PictAI Review 2024: Does It Really Work?


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  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free or $49.99/year

Verdict: With Pict.AI I do not need to spend a lifetime creating each element from scratch, as image generation for my blog now only takes several clicks, but the result is brilliant and doesn’t require hundreds of redones.

This AI image generator tool has already enabled me to create over 100+ of images including abstract patterns and photorealistic landscapes. Multiple customization options are what I like the most about this program, as with their help I had no trouble adjusting color schemes, textures, refining shapes and compositions.

  • Intuitive UI
  • Different art styles
  • Customizable features
  • AI-fueled picture analysis
  • Allows sharing artworks
  • Free plan with ads
  • A free package with restrictions
picai examples

It is great that Pict.AI can be installed on iOS and Android devices because I use an iphone and Wacom tablet on Android for my work. The ability to communicate with fellow artists and share my prompts with a wider audience is a considerable plus for me.

Pict.AI – Main Features

picai features

I selected Pict.AI because of its extensive functionality, which includes AI-powered image and wallpaper generator, aesthetic analysis, and many positive reviews on Appstore.

Straightforward operation is another selling point for me. This generator leverages sophisticated AI algorithms to transform simple text prompts into eye-grabbing pics.

Pict.AI Generator uses extensive training data, so its AI system knows how to use artistic styles and techniques. Machine learning algorithms scan this data polishing the generator’s skills to create new pics.

"it has become my handy assistant for all contents reels ideas. the ai image generator and adjustable styles including comic-book and anime allow experimenting and creating amazing visuals for my booktok. fantastic!" - Amie, graphic designer ★★★★★ (5/5)

Natural Images with Just a Few Words

picai interface

I installed the Pict.AI application on my iOS device to make things simple. Once I started to work with this AI art generator, I was pleasantly surprised by its intuitive and well-structured interface. The layout is simple to navigate and offers neatly arranged menus and well-visible buttons that guide me through various options.

Entering keywords took me just several taps. My prompts were “realistic landscape" and "sunny atmosphere". I selected the landscape aspect ratio.

picai prompts example

I got a stunning picture in just a moment and the result exceeded my expectations. The image features the following scene: picturesque scenery lit with golden sunlight and the thick foliage stretching as far as the eye could see. The pic was extremely detailed showing the contrasts of light and shadow, and even the minor change of hues and texture.

picai prompts art styles

Each detail complements the final composition, letting me demonstrate my vision accurately and exactly how I want.

Diversity in Art Styles

picai realistic results

The variety of art styles like realism, futurism, digital art, 3D models, comic books, fantasy art, etc., is another serious upside that I cannot avoid mentioning in this Pict.AI review. Most notably, the tool can be used as an anime AI art generator.

I tinkered with different photographic drawings. The level of realism, with which every element of a pic is depicted, is really impressive. Majestic grass, exquisite flowers, a landscape illuminated by a warm light. The interaction of light and shadows adds depth and dimension to the whole scene.

Ability to Customize Art

A great variety of customization options offered by this generator allows fine-turning various aspects of the design like style, color palette, and aspect ratio. This makes my workflow more flexible and ensures that each composition is not just the product of artificial intelligence but also reflects my personal artistic style.

Detailed landscapes are my passion, so the landscape aspect ratio is my favorite. With green-yellow tones applied, I finally got the desired result, which was ideal for my project.

Explore Prompts for Creativity

picai prompts feature

Pict.AI offers a handy Explore Prompts feature, which I benefited from when creating simulations at the beginning. By making several taps, I can dive into the ocean of curated prompts and suggestions that provoke critical thinking and artistic experiments.

Whether I’m looking for new ideas for my next project or simply looking to polish my artistic skills, this feature is a real game-changer. Explore Prompts function was especially beneficial when I needed to come up with some original ideas for developing landscape themes and creating surrealistic paintings.

AI Vision and Image Analysis

I was encouraged to create my recent digital painting after getting acquainted with the concept of "nostalgic dreamscape", which conveys a sense of wistful longing and ethereal beauty. I imported my art piece to Pict.AI and hoped to get fantastic results. The tool performed a comprehensive analysis of the composition, its color scheme, as well as thematic elements of my pics.

This artificial intelligence software claimed that the atmosphere of the composition is dreamlike and this mood is conveyed through soft brushstrokes, muted tones, and subtle use of light and shadow. I also identified areas that need to be improved to convey the needed emotions. The program prompted me how I could adjust the design and the color scheme to evoke a sense of longing.

What is more, Pict.AI's AI Vision guided me through the process of generation of similar AI pics and wallpapers.

Customizable AI Wallpaper Creation

picai wallpaper creation

A short time ago, I decided to renew the wallpapers on my mobile phone setting the artwork that would show my passion for nature and love of vibrant colors. With Pict.AI’s Wallpaper feature, I just needed to enter keywords like "lush forest" and "vivid colors" to make AI understand what exactly I wanted to find. With just a tap of a button, artificial intelligence starts to analyze my request, generating a wallpaper that satisfies all my requirements.

The resulting composition shook me to the core. I got a colorful wallpaper depicting a lush forest scene imbued with the golden sunlight. Deep hues of green foliage combined with vibrant colors of blooming flowers created a spectacular artwork, perfect for embellishing the screen of my device.

It is important to highlight that it was not one of those images kept in the program’s database, but rather the image that was specifically designed for my device.

PictAI Prices

My UX with Pict.AI began with its free plan. Although this package let me check the tool’s functionality, the restriction to use the program for gratis really disappointed me. First of all, the generated images have watermarks, the workflow is constantly disrupted with annoying ads, etc. However, the range of features and a high potential convinced me, that this was a worthy option.

So, I decided to purchase the Pro plan ($49.99 yearly). This package allowed me to take advantage of all the available styles and enjoy a watermark- and ad-free workflow. This has been a valuable investment in my development as a professional artist.


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