Prototype Media Group Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 22 days ago, Apps and Software

Prototype Media Group

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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: From $59

Verdict: Prototype Media Group is an official partner of Wix. It acquired the ‘Legend Status’ for its professional approach to web design. The company created more than 100 designs based on this platform, which allowed it to become one of Wix’s top-level partners.

I like the fact that the agency works both with small companies and well-established brands. With them, you can establish the online presence of your company and easily launch your professionally designed, bespoke website. The company provides a range of affordable services and creates SEO-optimized websites with a responsive design.

  • One of the top partners of Wix
  • Helps to establish long-term relationships with clients
  • Professional website design and development
  • Effective digital marketing strategies
  • Well-thought-out campaigns with tangible results
  • Extensive portfolio
  • Informative blog
  • Clients need to pay a non-refundable 50% deposit
prototype media group website

Prototype Media Group will do everything to help you boost a conversion ratio, increase ROI, and help you develop your business. The company provides web design and maintenance services, creates helpful tutorials, performs Digital Marketing optimization, etc. It caters to the needs of its clients and creates the most effective strategies for businesses.

Prototype Media Group – Main Features

prototype media group logo

This web design company has a professional team that uses advanced web design programs to create SEO-optimized platforms with an appealing design and easy-to-navigate interface. The web designers consider all the wishes of their clients to create sites that meet their requirements.

Website Design Services Suitable for All Businesses

prototype media group web design services

Prototype Media Group creates highly-functional and well-designed websites based on the Wix platform. If you want to reach out to a new audience by improving your online presence, optimize your website, create new listings for your eCommerce store, accept bookings, distribute event tickets, or perform any other task, the agency will help you manage it.

These days, lots of people browse websites from their smartphones, which is why it’s important for a site to have an adaptive design. It will allow it to look the same on any device your potential client may use.

The professionals working for the company build sites that can be accessed from PC, tablets, and smartphones. If you are a business owner, it’s important for you to have a site that will be appealing to your customers. The company uses an individual approach to every client. It avoids using templates. Instead, it creates a custom web design for every brand.

When creating your site or web page, the professionals working for this best web development company analyze your competitors and select the most effective ideas for improving the UX/UI design of your site.

The team includes only experienced professionals. The web designers take into account all clients’ requirements so feel free to share your feedback with them. You can also get a free consultation that will help you understand which further steps you need to take to improve your website.

High-Quality Website Maintenance to Avoid Glitches

prototype media group website maintenance services

Being one of the top web design agencies, the company provides full support and maintenance services for website owners. After creating a website from scratch or re-designing a new one, they will continue to analyze its performance and fix the issues that might hinder its performance.

The company will create the backup version of your site, test it out to find bugs, and perform search engine optimization. You can fully entrust the maintenance of your site to this team, which will allow you to spend more time on other tasks.

Wix is a great web hosting platform for photographers and small business owners that regularly releases backend updates. Because of this, the sites that are based on it may stop functioning properly.

Prototype Media Group offers a full range of website maintenance services to its clients. The team can fix broken links, optimize images, and edit forms. It tests out websites to find bugs and quickly fixes them before they get noticed by regular users.

The developers will regularly update your website to improve its usability. They provide such services, among many others:​

  • Adding new informative content
  • Information updates
  • Uploading portfolio photos
  • Adding announcements about new events​
  • Keeping the bookings calendar up-to-date
  • Adding blog posts
  • Creating product listings
  • Design fixes
  • Setting up an email newsletter

Professional Search Engine Optimization Options

prototype media group search engine optimization services

These professionals know how to search engine optimize your website to improve its search engine ranking. They use organic methods and can increase your conversion ratio by making your content more searchable. Besides, the company can develop a digital marketing strategy. It will help you ensure stable growth of your business, which makes these services invaluable for business owners.

The agency will improve the performance of your site by selecting the right keywords, headings, page titles, meta tags and other parameters. Besides, these experts will ensure that your articles are well-structured and easy to read. You can also contact the team if you need to create a new design for your site or migrate it to another domain. The team will also take care of the links that don’t function properly.

Custom Trainings & Tutorials to Easily Manage Your Website

prototype media group custom trainings

If you want to master new skills, you can find out how to configure your Wix platform after watching informative tutorials.

The company provides educational services for those who want to learn more about digital marketing and improve their professional skills. There is no need to go broke by paying for expensive courses as you can get invaluable knowledge by watching their tutorials. All their clients get access to personalized training programs and a library that contains many useful materials.

Useful Daily Blog by Experts

prototype media group daily blog

On the official website, you will find a link to the company’s blog where its developers and web designers share their tips, tell about the ways of optimizing Wix-based platforms, and post the designs of logos they created. New articles are published often, which allows you to get up-to-date information provided by experts.

Open Huge Portfolio on Official Website

prototype media group portfolio

If you are wondering whether Prototype Media Group can improve your website, take a look at their public portfolio. There, you will find a lot of their past projects. You can click on each of them to learn more about the details of a project.

Note: The company is contacted by website owners, which is why its clients may update or delete their platforms. In the portfolio, you will find the best examples of the past projects, however, you should keep in mind that some changes might have been made. You should be aware that you might see a revised version of a project.


Prototype Media Group doesn’t have a list of fixed prices for its services. You will need to describe your requirements so that the managers could calculate the total price of your order. However, you can still find some prices on the official website, which will help you estimate how much money you actually need.

If you need them to create a website design, be ready to pay at least $1,350. Website maintenance services cost about $59. In case you need to optimize your content, you will need to pay $375. The company can also create detailed tutorials and training materials for $125.

If you want to find out the exact price of your order, get in touch with the company’s managers. They will ask you some questions to clarify your order and suggest some services that you might need. Then, they will let you know how they can improve your website.