20 Best Software Development Companies to Hire in 2023

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software

If you face the task of creating your product from scratch, reconfiguring an existing one, or refocusing it on microservice, then it is paramount to find the best software development company. In order not to make a mistake when choosing, consider the company’s experience, location, customer treatment, and ways of managing projects.

Top 20 Software Development Companies

  1. Goji Labs - Award-winning agency
  2. Miquido - Excellent integration of projects management
  3. Andersen Inc. - Focused on healthcare systems
  4. The Watchtower - Specializes in CRM software
  5. DashClicks - Perfect for marketing companies
  6. Belitsoft - Professional software testing
  7. RepuNext - Narrow-field softs development
  8. GoodCore - Works since 2005
  9. Tvisha - Highly customizable software
  10. DOIT Software - IT staff augmentation company
  11. Boldare - Quick project launches
  12. Flatlogic - Free features for non-commercial projects
  13. Codica - Create products on time and on budget
  14. Itransition - Implementation of AI technology
  15. Viser X - Full-cycle development agency
  16. Sidebench - The most malleable developing features
  17. KitelyTech - Team of highly specialized professionals
  18. Experion Technologies - The best engineering solutions
  19. CSHARK - Covers all lines of business
  20. Netguru - Makes the best software design

Developing software products that meet the needs of your business is easier if you cooperate with top software development companies. We have compiled a list of the best representatives in this field, who are well aware of the latest technologies and capable of developing advanced software.

1. Goji Labs – Our Choice

Award-winning agency
  • Efficiently manages business assets
  • Provides plenty of worthy resources
  • Announces updates and implements them
  • Works in accordance with allocated budget and time
  • Scheduling issues

Verdict: This well-known software & app development company has more than 100 successful launches of digital solutions for companies and organizations in various fields. Their team of 30 top-notch experts is second to none in user experience and interface development, creation of websites and smartphone applications.

This software development company is a true professional when it comes to creating products and implementing the latest technologies. What’s more, when you launch a new solution on the market, you don’t need to worry about the risks, because the company has made great strides in its reduction. Thanks to close cooperation with partners, the implementation of a new initiative or the scaling of an existing one will go smoothly. The team pays great attention to your concepts and helps identify the future product.

goji labs software development company interface

2. Miquido

Excellent integration of projects management
  • Top-quality and timely results
  • Clarify complex concepts
  • Uptick in downloads
  • Knowledgeable employees
  • Expensive services

Verdict: This company can solve various business tasks, using the latest technologies and trends. It doesn’t limit itself to the spectrum of industries, having already completed 150+ projects for companies in both the financial and entertainment sectors. It is important to mention that 90% of these projects came from referrals. The team of this eCommerce development company knows what questions to ask to understand your product concept and what to advise you for the best outcome.

The development team will always be in touch with you to keep you in the loop of the progress. The company covers all stages of the creation and implementation of a project, from the analysis of the relevant market to post-sales support, so that the quality of your finished product always remains on top.

miquido software development company interface

3. Andersen Inc.

Focused on healthcare systems
  • Offers top-quality financial services
  • Internal logistics experts
  • Industry-oriented professionals
  • 10+ years of experience
  • Small business owners may find services expensive

Verdict: This software development company employs over 3,300 professionals, including business analysts, quality engineers, etc. It prides itself on meeting the high standards of the industry. Experts have successfully completed many complex projects, having gained invaluable experience, which they are happy to turn to implement new ideas.

The company has an established working process, so they can launch a project in 10-15 days. You are sure to get stunning results, because the team knows its business and cooperates with the most famous organizations around the world. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large business, specialists will find the right approach for you, will use the necessary resources, and leverage the internal quality control system to prevent errors.

andersen software development company interface

4. The Watchtower

Specializes in CRM software
  • Over 5 years of experience
  • More than 300 successful projects
  • Use popular web technologies
  • Provide secure and convenient solutions
  • Sometimes they are slow to reply to questions asked via messengers
the watchtower software development company logo
The Watchtower

Verdict: The Watchtower develops advanced CRM programs that come with a range of helpful features for developing businesses and organizing processes within a company. Using their software, you can manage your sales pipeline, automate the workforce, work with leads, and communicate with customers. The team pays attention to usability and creates scalable solutions that are easy to integrate into other projects.

