service Review 2024

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Verdict: ElephantMark is a full-service design studio that delivers branding, digital marketing and website development services. They identify both strong and weak points with brand audits, design brand identity systems, formulate brand naming, domain name planning, brand messaging systems along with brand style guides – pretty much everything that is required to create and maintain the brand’s uniformity.

I think that any strategy developed by the ElephantMark studio is meant to fulfill the clients’ requests and provide them with meaningful content. Their team is highly responsive and is always ready to meet the clients halfway and resolve their issues. The services offered by ElephantMark will definitely appeal to photographers who wish to advertise their brand, make it truly special, boost the clientele and brand recognition.

  • Inventive marketing solutions
  • Efficient tactics for advertising brands
  • Clear working process
  • Received major awards
  • Brand development in 2 weeks
  • Discounts only for bulk orders
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ElephantMark is notable for creating engaging, captivating and exceptional designs. They are incredibly easy to approach and are always willing to discuss ideas and future cooperation over the phone.

If you suddenly realize that you need a branding system in the shortest time, the team will take on this task and deliver top-notch results within 2 business weeks. This is really impressive given the fact that similar agencies usually work with such projects from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on whether the brand name has been established before.

ElephantMark Review – Main Features

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When handling the brand naming process, ElephantMark performs in-depth research of the name that matches your brand’s concept best. They will also acquire the necessary domains and look for similar trademark patents with the help of TESS and other tools.

This way, you can be sure that the provided brand name is truly unique and consistent with the main idea behind your brand. Besides, this is done to help you avoid any legal issues and additional legal costs regarding plagiarism.

Delivering Turn-Key Branding Services

elephantmark branding services

The study of the market and consumer motivations, unique experience and creative approach to branding allow ElephantMark Studio to create brands that meet the expectations of the consumer as much as possible.

The turn-key development of a new brand is a complex work that is carried out in stages, or different stages are implemented by different companies. The ElephantMark team offers their customers expert opinions on creating a turn-key brand or brand correction.

They conduct research and market analysis, create brand positioning and strategy, formulate a brand’s story, naming, logo, corporate identity, brand book, slogan, website, as well as packaging design, labels, advertising and promotional materials.

Website Development and Web Design in the Shortest Possible Time

elephantmark website development

Website development for business is an effective way to scale and adapt to modern trends. The ElephantMark team develops websites in 6 simple steps.

Step 1. Analytics and data collection. The collected information helps identify strengths and weaknesses, understand trends, peculiarities of a particular sphere, determine the target audience and its needs. A detailed plan is created, according to which the site is being developed.

Step 2. Design development. A prototype is created, using which it is easy to understand what the team aspires to achieve as a result. After its approval, a technical design assignment is drawn up and the process of creating a website begins. The designer creates graphic elements, develops the interface taking into account the specifics of the business. The website is designed in a singular corporate style of the company using only the best web design software.

Step 3. The programming process. When the design is ready, programmers write code. All the ideas are being implemented, and technically they create any tools necessary for the photography business. The website is developed using a stack of technologies that is selected individually for each business.

Step 4. Connecting different services. At this stage of website creation, CRM/ERP and other required services are connected. If necessary, payment systems, cards and APIs of other service companies are integrated.

Step 5. Taking care of security. ElephantMark employs modern technologies that ensure reliable protection of your database, content and all resources. The protection is tested, the site is checked for any vulnerabilities. The team creates backups and takes measures to protect the website against hacking, damage and loss of information.

Step 6. Website release and support. Once the customer is fully satisfied with the website, the agency uploads it to the hosting and submits it to be released. From this moment on, your business starts functioning in the webspace. The ElephantMark team provides technical support and is engaged in further promotion, if necessary. Their experts monitor the operation of the website and its security.

Fully Functional Digital Marketing

elephantmark digital marketing

This digital marketing company specializes in online advertising, productive positioning in social networks and search engine optimization. Before starting to promote a brand, the ElephantMark experts analyze the market, study the trending topics, the strategies used by competitors, etc.

The agency’s specialists implement effective advertising tactics to engage the target audience. Setting up search queries correctly is one of the proven ways to attract more traffic to the official web page so that it occupies a leading position in Google search results.

Famous and Influential Clients

elephantmark clients

Over the years, the studio got the chance to cooperate with numerous well-known customers. Puma, Heineken, CareerSolution, AstraZeneca, Equinox, and many others chose the harmony of simplicity for their products.

Educational Blog on Advertising & Branding

elephantmark blog

The ElephantMark blog is quite informative and will come in handy for proficient writers, marketers and PR specialists. Despite the terminology used in articles, they are written in a clear and understandable manner.

If you examine the blog, you will notice articles on using well-known social networks, tips on enhancing the advertising campaigns, lists of marketing tactics with thorough explanations, infographics and diagrams. The team willingly shares their knowledge on the blog and dedicates plenty of time to produce engaging written content.

ElephantMark Prices

You won’t find a fixed price list on the ElephantMark website. The final cost of the project depends on several aspects, such as the amount of work done for the project, and the time it takes to complete it, the number of services, as well as requests from the client. When you open the “Pricing” tab, you will see a form where you need to specify contact info and the type of required services. Next, you will get an approximate cost in USD.

The provided cost is calculated roughly, and you should rely only on the price stated by the studio’s representatives while discussing the terms of cooperation. If the cost doesn’t quite fit into your budget, contact ElephantMark, and they will be glad to find a more suitable solution for your purposes and funds.

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