11 Best Online Slideshow Makers

Top 11 Best Online Slideshow Makers

There is nothing simpler than to create an impressive video clip or presentation using the online slideshow makers. Many of them are designed specifically to simplify your work while making visual stories for social networks. Read about the most interesting and effective programs to create slideshows online in several clicks.

1. Adobe Express – Our Choice

Best for beginners
  • Free images, audio and templates
  • Visual slide board
  • Customizable fonts, colors, labels
  • Teamwork
  • Attaches a watermark

Verdict: Adobe Express is undoubtedly the best online slideshow maker for beginners. Besides, it is a solid contender in Adobe Express vs Premiere Pro stand-off. It offers numerous free materials and a powerful collection of features, like adding music and captures to slideshows.

If you choose Adobe Express, you will find eight basic types of videos (slideshows). The storyboard helps you structure an online slideshow. You can add video clips, images and texts to several slides to assist you in your creative endeavors, the app provides more than 30 background themes and color effects.

You may also add original icons to your slides. If you want to add background music, you may find it in the library or upload your own melodies. Of course, there are some Adobe Express alternatives, but few of them can really replace the software.

adobe express online slideshow maker interface

2. Canva

Many ready designs
  • Numerous free graphics
  • Easy user interface
  • No watermarks
  • Video/audio and embed media support
  • Resizing is paid
  • Transparent background is paid

Verdict: Choose this app and you will easily create an online slideshow that is no different from a professional one. Canva offers an impressive collection of templates and assets that may be effectively used in various design projects.

No special skills are required to successfully use this online slideshow maker. You just have to select a design size, template (begin with a blank canvas, for example) and then add media files from the library or upload them, set the colors, etc.

You may combine several previously created slides into a slideshow by downloading it on your computer or sharing it online. Canva supports PowerPoint presentations and many other output types.

However, there are some paid elements and options, like premium images, resizing of a design, etc. In general, a monthly subscription is not that expensive to deny yourself the pleasure to use professional Canva elements.

  • canva online slideshow maker
  • canva online slideshow maker

    3. Visme

    For creating slideshows in 5 steps
    • Many slideshow templates
    • Easy to master
    • Quick slideshow creation
    • Customizable options
    • Budget plans are limited

    Verdict: Visme is an online service for creating slideshows for professional and personal use. It allows you to apply various assets, styles and effects in a few clicks. Visme has over 4.5 million users all across the globe. Such companies as IBM, General Dynamics, and Accenture use it for creating slideshows and infographics. This service allows you to work on a project together with your team.

    After registering on Visme, you can create a project and ask your team members to comment on it and share their ideas online. Your colleagues can view, annotate, or edit files if you give them access rights. By using 6 annotation tools, you can write detailed instructions. All the team members can comment in a thread, fix various issues, and mark them as resolved.

    • visme online slideshow maker interface
    • visme online slideshow maker working process

      4. FlexClip

      Simple interface
      • Wide range of templates and assets
      • High customization
      • Aspect ratio control
      • Rather cheap variant in its segment
      • Possibility to download only 480p in a free version
      • Only 1-minute videos that include only 1 stock image in a free version
      • 1 media insert per click
      • No “undo” button

      Verdict: This online photo slideshow maker is suitable for those who are looking for free variants. FlexClip offers a free plan providing effective tools and options. Install it and you will easily create cool slideshows in various formats for social networks, personal and commercial purposes.

      You will control the duration of slides, insert custom media and captions, add text transition effects, etc. To quickly create visual storylines, this free online slideshow maker offers a basic toolbox. Firstly, you select a template and then ‒ adjust it according to your likes.

      With FlexClip, you will easily trim videos, add soundtracks, voiceover, style text and position it, customize time framing.

      This application seems too simple at first sight. But if you check its capabilities, you will see that it is ideal for creating professional designs in a matter of seconds.

      • flexclip online slideshow maker
      • flexclip online slideshow maker

        5. SmartSHOW 3D

        Create 3D movies from your pictures, videos, and music
        • 350+ Animation Effects, Added with Drag & Drop
        • Wonderful Blend of Audio and Pictures
        • Slideshow Templates Developed by Experts
        • 3D Photo Movies - the Innovative Trend in Slideshow
        • Only for Windows

        Verdict: SmartSHOW 3D is meant for combining pictures and audio to achieve magnificent movies. Wondering why would you need a music slideshow in the first place? It is a nice way to demonstrate a family album, wedding shots, a love story, holiday greeting cards, a travel story and what not.

        The software boasts a diverse selection of more than 100 extraordinary transition effects: traditional fade-in and dissolving, wipes and whirlwinds, charming gradients, and extremely trendy 3D-transitions.

        smartshow 3d online slideshow maker

        6. Animoto

        Online fast editing
        • Collection of assets and effects
        • User-friendly interface
        • Label watermark
        • Quick editing
        • No free subscription
        • While editing a particular section, other ones are also affected

        Verdict: Animoto is an online photo slideshow maker frequently used for professional purposes. There are numerous assets, styles and effects that may be easily applied. Moreover, it features many export options, embedding and export to social networks.

        Although it is known as a professional slideshow maker, you may easily use it for personal purposes. For a convenient and fast start, Animoto provides ready templates and styles. Creating a project, you may customize the design according to your taste.

        It’s really simple since there is a slide board showing all the slides with marked elements necessary to edit. This online photo slideshow maker allows you to apply color filters to all pics and videos your slideshow features.