The team develops CRM software of different types. It also creates websites and apps for individuals and corporate clients. The experts use such web development technologies as HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Bootstrap 5, jQuery, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL. The managers are available 24/7, however, there might be some delays with replies. You can contact them via WhatsApp, e-mail, or by phone.

the watchtower software development company interface

5. DashClicks

Perfect for marketing companies
  • Useful educational platform
  • User-friendly website builder
  • A wide range of services
  • Highly skilled team and effective client service
  • Dashboard may seem complicated at first
dashclicks software development company logo

Verdict: With the DashClicks team, you can forget all the hassle of promotion, advertising, sales, and client service. I appreciated their built-in solutions that are suitable for automating and scaling your business. You can entrust all your tedious optimization duties to them. It will allow you to devote all your time and energy to developing your business.

Thanks to DashClicks, your team will have more time to strengthen customer relationships as it will help you automate marketing processes. Your clients will be able to create their own accounts manage their campaigns as well asget analytics reports and information on leads.

dashclicks software development company interface

6. Belitsoft

Professional software testing
  • Develop software from scratch
  • Cloud migration
  • Software testing
  • Improve existing software
  • No fixed pricelist
belitsoft software development company logo

Verdict: Belitsoft is a trusted agency that specializes in full-stack software development and creates custom business solutions depending on the client’s needs. Besides, the company can help you improve your software.

It provides top-level data migration software services and has a team of professionals who can build a web platform of any complexity. Depending on your needs, you can order front-end development, backend, API, and database development services.

To help you control the process better, the team conducts daily or weekly online meetings. During them, a product manager and team members will answer all your questions in detail. You can also keep in touch with the team using email, Skype, or Slack.

belitsoft software development company website

7. RepuNext

Narrow-field softs development
  • Various industries specialized softs
  • Ideal software design
  • Thorough scanning before launching
  • Maintenance service
  • The eventual price is not precise
  • Bounded technologies
repunext software development company logo

Verdict: RepuNext is a software design company, developing specialized products for various industries, including healthcare, financial and others. If you need an unconventional software corresponding to your demands and your sphere’s demands, RepuNext can provide you with dedicated technologies.

The team designs the future soft concept, enabling the customer to put all the necessary amendments. After the project is designed, RepuNext thoroughly scans the program’s performance, and even after the collaboration period with the client is over, it keeps maintaining the relevant technical support if necessary.

repunext software development company website

8. GoodCore

Works since 2005
  • Focus on your business
  • MVP development
  • IP protection
  • Dedicated support
  • Some services are rather expensive
  • Scheduling issues
goodcore software developemnt company logo

Verdict: GoodCore is a reputable UK-based company that assists local and foreign clients with software development. They work diligently and quickly, and always keep customers in the loop of the creation process to ensure the resulting product will coincide with expectations.

Their main office is located in the UK but there are lots of smaller agencies across the globe. Thus, they can cater to the needs of multiple clients. Such a working approach has proven to be very efficient with all project management and requirement analysis stages fulfilled in a timely manner. GoodCore stands out with high-quality software development services and readiness to create bespoke projects.

goodcore software developemnt company website

9. Tvisha

Highly customizable software
  • Strictly follows deadlines
  • 18 years of development experience
  • Enhanced security solutions
  • Pro-level software development
  • Services may seem overpriced
  • Sometimes projects take a long time to complete
tvisha software development company logo

Verdict: Tvisha has been developing software and applications for almost 20 years. Their highly professional team consists of young, but at the same time experienced developers and engineers who know their business and are sensitive to modern trends.

In her work, they actively uses modern technologies, applying such innovations as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT). Among their clients are companies such as Saadhya Consulting, Shubhayogam, Paymetime, Acculooks, Styraks, and others.

tvisha software development company interface

10. DOIT Software

IT staff augmentation company
  • Accessible assistance
  • Clear cost structure
  • Proficient staff
  • UI needs enhancement
doit software logo
DOIT Software

Verdict: DOIT Software is undoubtedly a standout player in the world of software development, consistently earning its reputation as one of the best in the industry. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to excellence and their holistic approach to empowering businesses for exponential growth.

