7 Best GPS Tablets in 2022

By Tati Taylor 7 days ago, Graphic Tablets

Inexpensive tablets with GPS to run maps offline.

best gps tablets on the market

Now, companies concentrate on designing specialized gadgets for people in different industries, like tablets with GPS navigation module for travelers. Why would anyone want to waste money on a separate device when an entry-level tablet can easily do that and much more?

GPS Tablets - Main Reasons to Buy

  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A - Our choice
  2. HONGTAO Tablet - Cheap and powerful tablet
  3. ZONKO Black Tablet - GPS tablet with quad-core CPU
  4. Winsing MTK6580 Tablet - Cheap and practical tablet
  5. ZONKO K105 Tablet - 3G tablet with GPS receiver
  6. Dragon Touch K10 - GPS tablet for daily use
  7. Winsing WSTB101I Tablet - The cheapest GPS tablet

There will be a large screen to view the map and any supplementary information you might have the need for. Plus, when you’ve arrived, you can watch movies, answer emails, browse or do any tablet-friendly task.

All you need to take care of is getting a model that has a "true" GPS module inserted. See this top list to learn what are the best GPS tablet models today.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Our choice
best gps tablet by samsung

Weight: 85.4 g | Screen size: 10.1 inch | Resolution: 1920x1200 pixels | CPU: Dual 1.8GHz + Hexa 1.6GHz | Storage: 32 GB | Rear camera: 8 MP | Front camera: 5 MP

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⊕ Full HD screen
⊕ Voluminous Dolby Digital sound
⊕ Powerful 8-core CPU
⊕ A slot for adding memory
⊖ 2 GB RAM isn't for some apps
⊖ Poor front camera

This device is leading the charts with such outstanding characteristics as the large and bright Full-HD screen, 10 hours of autonomous work, and a proper GPS module that requires no Internet connection and is precise and stable.

If you need a powerful Android tablet with GPS navigation that can carry out other tasks of above-average complication level but remain affordable, you won’t find a better deal. It runs on several location services, like BeiDou, GLONASS and GPS. A test run on this tablet showed 6-8 meters of accuracy.

When indoors, the tablet will take a bit longer to fix a connection than on the road. The combination of an outstanding sound and image help while on the road but brings more satisfaction while indulging in some movie or gaming time.

2. HONGTAO Tablet

Cheap and powerful tablet
hongtao tablet with gps

Weight:453 g | Screen size:10.1 inch | Resolution: 1280x800 pixels | CPU: 2 GHz | Storage: 64 GB | Rear camera: 8 MP | Front camera:2 MP

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⊕ 4 GB RAM
⊕ Flawless 2G and 3G performance
⊕ Mesmerizing IPS screen
⊕ Convenient Dual SIM slot
⊖ The plastic screen protection is vulnerable to scratches
⊖ No official updates for Android

This is a great affordable tablet with GPS that is hard to match. Devices of this price segment can rarely boast of a 4 GB RAM, a Dual-SIM slot, or an IPS-display, let alone have these perks in combination with a few more.

Otherwise, it is equipped with capacious storage and feels very responsive, processing tasks quickly. Even the GPS is rather precise and does not misbehave with the lack of Internet connection.

By inserting a microSD card, you can add up to 64GB to the existing storage for movies, music, or other entertainment materials.

3. ZONKO Black Tablet

GPS tablet with quad-core CPU
powerful tablet with offline navigation

Weight:521 g | Screen size: 10 inch | Resolution: 1280x800 pixels | CPU: 1.3 GHz | Storage: 32 GB | Rear camera: 5 MP | Front camera:2 MP

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⊕ 3G & 2.4G WIFI Connect
⊕ Saturated IPS display
⊕ Durable battery
⊕ Two SIM slots
⊖ Lack of the USB OTG
⊖ Old Android version
⊖ No microphone

This tablet with GPS built in runs on a high-performance processor aided by 2 GB of RAM. It means that you can use this 4G LTE tablet for any normal activity, like browsing or shopping, playing lighter games. For that, you have sufficient 32 GB storage.

Naturally, being in this list, This travel tablet holds a satisfactory GPS connection with decent precision even without the Internet.

Combined with the excellent speakers that create Immersive Surround Sound, you can enjoy watching movies on your travels.

4. Winsing MTK6580 Tablet

Cheap and practical tablet
affordable gps enabled tablet by winsing

Weight: 570 g | Screen size: 10 inch | Resolution: 1280x800 pixels | CPU: 1.5 GHz | Storage: 16 GB | Rear camera: 5 MP | Front camera: 2 MP

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⊕ Modest price
⊕ Satisfactory Full HD display
⊕ Helpful customer service
⊕ Long-lasting 6000 MAh battery
⊖ Limiting 1 GB of RAM
⊖ No 3G connection

One of the weaker tablets with GPS, it still provides for all the needs of a common user. You get a decent IPS Screen with a satisfactory 1280×800 HD resolution that is quite pleasant to watch movies from.

