12 Best Website Maintenance Services to Support Your Web Page

By Kate Gross 2 days ago, Apps and Software

If your website is hosted on WordPress, you should constantly take care of its maintenance, which involves updating, making backups, editing website, and monitoring security. To ensure flawless website performance, you need to address professionals, who can handle such things as spam, hacks, errors, and more. I’ve reviewed the best website maintenance services for you to find the one that can trust.

Top 12 Website Maintenance Services

  1. WP Buffs - For eCommerce stores
  2. FixRunner - Affordable service
  3. WP TechSupport - Emergency fixes
  4. SiteCare - Unlimited support requests
  5. Maintainn - Daily offsite backups
  6. Aarav Infotech - For companies of all sizes
  7. DOIT Software - Hire top 5%
  8. GoWP - For freelancers and agencies
  9. Thrive - Invested in the proper firewalls
  10. Codeable - WordPress freelancer platform
  11. Newt Labs - 30-day money-back guarantee
  12. Prototype Media Group - Team of experienced professionals

Looking for a website maintenance service, you should find out whether a company offers initial repair, website health check, security tweaks, cloud backups for WordPress website and database, WordPress themes, core, and plugin updates. Some companies also provide advanced options like live uptime monitoring, tune-ups, and website changes.

Make sure an agency delivers services to identify and tackle website vulnerabilities, WordPress plugin errors, and bad updates. Although emergency support may seem useless at first sight, it may save the game down the road. Some companies provide emergency support only within their premium plans.

1. WP Buffs - Our Choice

For eCommerce stores
  • Weekly PDF reports
  • Maintenance services for large-scale online stores
  • Get down to website fixing within 1 minute
  • Round-the-clock support
  • None found

Verdict: The WP Buffs’ team carries out repeated maintenance checkups and fixes security issues, so you can easily implement the most complicated changes when necessary. Focusing on your business growth, this website maintenance service monitors your website uninterruptedly, provides website edits, and emergency support.

They have plans for various clients, including customary website owners and eCommerce stores, membership sites, and complex platforms. The pricing starts at $79 a month.

Every week, they prepare an in-depth PDF report describing the work done. For example, they dwell on what plugins were updated and when. As WP Buff is a white-label service, you can host WordPress websites for clients. It means you can also use WP Buff’s services as if it is a part of your team.

wp buffs website maintenance service interface

2. FixRunner

Affordable service
  • Emergency support request
  • White label support for companies
  • Automatic daily offsite backups
  • 24/7 security scans
  • The minimum subscription period is 3 months

Verdict: As FixRunner offers budget pricing plans, it is a perfect variant for companies that can’t afford WordPress maintenance and support. Yet, low prices don’t mean poor quality of work and lack of features. FixRunner provides personal WordPress support, website speed optimization, secure updates, utmost security, and uptime monitoring.

Once you team up with this website maintenance service, you get any WordPress-related support you need, including daily backups, edits, emergency support, regular malware scan, and more. They also perform a full review of your website and fix all issues to enhance its operation. Prices start at $69 while the minimum subscription period is 3 months.

fixrunner website maintenance service interface

3. WP TechSupport

Emergency fixes
  • 1K+ customers
  • Unlimited bug fixes
  • Responsive managers
  • High loading speed of your website
  • No way to reach them via phone

Verdict: If you are concentrated on your business growth but don’t have time to take care of your website, it’s better to involve professionals, like WP TechSupport. These guys provide support and maintenance services, including emergency fixes. Besides, they can optimize your website and remove malware from it. The agency cooperates with large, medium, and small companies.