With a vast pool of over 5,000 qualified developers skilled in various programming languages, DOIT Software ensures that every project receives tailored solutions to meet its unique needs. Their expertise spans from Java and Kotlin to Swift, Objective-C, Dart, and React Native, guaranteeing top-notch app development for both iOS and Android platforms.

What truly distinguishes DOIT Software is their versatility. From feasibility research and discovery phases to MVP development and custom software solutions, they accompany businesses every step of the way. Their IT staff augmentation services provide an extra edge by seamlessly integrating top experts into your team.

software development company doit software

11. Boldare

Quick project launches
  • Experienced team
  • Stunning product designs
  • Top performance & security
  • Fast work at a low cost
  • Not very responsive
boldare software development company

Verdict: This company develops human-focused digital solutions for innovative organizations that strive to level up their businesses. Their flexibility and smart use of resources will save you money. Such a philosophy allows this web development company to develop digital products in the shortest time using the build-measure-learn algorithm.

The team only needs a month and a half to roll out a product on the market. Their development team catches your needs on the fly and clearly defines business goals. They will develop an individual solution based on your idea and the specified time and budget allocated. Such an approach is much praised by clients considering that the cost of hiring a software developer has increased over the last years and startups can’t afford to pay 5-digit sums. What’s more, after designing and releasing your product, they allow you to test it with real users.

boldare software development company interface

12. Flatlogic

Free features for non-commercial projects
  • Lots of satisfied customers
  • Exclusive features for prompt results
  • Flexible software development
  • High-profile clients
  • Poor templates selection
flatlogic software development company

Verdict: Flatlogic deservedly takes its place in the list of top software development companies thanks to a great variety of successful cases and contented clients. They use exclusive tools like Scaffolding and handy templates in their work. These advances save a lot of time in creating your future digital product.

At the initial stage, the team saves about 250 hours, and this does not even include the period required to check the relevance of libraries and frameworks. These guys do everything possible to satisfy their clients and establish the ground for your long-term cooperation.

flatlogic software development company interface

13. Codica

Create products on time and on budget
  • Develop top-notch bespoke software
  • Over 45+ successful cases
  • Use reliable professional tools
  • Prepare reports every day/week
  • May exceed the budget initially allocated
codica software development company logo

Verdict: Codica is fond of experimenting with technologies when it comes to creating custom apps. The team mainly uses Ruby on Rails, React, and Vue.js for their projects. They have lots of clients from finance & banking, travel, insurance, trading, and real estate spheres. You can get in touch with the team if you want innovative Cloud/SaaS, SPA, and PWA applications.

The experts can also help you with the design and evaluate the functionality of your website. They always pay attention to client’s needs and fulfilling the tasks. Their portfolio contains over 45 successful projects created for companies from different parts of the world. 

codica software development company interface

14. Itransition

Implementation of AI technology
  • Provide software tests and quality control
  • High-quality maintenance and support
  • Specialized web development hubs
  • Ensure the safety of the finished product
  • Not flexible enough
itransition software development company

Verdict: This is a reliable digital agency with 20+ years of experience. They offer recommendations and provide a full range of services for program development. The company has a network of offices in 30+ countries, and the staff includes more than three thousand first-class specialists in the IT industry.. Such a powerful team uses proven and robust algorithms and guarantees you’ll get the best results in software development, implementation, and scaling.

The client list includes the owners of medium and large corporations. Their format of work covers all development cycles so that you get a product that fully meets the requirements of your business. The software you get is unique, and the team takes care of its full integration into your production systems.

itransition software development company interface

15. Viser X

Full-cycle development agency
  • Baseline and month-end reports
  • Keep tabs on all the newest trends
  • Intuitive dashboard for reports and updates
  • All services come with a dedicated account manager
  • Site doesn’t provide pricing information
  • Customer support can sometimes be difficult to reach
viser x software development company logo
Viser X

Verdict: Viser X is a dependable end-to-end software development and digital marketing company. It immediately stands out from the competition thanks to its 360o software solutions and advanced marketing strategies that ensure every business that decides to work with them enjoys faster growth regardless of its size or niche.

