10 Best Baby Photo Editing Apps for Parents

By Tata Rossi 9 days ago, Apps and Software

Parents are eager to memorize each moment of their child’s growth and development, therefore they snap pictures every day. A full-featured baby photo editor is a necessity today. This guide that covers the most functional tools will come in handy for those who are on the lookout for an effective app to refine baby images.

Top 10 Baby Photo Editing Apps

  1. FixThePhoto - The team of professional retouchers
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express - Cutting-edge baby photo processing options
  3. Baby Pics - Top-notch newborn editor
  4. Totsie - An array of custom-made stickers
  5. Precious - Automatic categorization of baby images
  6. BabyPic - Ability to produce your own design
  7. Baby Photo Collage - The greatest baby collage creator
  8. Baby Sticker - Speedy and clear editing workflow
  9. Adorable - For parents-to-be
  10. Cute - Handy thematic categories

The birth of a child gives family life a fresh coat of paint. The first step, smile, meal, birthday – all these events need to be captured. A baby photo app will help you polish such valuable pictures and make them more attractive so that they will remain in your mind forever.

Easiness in usage, an array of templates and filters, custom-made stickers, managing and editing options – all these components characterize the best baby photo editing app. Such features are quite handy and let you improve baby shooting in a blink of an eye.

retouching service by fixthephoto retouching service by fixthephoto

Want to Improve Your Baby Photos?

If baby editing is something confusing for you, address the retouchers from FixThePhoto. The professionals will help you edit images quickly and at a moderate cost.

1. FixThePhoto – Our Choice

Team of professional retouchers
  • Free trial
  • Skin smoothening
  • Make facial features symmetrical
  • Help you get rid of glass glare
  • None

Verdict: FixThePhoto is a full-featured app for users who need high-quality retouching. The app was created by a team of specialists, so it can handle even images of the highest complexity. To have your baby image processed, you need to import a picture, describe your requirements, and wait for the result, which is usually delivered in a few hours. Besides, there is a free trial.

The experts can remove objects and the red-eye effect, as well as perform other manipulations to make your baby look charming. Enhancing various facial features, colors, and proportions are as easy as pie for them. The peculiarity of FixThePhoto is that all edits are performed manually. You will get a lifelike result without.

fixthephoto baby photo editing app interface

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Cutting-edge baby photo processing options
  • Easy background removal
  • Allows creating interesting combinations of photos
  • Image refinement with overlays
  • Can enhance a specific part of a photo
  • Lacks baby stickers

Verdict: Photoshop Express is probably the best baby photo editing app for a speedy editing workflow. It has a user-friendly UI and allows sharing photos on various social media platforms or cloud storage. With it, tweaking even the finest parts of a picture is a simple procedure. Photo Express can also handle even dark images that lack colors and make them brighter.

Adobe Photoshop Express accelerates your baby picture editing workflow. With this editor, it is easy to refine the skin tone, removing such imperfections as baby acne, jaundice, and blotchy skin. This is especially handy for close-up images, which bring a focus on your baby but reveal all the blemishes.

adobe photoshop express baby photo editing app interface

3. Baby Pics

Top-notch newborn editor
  • Over 1000 artwork overlays
  • Phrases are written in an attractive graphic style
  • Offers stickers on various themes
  • Handy categorization and search
  • Poor customer service

Verdict: Baby Pics app is a great option for future and new parents that allows capturing stunning baby images. With it, snapping memorable pregnancy and baby pictures is easy. You can create beautifully crafted compositions with custom text. Besides, you can quickly share the edited photos with friends and family on social media platforms or via email.

To celebrate special moments and milestones in your baby’s life, use one of 1000+ amazing artwork overlays, which are conveniently grouped. You can insert the dates (like 1 week, 2 months, 3 years, etc.), the firsts (like the first ultrasound, first step, my first shoes, etc.), the names of holidays, and more. Moreover, there are many impressive filters at your disposal that help emphasize the importance and special meaning of every moment.

baby pics photo editing app interface

4. Totsie

An array of custom-made stickers
  • Allows creating a time capsule
  • A collection of more than 1000 stickers
  • Tools for creating collages
  • Contemporary text styles
  • Free version with restrictions
totsie baby photo editing app

Verdict: Totsie is a baby edit app designed to turn each important moment into a lasting memory. Capturing stunning pregnancy and baby milestone pictures is a breeze. Besides, it is possible to build heartwarming collages to compare how you looked at various stages of pregnancy or track the growth of your baby.