This website maintenance service offers a simple-to-use interface with straightforward navigation. According to the users’ reviews, the prices are quite affordable and start at €50 a month. The basic plan includes almost all services covering security features, emergency fixes, and speed optimization.

wp techsupport website maintenance service interface

4. SiteCare

Unlimited support requests
  • Offers almost all major maintenance services
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Cutting-edge security standards
  • Superior digital marketing services
  • Tech support is available from 9 am to 5 pm (Eastern Time)
sitecare website maintenance service logo

Verdict: SiteCare is a company that performs almost all WordPress maintenance tasks. They carry out daily cloud backups and automatically update the WordPress core, plugins, and themes to the latest version. Besides, choosing this agency, you get a dedicated account manager, who will fully concentrate on your needs. You can contact him/her via phone or email.

The agency also carries out real-time monitoring of your website and scans it for security breaches. Users can make as many support requests as they need. If the request isn’t included in your plan, they will send you a quote to inform you about additional expenses. The price for services starts at $990 a year.In case you are looking for a support and maintenance team that will keep things running smoothly, you can also use the services provided by Matchbox Design Group that will quickly solve issues of different complexity.

sitecare website maintenance service interface

5. Maintainn

Daily offsite backups
  • Skilled team
  • 24/7 website security monitoring
  • Free website and data migration
  • Offers live chat and email support channels
  • Live chat is not available at weekends
maintainn website maintenance service logo

Verdict: Pick one of Maintainn plans to keep your website secure and updated. Every maintenance package includes weekly plugin, theme, and WordPress updates. Plus, the agency will monitor your site in non-stop mode and you will get an alert in case of a hacker attack. The price starts at $49 a month.

Having signed up to Maintainn, you can install a support button on the WordPress dashboard. Thus, you can get support directly from your WordPress admin panel. You can also get assistance regarding such things as website migration, development, website errors, and downtime. They will help you set up photo gallery on your WordPress site and add necessary plugins.

maintainn website maintenance service interface

6. Aarav Infotech

For companies of all sizes
  • Backs up site information
  • Timely updates
  • Compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce platforms
  • Professional malware scanning
  • Some issues with technical support
  • No package prices on the site
aarav infotech maintenance service logo
Aarav Infotech

Verdict: Aarav Infotech is a convenient service for performing website maintenance that allows you to get regular updates, create backups and use advanced security tools.

It supports WordPress platforms and WooCommerce sites. You can use it for improving the performance of your eCommerce platforms and boosting your profits.

If you have any questions, you can get in touch with Aarav Infotech by submitting a ticket via a mobile application. It will enable you to control the website maintenance process and get well-written reports every month. They contain information about site traffic, which makes them perfect for adjusting marketing strategies. Unfortunately, ordering service packages isn’t very convenient here. You can’t learn the cost of packages immediately simply because they aren’t indicated on the site. So, if you don’t like the idea of writing multiple messages to support agents but want to calculate all website maintenance expenses straight away, you should contact Freelance Web Designer.

aarav infotech maintenance service website

7. DOIT Software

Hire top 5%
  • Free consultations available
  • $0 recruitment costs
  • Professionals in Web Solutions
  • Website may be overwhelming
doit software logo
DOIT Software

Verdict: DOIT Software has rightfully earned its place as one of the best website maintenance and management services providers in the industry. Their commitment to excellence and their comprehensive range of offerings make them a go-to partner for businesses looking to ensure the seamless operation of their online presence.

One of DOIT Software's standout features is their rapid response and efficiency in finding top web engineers for your project. With a remarkable track record of taking just 2-4 weeks to locate the most relevant developers, they eliminate the often time-consuming recruitment process, allowing you to focus on your core business needs. What's more, their unique pricing model, where you only pay the hourly rate of their top experts, eliminates recruitment costs entirely.

website maintenance service doit software

8. GoWP

For freelancers and agencies
  • Affordable entry-level maintenance plan
  • Visual Validator software
  • 8-hour turnaround time
  • 24/7 content edits
  • If the task takes more than 30 minutes, you have to pay extra
gowp website maintenance service logo

Verdict: GoWP offers website maintenance services to companies and freelancers that, in turn, provide WordPress services to clients. It is a white-label agency, so you may use your branding but involve their specialists to perform support and maintenance activities. GoWP delivers content edits 24/7, WordPress maintenance services, and landing page builds. You need to pay $29 a month.

