DSM Tool Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 8 days ago, Apps and Software

DSM Tool

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Verdict: DSM Tool is a versatile dropshipping software, with which listing wares for sale from an endless variety of retailers to eBay, Shopify, and other eCommerce platforms. Its reliability and efficiency are above all praise. And the fact that the program is used by more than 200,000 sellers all around the world is clear proof of this.

With DSM Tool, it is easy to save time and monitor your dropshipping business, as all time-consuming tasks are fully automated. It will become your handy assistant when fulfilling orders or creating listings of your potential customers.

  • Keeps track of price changes every hour
  • A tool that supports bulk listing
  • Saves listing drafts automatically
  • Refreshes tracking numbers automatically
  • Speedy tracking converting
  • Free plans have many restrictions
  • Shows wrong data occasionally
dsm tool interface

DSM Tool is a real lifesaver for both people who are new to dropshipping or who have experience in this field. If you want to figure out how to use the software quickly and without trouble, go to the official YouTube channel, which contains a great variety of comprehensive guidelines and tutorials explaining each step you should fulfill to master the program.

As an inventory management software, DSM Tool performs every task automatically. So, you won’t have troubles doing such daily operations as finding the merchandise, filling your store with wares, optimizing listings, syncing stock levels and prices, as well as completing orders.

DSM Tool Review: Main Features

dsm tool logo

DSM Tool stands apart from other similar tools with a speedy product lister, hourly price monitoring, automated order fulfillment, as well as a straightforward Chrome browser extension, etc. Besides, it provides a handy sales portal for managing orders and keeping track of income.

Smart Lister and Super-Compatible Templates

Professional eBay listing templates are another selling point of DSM Tool. It is great that they are available for those who use paid and free versions of the software. However, there are only two templates available for owners of a free account. Besides, all the templates are responsive on mobile devices, easy to customize and preview, and compatible with eBay.

dsm tool templates

This eCommerce cart software allows changing the design and adjusting content. It will send you a notification if the ware has been withdrawn from sale or hasn’t been sold on the term.

Store Optimization for Monitoring Your Orders

If you are looking for an effective tool to optimize products or keep track of your orders, there is no better option than DSM Tool. Head to the monitor tab to make the required adjustments like setting the prices, or changing the number of wares your business offers. Also, adding the existing listings from eBay or your store is also possible.

dsm tool store optimization

eCommerce image optimization technology used by software developers is what helps your store get the highest ranking in search results.

If there are some unmonitored lists on your platform, you’ll be able to detect them without trouble. Editing the listing is also a no-brainer. Just click on edit and change any required data like the profit %, minimum stock level, etc.

Automated Ordering to Save Your Time

After switching on this function, you will need to decide how many clients you are going to serve automatically. It functions like a purchase order software.

dsm tool ordering

DSM Tool consumes the gift cards of all your stores. You can use the auto-ordering tool to handle the customer's orders from Amazon, Walmart, and AliExpress. Check whether the purchase has been done, or which product has gone out of stock using this handy feature.

Item Search to Locate the Best-Selling Products

Use it to identify the best-selling wares and products for dropshipping increasing your profit. This option uses on-demand selling criteria to locate the item and find where it is sourced from.

dsm tool item search

Save the chosen items and get access to them whenever you need. Besides, it is possible to save the seller for future cooperation.

Advanced CRM Options for Dropshipping

Like contact management software, DSM Tool Manage is what you need to serve your customers at the highest possible level. The in-built CRM allows handling customer messages and all other eBay updates without any hassle.

dsm tool crm

As for me, this feature is really precious, as you can read and respond to clients’ messages with extreme convenience, as well as check important updates from your vendors.

DSM Tool Prices

A free package covers 25 AliExpress product listings, whereas a basic plan, which costs $24.97/month, is limited to 600 listings. 50 dropshipping suppliers, unrestricted hourly inventory monitoring and customer order, a speedy lister option, and a Chrome extension are the features that are included in each package.

If you are interested in an automated order processing option or want to track info uploads, you should purchase credits, the price of which vary from $0.20-$0.40, depending on how many of them you are going to buy. By making yearly payments, you’ll save up to 20%.


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