The 4-core CPU processor is assisted by only 1 GB of RAM which is, however, enough for browsing and navigating. The fresh Android 8.1 version means that you can install any app. You can make use of a variety of connection methods and enjoy very long autonomous work with a capacious 6000mAh battery.

5. ZONKO K105 Tablet

3G tablet with GPS receiver

Weight: 610 g | Screen size:10 inch | Resolution: 1280x800 pixels | CPU: 1.3 GHz 5X86 | Storage: 32 GB | Rear camera: 5 MP | Front camera: 2 MP

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⊕ 3G support
⊕ Neat and stylish profile
⊕ Precise navigation with no Internet
⊕ The latest Android version
⊖ 2GB RAM is quite insufficient
⊖ MTK chips are low-quality
⊖ System updates unsupported

If 3G is a strong preference, this is the best GPS tablet among the reliable but affordable options. It has a lucid Full HD display backed by a stylish and portable body.

With the Dual camera, you can use this device for work conferences or family calls in any video messenger.

With an impressive 6000mAh battery capacity, you can launch a 5-hour non-stop of gaming or movie streaming. The GPS is rather stable and precise, so this device is perfect for any use during work or leisure travels.

6. Dragon Touch K10

GPS tablet for daily use
stylish tablet with gps receiver

Weight: 929 g | Screen size: 10-inch | Resolution: 1280×800 pixels | CPU: 1.3 GHz | Storage: 16 GB | Rear camera: 2 MP | Front camera: 2 MP

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⊕ Super-stylish look
⊕ Brilliant Full HD Display
⊕ GPS module
⊖ Low camera resolution
⊖ Absence of 3G

This Android tablets with GPS is very agile and responsive, operating on a reliable Quad-Core processor that can pull off some heavier applications decently.

The model features a clear and vibrant 10” display, so you can enjoy viewing anything from Netflix series to silly Instagram posts and even play all the modern games with pleasure. The viewing angle is wide, too, so you can watch movies/videos with a company.

The Wi-Fi and GPS modules are both reliable and show great performance. You can buy a stylus pen for the Android tablet for better performance.

7. Winsing WSTB101I Tablet

The cheapest GPS tablet
one of the cheapest tablet with gps

Weight: 400 g | Screen size: 10 inch | Resolution: 1280x800 pixels | CPU: 1.3 GHz | Storage: 32 GB | Rear camera: 8 MP | Front camera: 2 MP

rank rank Rating

⊕ MIC/FM/GPS/HTML5/OTG support
⊕ Durable 6000 MAh battery
⊕ Full HD display
⊕ Affordable price
⊖ The body is plastic

This GPS tablet is possibly the cheapest option available. Still, it offers decent navigation services and a few other perks. It can keep you autonomous for about 7 hours due to the great optimization.

The HD screen and dual speakers can reproduce movies and other media at an acceptable level. You get a decent main camera but a weak frontal one, 8 MP and 2 MP respectively. As for the GPS, it works fairly well, the same as Wi-Fi.

Image Name Features  
galaxy tab a - tablet with gps module
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Display 10.1 Inch
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Android 9 Pie
  • 32 GB
gps tablet hongtao
  • Display 10.1 Inch
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Android 7.0 Nougat
  • 64 GB
zonko tablet with sim-card slot
ZONKO Tablet
  • Display 10 Inch
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Marshmallow
  • 32 GB

How to Check Your GPS Tablet?

tablets with gps

It is hard to find the best tablet for navigation because testing the performance of the GPS and Glonass sensors, which are of the biggest importance, is a tricky endeavor.

The product info, even if it mentions the presence of a combo or dedicated GPS chip, is far from being helpful at telling whether the navigation will work without the Internet connection and will the performance be reliable. How could you figure it out yourself before investing, then?

The surest and easiest way of assessing the quality requires you to install an application that can run a quick test. On the Play Market, find an app named ‘GPS Test’ and install it.

The evaluation is done automatically, and if the status is colored in green, then the connection is established, and you can learn the result. If the status is red, you need to turn on your tablet’s GPS. It can be quickly done by pressing on the red status bar that will redirect you to the appropriate setting.

tablets with gps

Alternatively, you can use some other app that has a similar aim and test such parameters of GPS tablets as the strength of the signal, the precision of coordinates, etc.


  • What is the best GPS tablet in 2022?

We consider Samsung Galaxy Tab A as the most powerful and versatile model.

  • What is the best tablet for extreme off-road traveling?

The sturdy metallic body that Dragon Touch K10 has would allow more freedom. I recommend to check some Huawei tablets too.

  • Which GPS tablet is the most cost-efficient?

HONGTAO Tablet runs on astonishing 4 GB of RAM, has a saturated FHD display, and maintains its charge for long.

  • Why should I buy a GPS tablet instead of a separate device?

A navigator only gives you a portable device that needs to be fussed about. But a tablet provides you with a more convenient navigation system plus many other features for work or entertainment.