DigitInk Digital Marketing Agency Review 2023

By Kate Gross 21 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: DigitInk is a remote marketing team that will make your company grow and be more profitable. They serve a variety of online businesses in niches such as SaaS, e-commerce, financial services, and other.

It can help any business grow, which makes it a perfect solution for photography agencies and all kinds of professionals that specialize in photography, animation, video processing, etc.

In this review, I will tell you about their unique approach to digital marketing in detail. 

The team focuses on increasing your business’ performance by improving the ROI on your digital advertising. They will help you with your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads, as well as with the email marketing automation to support those ads. In addition, they could also provide you with a landing page and social media contend creations if needed.

  • Not an agency, but a remote digital marketing team
  • Individual and personal approach to clients
  • Focus on the performance
  • Free analysis of the ad efficiency
  • Chat bot automation
  • Synergetic approach
  • No price list on the website
  • Work with a limited amount of clients
digitink interface

Here´s how the magic happens. First, they analyze your business and niche, and then they analyze the performance of your competitors. As a result, they create an integrated digital marketing plan for your areas of improvement that fits your individual needs.

Afterwards, they work with you on the implementation of the plan, help set up SMART goals and KPIs, and will make sure everything is followed as it should, and all deadlines are met.

DigitInk Main Features

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Why is DigitInk the perfect solution for you? Because of their unique approach to businesses.

First, they are a remote marketing team, not an agency. They are embedded into your team and work as one with you towards achieving your goals. They are easy to work with, small team that works with a limited number of clients in order to be more productive. They go all in when working with you and are focused on establishing a trusting relationship.

 “We’re a natural extension of your team. We take your business as ours and support you throughout your digital journey.”

Then, there’s the integrated digital marketing approach. That is, the focus on all channels working together, in synergy, with one goal in mind - better performance to increase your profit. No energy is wasted on Facebook VS Google discussions.

It’s all about performance. At the end of the day, you care about how much you invest in the different platforms and what is your return on that investment. Our role is to guide you through the process of increasing that ROI.

Effective Business Promotion via Contextual Advertisements and Google Ads

digitink google ads

Google Ads is one of the largest online advertising networks in the world, which makes it the most powerful tool for driving targeted traffic to a website. To make the most out of it, make sure to contact DigitInk as they specialize in this type of advertising and will provide you with the best possible marketing plan.

They start by setting advertising campaign goals, which helps them select the right strategy for your budget. These professionals are prepared to do what it takes to increase your digital marketing presence.

The agency also helps your target audience to find you when they’re looking for the products or services that you offer. Then, they display targeted ads on various devices and channels.

To understand the ads’ performance, Digitink analyzes the effectiveness of your listings by using a website traffic checker. Next, they select keywords, designs banners, create the ads, and decides where they should be placed for the most effective promotion. When creating contextual ads, they also consider the strategies used by competitors.

Full-Stack E-Mail Marketing

digitink e-mail marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable customer engagement and retention tools. DigitInk uses email marketing automation methods to increase the number of repeat sales and boost customer engagement.

The agency can create a system of marketing touchpoints consisting of emails, messages, and push notifications. They use some of the best SEO Softwares to create an effective system that will increase your performance.

To achieve the best results possible, they use your email base to analyze the history of purchases and ensure that your clients will receive your emails when they are most inclined to interact with them.

This performance marketing team is helping various businesses, such as local companies, photography marketing agencies, financial services, e-commerce platforms. Their main goal is to help you better engage with your customers and convert leads into sales.

Increasing Brand Awareness on Facebook

digitink facebook marketing

DigitInk specializes in digital media marketing and can successfully promote your business on Facebook. This is one of the most effective marketing methods that helps you engage with a paying audience that is potentially interested in your products and services.

For that, this remote digital marketing team will come in handy for those who don’t have the time and energy to increase their social media marketing knowledge. They will boost your social media performance by improving your online presence and advertising your products and services to the right people at the right time.

The DigitInk professionals specialize in high-quality e-commerce image optimization. They will come up with smart content and marketing strategy, expand your client base, drive traffic to your website or e-commerce store.

The team uses various social marketing methods to increase the number of orders, boost sales, and engage your long-term clients. They can also help you improve your brand’s recognition.

Effective and Intuitive Landing Pages

digitink web design

Whenever your ads are delivered to the right audience you would like them to complete an action. This action can vary from newsletter sign-ups to trial requests and purchases.

An additional service that DigitInk can provide you with is the creation of an intuitive landing page for your ads. This will guide your prospects through the funnel more effectively and will help the performance of the ads. With that, you´ll be sure to have your desired action completed, increase your customer base, qualify leads, and retain your customers.

When creating the landing page, these professionals will find the best place for various elements to make it easier to navigate for users. They analyze all the steps of the process and decide whether a solution will contribute to the success of the selected digital marketing strategy.


DigitInk doesn’t have a price list on the official website. However, you can get a free online consultation. The agency can also analyze the effectiveness of your ads for free. The price is calculated individually and depends on your needs.


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