MyMemo Review 2024: Can It Transform Your Workflow?


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  • Platforms: Web, Chrome plugin
  • Platforms: Web, Chrome plugin

Verdict: Working as a writer for a blog, I started to use MyMemo AI to store my references and sources of inspiration, photographers I like or some hacks. Using its well-thought-out interface and advanced search tools, I look for the most interesting articles and tutorials to describe how to solve a variety of photography-related tasks.

In addition, I use this platform to create summaries of educational YouTube videos which is soo fabulous. It allows me to later find them using the in-built search features. This note taking app helped me organize my collections and structure the bookmarked content. In this MyMemo AI review, I will tell you about my experience of using this service and share some feedback.

  • Streamlined organization
  • Allows managing different types of content
  • AI tools for working with knowledge databases
  • Targeted search options
  • Affordable cost, 7-day refund policy
  • A free plan has a limited choice of tools
  • No human support in free plan
mymemo ai interface

MyMemo helps me avoid being overwhelmed with the information I find online, as it streamlines the process of organizing my bookmarks and references. I also like its collaboration tools, as they enable me to share my data with other people to streamline my workflow.

MyMemo – Main Features

mymemo ai features

MyMemo uses the materials I bookmark to improve the accuracy of its AI tool and make search results more precise. This service also provides useful recommendations and writing prompts. With it, I can organize a lot of useful data, including links, screenshot notes, documents, and other types of files.

"It’s an excellent tool for organizing my resources and ideas, as it streamlines my writing process and helps me solve a variety of tasks more efficiently. The key advantage of this AI-based service is that it creates summaries of videos." - freelance writer, Rachel ★★★★★ (5/5)

How it Works (My Experience)

Besides a web-based version, MyMemo has a Chrome extension. When I started to use this service, I tested out the web version first. I was pleased with its responsive design and intuitive UI. With it, I was able to find any information I needed quickly.

This service allows me to collect information about different photography and editing techniques. For instance, I use it to bookmark articles, links, and other videos even. Using AI algorithms, the service processes the data I add to it and organizes it by relevant keywords which is super useful.

When I later use the in-built assistant to ask questions about specific editing tasks, it quickly provides me with answers based on the information I added.

One-Click Save with Plugin

Using MyMemo’s Chrome plugin, I was able to quickly find relevant information when searching the web. Installing it allowed me to copy links to educational materials to my collections with one click.

Due to the intuitive functionality of this service, I can quickly capture important information and access it at any moment.

Diverse Content Compatibility

mymemo ai supported content types

Using this service, I optimized my workflow thanks to the tools that allow me to access different types of content. For instance, I use it to quickly read interesting materials on WeChat, read a summary of a video tutorial, or bookmark other materials that I have found online. This ai software facilitates finding information in my collections of references.

In addition, the service supports a variety of formats, which allows me to work with documents and media files of different types. I can review my PDFs, watch tutorials, read articles, or access any content using MyMemo AI without looking for other services.

Deep Analysis & Extraction for Better Understanding

mymemo ai analysis

MyMemo AI enables me to create a dynamic repository of references and other materials. For instance, I use it to store articles on useful photography techniques and product reviews. This service analyzes the articles, detects relevant keywords, and provides summaries that allow me to master difficult topics.

I often need to use video tutorials to learn new techniques, so I was pleased with the AI tools available in the software. They allow me to automatically create summaries of the videos I need to watch. The service has advanced search tools, which streamline the process of discovering new information.

"the ai-driven recaps help me organize my workflow. using this service, i can memorize the most important concepts and see the connections that i might have overlooked. it’s like i have a personal assistant that helps me learn new things." - Jan, freelance graphic designer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Effective Reflective Learning

MyMemo allows me to store my content and better remember relevant information. Besides, it facilitates understanding of difficult topics. For instance, when I had to take a photography theory exam, it helped me to learn a lot of useful information. This online learning platform proved to be invaluable to my studies.

MyMemo allows me to get AI-driven recaps and explore my knowledge base. This service was invaluable for me when I needed to learn more about specific concepts, take a look at a problem from a new perspective and find overlooked connections.

Tailored Collections for Precise Organization

mymemo ai tailored collections

MyMemo AI allows me to create and use custom collections, which enables me to organize the information I have collected. For instance, when I work on different projects that might involve taking photos or mastering new photography techniques, I create collections of references to organize my memo cards. This approach facilitates the task of finding new information.

Leveraging AI tools, allows me to quickly search every collection and find the information I am interested in. For instance, due to the high accuracy of the AI tools, I have quickly solved my issues without spending hours browsing through irrelevant materials.

Ability to Get Instant Answers

mymemo ai ask question feature

As I was hoping to improve my Photoshop skills and master new editing techniques, MyMemo was of great help to me. It offers a wealth of resources and allows me to quickly find answers to my inquiries.

For instance, I have quickly learned how to apply actions and remove unwanted objects in Photoshop. Using MyMemo, I was able to find relevant information without waiting for a long time. This service provides answers within two minutes using my knowledge base.

Multi-Language Support

mymemo ai multi language support

As I mostly speak English, I often need to access content in other languages, which makes the tools available on this platform especially useful for my needs. This service allows me to select different languages, including French, German, and Spanish.

It enables me to expand my outreach and find the materials I need. When using MyMemo, I can explore any topic in any language. I have already tried using French and German interfaces and was pleased with the result.

"I like the fact that this service supports multiple languages, which makes it invaluable for me as I study abroad. I can easily access my study materials in my native language, which allows me to improve my academic performance and feel less stressed." - Alison, student ★★★★★ (5/5)

Strong Data Security

MyMemo has top-level security measures, which ensures that my data won’t be accessed by third parties. The service follows strict security guidelines and prioritizes protecting user data. Full transparency allows me to see how the site uses my data.

Thanks to 2FA and strict password requirements, stored information can be accessed only by authorized users, which provides an extra level of protection and ensures that nobody will be able to access data stored in my account.

MyMemo Prices

The Free plan is suitable for those who want to learn more about the functionality of MyMemo and test out its basic tools. It covers a limited set of features for performing a variety of tasks, from organizing the available resources to using AI technologies for searching for information. This option is suitable for users who do not need to access a set of advanced tools.

As I often need to utilize MyMemo AI for organizing my workflow, I’m using the Pro plan for $7.99/mo now as it allows me to access personalized support and get more storage for my Memos.

The Custom plan is best suited for companies that need to give a productivity boost to their teams and manage their tasks more efficiently.


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