Out of The Box Innovations Company Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 14 days ago, Apps and Software

Out Of The Box Innovations Company

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Verdict: I liked the way Out Of The Box Innovations Company approaches every project. First, they study the business and competitors, then draw up a strategy and carry out the scheduled tasks. What’s more, they come up with the most suitable strategy in terms of your budget.

OOTBI works with a specific niche, namely in the field of oil, gas, and solar energy marketing. Sometimes they work with local customers in Exeter and other locations of Devon County. Employees quickly define business goals and help bring the company to the top of search and industry.

  • Careful business study before getting down to work
  • Over 5 years of experience
  • Skilled team
  • Hourly pay
  • Consultations and training available
  • Services aimed at the energy industry
out of the box innovations company interface

The team of Out Of The Box Innovations company consists of talented project management professionals from around the globe. They have no equal in web design and marketing for the energy industry. What’s more, they also provide training services and conduct Safety, Health, and Environment meetings.

Out Of The Box Innovations Company — Main Features

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Jason Lavis, the founder of the company, personally manages every project. Once the project plan is agreed upon with you, most of the tasks are distributed to remote teams. They, in turn, delegate tasks to remote web designers, writers, web developers, and other specialists. These reliable and time-tested employees have previously collaborated with Jason, so you have nothing to worry about.

Create an Eye-Catching Design According to Your Request

out of the box innovations company portfolio

Designers develop both custom designs and template solutions using programs by Wix and Squarespace. They can also add custom features to your business. The great thing is that they study not only the specifics of your business but also take into account your preferences regarding the design of the future site.

To start cooperation with this web design company, mail or call a project manager. He/she will tell you which solution is right for your business, as well as advise on the specifics of the work and any other issues.

Design that Out Of The Box Innovations creates look visually appealing. I studied their portfolio and noticed that they do not complicate the interface with extra elements and maintain ease of navigation. At the same time, the picture looks stylish and not stereotyped.

Years of Experience in Digital Marketing

The project manager of the company has 30 years of experience in marketing. Thanks to this, the team immediately understands what will be best for you and your business. They accumulate their experience not only by doing work but also by communicating with other marketing teams, analyzing cases, and sharing experiences.

Guys from this digital marketing agency help customize inbound marketing by creating unique content and making your social media accounts interesting and attractive. They select channels and tools that are right for your line of work. What’s more, to build a win-win strategy, they take into account the competition in your niche.

Out Of The Box Innovations Company also has professional outbound marketers who can equip your site with pay-per-click ads, as well as develop reliable email marketing mechanisms. The advantage of outbound marketing is that you can try out an idea on a small scale at a low cost, then increase it over time if the campaign is successful, without fear of losing money.

Before implementing a strategy, the team conducts a comprehensive analysis of the industry in which you work in terms of opportunities and competition. Then they develop a test version of the strategy and implement it as soon as possible. You calculate the budget for marketing on your own because when the ROI grows, you can always increase the amount for promotion.

Provide Services to Local Clients

Since the top manager of Out Of The Box Innovations was born in Devon, they decided to scale their services to this region as well. Many large and medium-sized agencies have already appreciated the high efficiency of the company’s services, despite the high competition in their niche markets.

The team knows and feels how to create an impeccable image for you and introduce you to the target audience. This content marketing agency provides services for embedding chatbots with artificial intelligence, maintaining your social media accounts, creating content, developing web design, building a marketing strategy, and more.

Discuss the Details at the Consultation

In the wake of COVID-19, employees began to provide consultations to small businesses. They discuss the related profit of the automation and digitalization process, as well as distant work and other important things.

Their position is that no one knows their business better than a client does. At the same time, no one but a team of professionals can plan the promotion so that a business grows. Therefore, the best results can be achieved through cooperation. No matter what service you applied for – content creation or marketing promotion – you will begin to discuss and look for the best option for your particular case in close cooperation with the team.

Extensive Experience in the Energy Industry

out of the box innovations company industry

Cooperation with Out Of The Box Innovations Company is a godsend for clients from the energy market. Its employees have long been immersed in the world of energy business and are familiar with professional terms. They have experience in writing articles and keeping up with industry news. Therefore, the team is good at writing autoresponders, articles, and social network updates.

Because the team has long established itself in this industry, it already has its own database of social media profiles. Another advantage is that it has a close relationship with other SMEs in the niche, which means that they will easily contact them if you need to. Thus, they can leverage backlinks, promote your services or products, and advertise your brand.

Out Of The Box Innovations Company Prices

The company has no price list and special offers. They work at a fixed rate per hour or business day. What’s more, there is no minimum period, so you can book, for example, 1 hour or 1 working day. The good news is that they offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result. To get started, you can get a free initial website analysis and free consultation.

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