        Working with Animoto, you save a great amount of your time completing designs twice faster. If you hesitate whether the program can surpass its rival in Animoto vs Adobe Spark battle, we highly recommend testing the software for your particular project.

        • animoto online slideshow maker
        • animoto online slideshow maker

          7. Kizoa

          For creative slideshows
          • Templates and free assets
          • Aspect ratio control
          • Wide range of effects
          • Creative fonts
          • Requires Flash to work from a browser
          • More suitable for personal/creative purposes
          • Watermark in a free version
          • Only PRO plan offers Full HD

          Verdict: Undoubtedly, Kizoa is the best online slideshow maker for creative purposes. It offers different original effects, like flash animation, transition and application of artistic fonts. Since many elements, including flash animation, have an informal style, this app is not appropriate for business and commercial slideshows.

          With Kizoa, you will quickly make slideshow online in 2 simple steps. Firstly, you select a template (or begin your work from scratch), and then ‒ pick up images or videos to insert in the slide. The first element will be on the first slide, the second one ‒ on the second slide, and so on.

          Finally, you have a ready slideshow and may apply any changes you like ‒ add effects, soundtracks, texts, etc. The app may also suggest some editions and add-ons.

          When the slideshow is completely ready, you may export it to social networks or download it on your computer.

          • kizoa online slideshow maker
          • kizoa online slideshow maker

            8. Smilebox

            The simplest maker
            • Many templates
            • Fast performance
            • Instant multiple images upload
            • Only basic features
            • Many limitations in a free version
            • You won’t upload custom soundtrack in a free version
            • No video/embed media feature

            Verdict: Although this online photo slideshow maker offers only basic features, it enables to instantly create a slideshow from a huge number of images.

            It is very easy to work with this tool. The main advantage is the work speed. Smilebox is able to upload multiple images and your task is only to distribute them on the time frame.

            You choose a template, upload images ‒ you may use your online libraries from social networks. Then you distribute images on the slide board. After that, you may add text, style and position it, choose a soundtrack. That’s it.

            However, there are still many disadvantages. For example, for a free plan it features a poor library of effects and styles, no video/embed media option, you can’t upload custom music in a free plan, etc. If you want to use the app for free, be ready that you won’t download a created online slideshow on your computer.

            • smilebox online slideshow maker
            • smilebox online slideshow maker

              9. Kapwing

              Powerful video editor
              • Many video editing tools
              • Ratio control available with optionally custom size
              • Subtitles and AI subtitles supported
              • Content in a free version is public
              • Can’t edit/store content older than 7 days in a free version
              • Only basic tools for style editing

              Verdict: If you are looking for a universal tool to create slideshows for different purposes, Kapwing is exactly like this. It is a powerful free online slideshow maker allowing you to create impressive videos.

              I recommend Kapwing to everyone who wants to get a decent video editor and online photo slideshow maker for free. The diversity of the tools to process footage is really impressive: resizing, subtitling (if there is a voice track you may generate subtitles using artificial intelligence), looping, trimming, clipping, adding audio and images, etc.

              Ready projects may be downloaded in high resolution or exported to social networks. The only disadvantage is that with a free version, all the projects are public and stored not for long.

              • kapwing online slideshow maker
              • kapwing online slideshow maker

                10. Renderforest

                For amateurs
                • Various templates
                • Whiteboard/Explainer/3D Explainer
                • Quick and easy slideshow creation
                • Watermarks for free versions
                • Only 3-minutes slideshows and 360p videos may be exported in a free version
                • Limited soundtracks in a free version

                Verdict: Renderforest is the best online slideshow maker if you are an Instagram blogger creating impressive Insta stories all the time. It has many templates that will help you easily generate a promo or a personal slideshow.

                There is nothing simpler than to create a visual story, slideshow (personal or commercial) or explainer by applying this tool. You may choose the template you like and customize it with uploaded assets or find something interesting in the Renderforest’s library. You may also add 3D graphics, voice records, set up transitions, etc.

                The capabilities of this powerful online slideshow tool are not limited to the creation of a slideshow. It may be helpful while creating mockups, websites, animation logos, etc.

                However, if you need a long slideshow, you have to get a paid version. The basic plan is not suitable for these purposes since you may create only seven 720p 5-minute videos a month.

                • renderforest tool online slideshow maker
                • renderforest tool online slideshow maker

                  11. comSLIDER

                  For website slideshows
                  • Possibility to upload multiple images
                  • Image color filters and shape masks
                  • Style advisor
                  • Download your footage and upload on your website
                  • Video/embed media isn’t supported
                  • Audio is not supported
                  • Slightly overloaded UI
                  • Operates slowly

                  Verdict: It is a perfect variant if you create an online slideshow for the website. The working process is quite fast because it is possible to upload multiple images.

                  If you choose comSLIDER, you won’t have to install Flash in your browser as it is designed on HTML5 technology. To begin with, upload pics from your computer or find something interesting in the free assets. Look through some templates to get inspired and go ahead!

                  You will find basic tools to work with design elements. You may add captions, stylize them, edit time frames and transitions. To get eye-catching results, apply color filters and shape masks to your pics. Create a unique style for the entire slideshow choosing from various views (slider, gallery, presentation) and add main colors.

                  • comslider online slideshow maker
                  • comslider online slideshow maker

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