Indy Web Designers Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 23 days ago, Apps and Software

Indy Web Designers

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Verdict: I’ve selected Indy Web Designers as a web development company to be able to design my own website for photos, and I am totally satisfied with the choice I’ve made.

It is appealing to me that their works looked similar to what I wished to implement into my website. It is worth to point out that the company elaborated their particular concept, however, they created a website which fully reflects my creative approach as a photographer.

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  • Offer marketing services
  • Individual attitude
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  • Needs more information on the technologies applied
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Indy Web Designers concentrates on being the leader at making companies foster their online presence employing the websites sales. They aim at designing web resources with brand-new and clean interface to make the client happy.

Indy Web Designers: Main Features

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One of the main goals of Indy Web Designers Company is the development and launch of the websites under the sale. That is why they always pay a lot of attention to the setting of the search optimization and correspondence to all the range criteria in other search systems.

As compared to the common website builders for photographers, Indy sets all the parameters necessary in the sphere and in a certain project to enable you to deal with both single and multi-purposed types of sites, such as corporate, business card, universal solutions, including diverse options. 

4 Stages in Functional Site Development

indy web designers development process

Indy Web Designers sticks to the 4-step plan in the process of collaboration with their customers on the web resource design. Firstly, you will arrange a 15-minute call, during which you clarify any initial questions regarding the workflow for the team to know their capabilities on the topic.

The next stage is the onboarding process. In 1-hour meeting you will be able to provide those details of your business which will be necessary for the developers to proceed with a requested website creation.

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As a part of an ecommerce development company, the Indy experts know for sure that it is fundamental to produce a functional service to sell the product as quick as possible. Thus, the design & audit workflow usually does not take more than a month.

With the dedicated Client Portal, you can keep track of the current status of the site as it's developed, add feedback notes, and import media directly. The enterprise cares of the design, testing, deployment, security, backups, and hosting, therefore you can be as involved in the process as you wish.

Custom Functionality for the Creative Websites

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Indy Web Designers is a place where you can order any website type, from plain single-pages and landings, multi-page corporate ones, ecommerce platforms and dashboard websites. They will provide you with the required options and additionally include the ones requested by the clients.

This web design company aims at the advanced grade of intuitiveness and convenience in order to ensure best customer experience. They arrange a large-scale UX researches, which include the business intricacies and the market on the whole, target audience of the brand and the behavior patterns on the Internet.

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On the basis of all these data the foundation of the future website is designed, and after testing, the stage of the immersive UI design is about to begin.

Indy Web Designers are in favor of minimalistic site visual. Nevertheless, the client is the one who decides, as the Indy team is able to implement any visual in any style. 

Brand Messaging Creation to Make Business to Sell

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Indy Web Designers offer the service which will make your business stand out and you will also be able to build a brand on social media with photography. The enterprise suggests the so called StoryBrand, a 7-part Marketing Framework, curated by the New York Times Bestselling author, Don Miller.

By creating your BrandScript and employing a Certified StoryBrand Guide for making your strategy work, you can reflect your content and messaging across all social media for photographers.

indy web designers storybrand services

It will also prevent you from getting frustrated with the low volume on your investment into Google Ads Campaigns, Facebook Ads, social media marketing, search engine optimization and your website. A discovery call is available to discover the way a service works.

Indy Web Designers Prices

Indy Web Designers company comprises two main groups of services.

The website design and launch contain individual prices, in regards to the project intricacies. It includes the work volumes, development time, attracting additional technologies, custom services quantity, and other parameters.

The next service group is linked with the StoryBrand. A complete consultation & implementation cost $10.000. It involves BrandScript design, website splash page UX design, sales funnel framework development, etc.

If you also want a website, you will pay $9000 + the cost of the web resource. By doing so, you save $1000 on the StoryBrand services. 


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