Another benefit of approaching this service is that you won't have to look for a separate digital marketing agency afterward since Viser X has a team of experts ready for any possible need you may have. The company offers SEO, mobile application development, lead generation, advertisement management, and other essential services related to development and digital marketing.

I appreciate the agency’s agile approach as well as the consistent communication they uphold that involves sending regular reports and updates to their clients during the entire project. In case you need to find a lead optimization tool for filtering and rejecting leads using a convenient CRM, you may also need to take a look at ActiveProspect, as this platform has everything for customizing a lead flow.

viser x software development company interface

16. Sidebench

The most malleable developing features
  • Incredibly flexible
  • Deep business understanding
  • Timely & professional feedback
  • Offer other development services
  • Expensive
sidebench software development company

Verdict: Regarded by many as the best software development company, Sidebench has received several awards in the field of user experience and smartphone application development. It has gained popularity thanks to its team of inventors, strategists, technologists, and other talents. This digital agency harnesses its rich experience in multiple industries to create a perfect product.

The company cooperates with medical enterprises and government organizations, as well as manufacturers of consumer products. They are engaged in the company transformation, developing not only its software but also overhauling the entire concept. However, the cost of their services may be too high, especially for startups. If you also share this concern, you can reach out to Mobilunity and get the needed help for a lower price.

sidebench software development company interface

17. KitelyTech

Team of highly specialized professionals
  • Perfect ongoing cooperation
  • Reliable, friendly, and punctual
  • Apply for federal and private grants
  • Close and fruitful cooperation with clients
  • Scheduling issues
kitelytech software development company

Verdict: This company offers software development services, web design assistance, and consultations. These guys can realize your boldest technological ideas on short notice. Whether you are a small business owner or the top manager of a world-famous corporation, these talented and experienced web designers, content creators, and developers will do everything to fully meet your expectations and even more.

What sets KitelyTech apart from other software development companies is its staff. They have a first-class specialist with a rich experience in each separate programming language. Therefore, all your orders will be executed at the highest level, regardless of the complexity.

kitelytech software development company interface

18. Experion Technologies

The best engineering solutions
  • Provides lifecycle support
  • Offers consultations
  • Product improvements
  • Regression & efficiency tests
  • Scheduling problems
experion techmologies software development company
Experion Technologies

Verdict: Speaking of top software development companies, one cannot ignore Experion, whose true passion is software development. They have already delighted more than 300 customers in over 30 countries, demonstrating their knowledge of digital technologies, analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and more.

The clientele includes retailers, financiers, and even representatives of the transport business. What’s more, the company offers its services to startups, helping them achieve their goals. To do this, they come up with a concept of a future product, its prototype, creation, testing, and subsequent maintenance.

experion techmologies software development company interface


Covers all lines of business
  • Creates products for absolutely any industry
  • More than 300 middle & high-level developers
  • Excellent support service
  • More than 100 successful projects
  • May seem expensive
cshark software development company

Verdict: In addition to the fact that the company develops top-notch software products, it excels at changing the digital concept and implementing ideas for start-up businesses. They develop bespoke software in full accordance with your requirements. No matter what size your company is and what industry it belongs to, they can cope with any task. The company also blows its trumpet in developing web and smartphone apps. What’s more, you can order advisory services.

Technology has the unique ability to completely revolutionize the operating principle of any organization. CSHARK served plenty of businesses from economic and sales to communications niches to provide unique solutions that give a head start to their clients. However, their services may be expensive for some clients. If you want to get top-quality software for a reasonable cost, you can reach out to YouTeam.

cshark software development company interface

20. Netguru

Makes the best software design
  • Straightforward development system
  • Eye-catching designs
  • Organized, attentive and responsive
  • Offers one-of-a-kind ideas
  • Scheduling misunderstandings
netguru software development company

Verdict: This software development company assists with idea generation, strategy planning, software prototyping, testing with real users, and the creation of the final product. It should be noted that Netguru jockeys for creating an interface and improving the user experience all the time.

Through appealing interfaces, the staff can solve actual challenges and enhance critical business indicators. The company creates digital products allowing people to do familiar things in new ways. Their clients are supplied with new tools and methods of doing banking, enjoying their favorite tracks, learning something new, and even renting a vehicle.

netguru software development company interface