The company professionally deals with backups, security, and updates. The team utilizes Visual Validator to update plugins. To make sure the site works properly after updates, they take up 20 snapshots of web pages to compare them with previous versions. Besides, the company partners with other WordPress Maintenance services in order to handle all security issues in a timely manner.

gowp website maintenance service interface

9. Thrive

Invested in the proper firewalls
  • Experienced WordPress support agents
  • Security scans every week
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Daily backups
  • Rather expensive
  • Minimum service time is 3 months
thrive website maintenance service logo

Verdict: Thrive is a web design agency that also assists with WordPress-based site maintenance. Their experienced agents will take care of all website elements, updating them when needed, performing daily backups, and setting up website analytics.

Moreover, they own many backup locations, so they provide 99.7% uptime & round-the-clock monitoring. If you choose this team, you can expect full site setup in 2-3 business days for $127/month.

thrive website maintenance service interface

10. Codeable

WordPress freelancer platform
  • All developers pass tests
  • 510+ developers
  • Possibility to specify services
  • Suitable for one-off support
  • Don’t provide WordPress maintenance services themselves
codeable website maintenance service logo

Verdict: Looking for the best website maintenance services? Have a closer look at Codeable, a freelance platform that hosts specialists to take care of your website. It is a perfect option if you used WordPress, which is one of the best website builders for photographers to create your platform.

Professionals on Codeable have expertise working with site builders, a range of themes, and plugins. The platform has a convenient searching system so you can easily find the necessary specialist.

You can describe in detail what you want to change on your website. You can also use Codeable for one-off support. For example, if you need a person to set up a WordPress membership, you can find him/her on Codeable, and continue managing your site on your own. If you plan to switch to Magento, you should have a closer look at overarching Mageplaza Magneto 2 support and maintenance services.

codeable website maintenance service interface

11. Newt Labs

30-day money-back guarantee
  • Daily cloud backups
  • 24/7 security scanning
  • Free hack cleanups
  • Real-time activity tracking
  • Short support time
newt labs website maintenance service logo
Newt Labs

Verdict: Newt Labs is one of the top website maintenance services headquartered in the United Kingdom. The agency provides website backups, WordPress updates, security scanning, and hack clean-ups. The benefit of this company is that they offer an unlimited number of small fixes within all plans. Even if you have the cheapest plan, you can request fixes as many times as you need. Small fixes are specified as those that require not more than 30 minutes.

Their price starts at £59 a month. You have 30 days to test their services. In case you are not satisfied, you can get your money back. This website hosting site for photographers is a perfect variant if you need a company to handle both your hosting and site’s maintenance.

newt labs website maintenance service interface

12. Prototype Media Group

Team of experienced professionals
  • One of the top Wix partners
  • Long-term collaboration strategy
  • High-quality web design and development
  • Each campaign is tested and verified with maximum attention to detail
  • Mandatory non-refundable deposit of at least 50% is needed
prototype website maintenance services logo
Prototype Media Group

Verdict: Wix frequently provides editor and backend updates to ensure the platform is working correctly across all PC and smartphone models. As a result, some site elements can occasionally be displayed out of place or don’t function in the desired way.

By becoming a member of the Prototype Media Group service, you won’t need to stress over broken links or incorrectly displayed pictures and forms ever again. Their employees perform regular bug checks and ensure all problems are dealt with before you even learn about their existence. They also handle all necessary site updates including the addition of new press posts, keeping the services page up to date, updating the portfolio page, creating notifications about new events, performing booking calendar maintenance, and much more. While their services are great, the pricing policy is a bit strange. They require a mandatory non-refundable deposit of at least 50%, which scares off some clients. If you also don’t like such an approach, you can order the same quality service from WebCitz without paying in advance.

prototype website maintenance services interface