Chamaileon Email Creation Platform Review 2022: Pros & Cons


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  • Platforms: Web
  • Pricing: Free Trial, then from $125/month

Verdict: Chamaileon is an email template builder for professionals and teams. It allows creating emails by means of collaborative efforts, generating email templates, and managing content. It helps scale best practices and launch new products.

I particularly like that Chamaileon is really simple to use. The platform generates a high-quality and responsive email HTML code. The service helps import HTML template and change it depending on your needs. It also helps quickly design emails by using a flexible drag-and-drop tool, or customizing ready-made templates from the library.

  • Free trial version
  • Flexible email design
  • Scaling asset library
  • Simple creation and management of templates
  • Reliable HTML code without coding
  • Obligatory registration on the website
chamaileon email creation platform interface

Chamaileon provides an optimized process of email creation, including custom processes and mechanisms, like accessing level control, organizing resources on the basis of folders and permissions, etc.

The platform was developed taking into account the flexibility of the working process with an emphasis on speed and simplicity. Developers also paid attention to the email design, templates, and improved technologies.

Fast Email Creation without Coding

chamaileon email creation platform app

Chamaileon Email Creation Platform is very simple to use. There is a flexible editor that can cope with most design tasks without manual interference. So, designers don’t have to participate in the daily email creation and can concentrate on other branding activities.

This e-mail marketing software may be helpful for marketers and copywriters. They can create great emails in several mouse clicks, without waiting for a designer or developer. Moreover, all these emails and images are displayed exactly as planned which brings higher conversion and better results.

Developers should also take advantage of this platform. With a high-quality code generated automatically, you don’t need to create, support, and update the email code. Thus, you can create emails in a quick and trouble-free manner, enjoy better e-marketing and get higher profit.

Chamaileon is a well-designed platform. If you are sure that your large email-sending platform won’t change despite drawbacks in the email design, you should simply integrate it with Chamaileon. The platform is smoothly integrated with all basic platforms like Marketo, HubSpot, Iterable, Salesforce, so you can create better emails without switching from the current provider.

If you are inside a company, it’s not a problem to merge platforms. You can always use Chamaileon by importing the existing HTML code of an email, while a platform will complete adjustments.

First-Class Program Components to Create Emails

chamaileon email creation platform sdk

Chamaileon SDK allows expanding your software with first-class program components and create high-quality emails. The platform includes useful features for teamwork. Each plug-in in Chamaileon SDK is prepared for white-label, so you can use your brand colors, logo, and boot screen for your clients’ convenience.

The platform offers deep integration with your product set. You will easily adjust each Chamaileon SDK bit and offer a smooth user interface to your clients. Moreover, when using the platform, you get access to fixes and updates and, therefore, your working process is smooth and hassle-free.

Depending on what you need, you can get any plugin integrated with white-label separately or within a set. The collective drag-and-drop email editor helps create ideal email designs, build your favorite photographer email templates and all possible mockups in emails.

By using a plug-in for thumbnails, you can generate images for a preview of each letter created by your clients. An email preview, in turn, allows your clients to see how various settings of the email generator influence the size of an email, as well as demonstrate how personalized email versions look on mobile or desktop versions.

Maximum Resources for Effective Work

chamaileon email creation platform resources

Chamaileon can work as a website builder for photographers, offering them an extended resource base. Looking through the collection of free adapted templates, you can find a template for any purpose, starting with information bulletins and ending with transactional letters. You can edit all templates and download them in HTML format.

Thanks to the seamless integration, you can easily connect Chamaileon to your e-mail sending platform. The team works 24/7, so you can always integrate your finished email design with ESP. You only need to adjust your account.

Using Chamaileon, you can forget about manual coding and can send emails in HTML format preserving high quality. The HTML code of the Chamaileon email is compatible with all main mail clients. Besides, the email code is regularly tested by using Litmus, Email On Acid and company’s own rendering tests.

You can become platform’s referral partner and earn a 25% lifetime fee for each client you direct to Chamaileon. You will get a promoter account that allows tracking your click ratings, referrals, and commissions via a personal control panel. The team provides complete support and assistance at each partnership stage.


You can take advantage of a free 14-day demo version to test the software and choose the necessary plan. To activate a free trial version, you should register on the website by using a working email.

Absolutely all plans (including a free one) come with more than 1000 templates and letter blocks. The email editor is suitable for collaborative work in real-time. Chamaileon is a high-quality and responsive email generator that can be used within an enterprise.

Users can choose between two plans ‒ Standard and Premium that are available as a yearly or monthly subscription. A yearly Standard Plan is $125/month, Premium$208/month. A monthly subscription for the Standard Plan is $150/month, for the Premium Plan$250/month.

There is a range of additional services you may buy. For example, you can get block markers for $50. If you have numerous ESP and CRM connections, you can buy unlimited integrations for $100. In case you need a one-time training for a team, you can add this service to the plan for $1000.

For enterprises, Chamaileon Email Creation Platform offers a separate premium plan, but its price is not presented on the website. For details, you can contact the team. Plus, within a Premium subscription, you will get an individual adaptation and training, the EU/USA, SAML and SLA data processing center.

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