The strong side of this editor is a variety of filters designed to highlight special moments and give your photos a unique look with just a single click. Besides, users appreciate a selection of typography elements for inserting some cute phrases and comments. Another advantageous option is a private time capsule for the safe storage of your photos. You can easily share images with friends and relatives.

totsie baby photo editing app interface

5. Precious

Automatic categorization of baby images
  • Arranges photos by month
  • Offers a free trial
  • Search for the best images
  • Builds collages and designs slideshows
  • Expensive
precious baby photo editing app

Verdict: Precious is an excellent baby photo editor for tracking your baby's milestones and following your child’s growth. This is a feature-rich app that automatizes many tasks. For example, it arranges pictures by month as well as allows you to create a time-lapse slideshow, a photo calendar journal, and other stuff. Using AI technology, the app identifies the most beautiful photos and uses them to compose heart-melting photo stories.

Take advantage of the Baby Time Lapse feature to follow your baby’s development, refresh your memories by viewing a slideshow of the last holiday, and browse cute images you captured months ago in the Photo Calendar. Besides, each monthly milestone is accompanied by stunning image frames and original collages. The astounding collection of stickers can turn each picture into a unique composition allowing you to add some fun to each shot.

precious baby photo editing app interface

6. BabyPic

Ability to produce your own design
  • Comes with stunning photo filters
  • Private or public sharing options
  • Collection of more than 280 custom fonts
  • Impressive custom-designed stickers
  • Occasional bugs
babypic baby photo editing app

Verdict: BabyPic is your handy assistant for creating attractive baby images, adorable milestone pictures, original birth announcements, and more. With this editor, turning your interesting newborn photo ideas into life is easy. The app composes exciting stories from your pregnancy images and baby photos. Moreover, the collection of over 55 captivating filters can help you refine your photos in just one tap.

To accentuate every stage of your baby’s development, sweet moments of the kid’s growth, and important milestones, take advantage of a stunning collection of more than 2000 custom overlays. An extensive selection of fonts designed by world-renowned specialists will also come in handy during your editing workflow. Besides, it is easy to personalize text according to your wishes.

babypic baby photo editing app interface

7. Baby Photo Collage

The greatest baby collage creator
  • Baby week-by-week images
  • Allows inserting heart-melting text
  • Builds adorable baby milestone photo collages
  • Baby’s stickers are conveniently grouped
  • Watermarks in the free version
baby photo collage editing app
Baby Photo Collage

Verdict: Baby Photo Collage is probably the best baby photo editing app for building stunning collages enhanced with original artworks and custom text. The app is what you need to capture every precious moment of your child’s growth: from the first kick to the first step.

This photo collage app can help you create impressive collages and add effects to them in a few seconds. Choose your favorite baby pics and select their shape and the desired effect to produce a sparkling and eye-grabbing composition of images. Moreover, the app has basic editing tools for correcting colors, rotating, cropping, and performing other manipulations with your baby photos. 

baby photo collage editing app interface

8. Baby Sticker

Speedy and clear editing workflow
  • More than 100 original pieces of artwork
  • Comes with multiple analog filters
  • Three editing options
  • Easy sharing to social networks
  • Free version has restrictions
baby sticker photo editing app
Baby Photo Collage

Verdict: Baby Sticker is a functional solution for enhancing your precious pregnancy and baby milestone images with artistic overlays and customized text. With this app, capturing every stage of your child’s development, from your pregnancy period to the first steps, is as easy as a pie. You can either upload image from your phone’s library or take a picture directly with the app’s camera.

The available effects are great for refining images. The collection of Baby Sticker includes more than 1000 impressive artworks, over 500 original fonts, numerous stunning fonts, and overlays. Besides, it is possible to add several elements to an image at once to create a more appealing composition.

baby sticker photo editing app interface

9. Adorable

For parents-to-be
  • Custom templates for an easy start
  • Handy photos organization options
  • Impressive filters
  • Lovely custom stickers
  • Occasional glitches
adorable baby photo editing app

Verdict: An incredible collection of stunning effects and artworks, which are great for editing children’s images, make Adorable the best baby photo editing app available on the market today. Designed with newbies in mind, the tool is an optimal solution for editors with no previous experience. Despite this, it has a variety of basic and sophisticated tools for processing baby pics.

You can also use user-friendly templates to create adorable baby images. After the first launch of the app, you will be asked whether you are pregnant or have already delivered a baby. Other required info is a child’s name, birth date/due date, gender, and a photo. It is also possible to customize such settings as color, style, size, opacity, spacing, and more.

adorable baby photo editing app interface

10. Cute

Handy thematic categories
  • User-defined templates
  • An array of interesting stickers
  • Basic editing features
  • Patterns and frames
  • Search filter could be more accurate
cute baby photo editing app

Verdict: The Cute app has everything you need for getting stunning images of your little one. Its collection includes templates, over 8000 stickers, 60 free and paid layouts, 85 background patterns, and newborn photography backdrops. For instance, here, you can find stickers for a baby shower, pregnancy announcement, birth, or the first birthday.

Besides, Cute is fitted with basic photo improving features for refining your baby and pregnancy images. It allows adding lovely stickers, original frames, and typography elements with custom formatting. What is more, building collages with this app is an easy and quick task.

cute baby photo editing app interface