7 Best Public Relations Agencies in the World in 2024

By Kate Gross 7 days ago, Apps and Software

Looking for another way to promote your services, apart from using paid advertising? Need an agency to improve your online reputation? Check out this list of the best public relations agencies that promote companies and help advertise their services without paid ads.

Top 7 Public Relations Agencies

  1. Edelman - Offices around the world
  2. BCW - Many awards
  3. FleishmanHillard - Integrated campaigns
  4. PressFarm - Looking for specialized journalists
  5. Golin - Complex solutions
  6. 5WPR - Individual approach

If you want to rule the public opinion, look through the list of the top agencies that can distribute press releases, write speeches, create presentations, organize social events, do marketing research, and promote brands on social networks to build relationships with the target audience. The price ranges from $2,000 to $50,000 per month depending on the services they provide.

1. Edelman — Our Choice

Offices around the world
  • High value
  • Offices all over the world
  • Care about clients and employees
  • Flexible approach
  • No price list

Verdict: Edelman is a global communication firm that cooperates with organizations to develop, promote, and protect brands and their reputation. The company was founded in 1952 as a family business. Today, it is one of the best advertising agencies with an annual income of $840,022,000.

It is a world-known PR agency that operates in various countries and on different continents. They have 6,000 employees in more than 60 offices. These guys implement effective communication strategies to make clients manage their businesses and earn the trust of their clients.

The agency provides consultations for improving strategic communications. It allows its clients to build strong relations between interested parties, inform the audience, and shape behavior models that can positively influence society. With more than 60 years of experience, Edelman understands the local market and uses its own research and ideas for better outcomes.

edelman public relations agency interface

2. BCW

Many awards
  • More than 60 years of experience
  • Offices in 112 countries
  • Works with big and medium companies
  • Creative approach
  • No price list on the website

Verdict: BCW is a giant global communication agency that provides a full range of services. It has offices in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific Region. BCW earned a great reputation working with parliaments and organizations. With 4,000 coworkers in 112 countries, the agency conducts thorough research by using powerful tools for launching effective campaigns.

The agency works with companies from various industries. Their client list includes many big corporations, like Maserati, 21tht Century Fox, Coca-Cola, etc. BCW is focused on big ideas that truly influence real people all over the world.

The BCW PR agency strives to generate scalable ideas based on its deep understanding of the concept. With their solutions, they want to inspire actions and connections all over the world. The company helps clients move, motivate, engage, and guide people in the right direction in all industries. BCW detects risks, mitigates challenges, finds possibilities, helps clients influence opinions and feel confident on the global market.

bcw public relations agency interface

3. FleishmanHillard

Integrated campaigns
  • Numerous services
  • Many awards
  • 75 years of experience
  • Effective approach
  • Prices are available on request

Verdict: FleishmanHillard was founded in 1946. Today, this PR agency is a part of the Omnicom Group ‒ an American global holding in the sphere of mass media, marketing, and corporate communication with a headquarters in New York. FleishmanHillard regularly uses its ties with Omnicom and cooperates with affiliated companies to run integrated campaigns.

Today, FleishmanHillard is the fourth-largest agency in the world with a commission income of 615 million dollars in 2020. They have a long list of clients, including AT&T, Bayer, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Roche, and the USA army.

The company uses professional web design software and other powerful tools to implement various graphic design ideas. Thanks to the skilled team and advanced technologies, the company achieves the desired results.

fleishmanhillard public relations agency interface

4. PressFarm

Looking for specialized journalists
  • Fast execution
  • Comprehensive PR packages
  • Handpicked lists of reporters
  • PR outreach services
  • Mainly press-oriented
  • Does not provide social media services
pressfarm public relations agency logo

Verdict: PressFarm is a first-class public relations agency that provides comprehensive services. They will help you find specialized journalists, develop full-fledged promotion strategies, and attract the press. Their team is real experts in proofreading, creating and distributing press releases, emailing, guest posting, and many other services from different PR packages.

If necessary, you can contact their graphic designers to develop a set of visuals for your PR campaign. What’s more, they also offer the creation of style catalogs for companies and businesses to make the positioning of clients’ brands easier.

PressFarm has extensive experience in promoting brands from various fields, including e-commerce, fashion, financial technology, nutrition, healthcare, cryptocurrency, etc. They also provide ready-to-use press release templates, media kit templates, and plenty of other pro-grade services.

pressfarm public relations agency website

5. Golin

Complex solutions
  • 50 offices all over the world
  • More than 64 years of experience
  • Wide range of services
  • Innovative and ambitious approach
  • No prices
golin public relations agency logo

Verdict: Golin is an international firm with offices in North America, Asia and EMEA. The agency has more than 50 offices all over the globe which allows providing complex solutions for regional and global communication programs.

They create, detect, and empower content, provide anti-crisis management solutions and engage employees. The company also provides such services as influencer marketing, interaction with mass media, training, public relations, and UX/UI design. Their client list includes such companies as Pepsi, MacDonald's, Lexus, Porshe, Roche, and more.

Golin provides helpful photography marketing tips on digital marketing that might be useful for small companies and huge corporations.

golin public relations agency interface

6. 5WPR

Individual approach
  • Wide range of services
  • Cooperation with clients from various niches
  • Creative approach
  • Numerous awards
  • No price list
5wpr public relations agency logo

Verdict: 5WPR is a PR agency that provides a full range of services and cooperates with different brands. It helps clients define and achieve their strategic PR goals. The company was founded in 2003. Today, it is an independent PR firm and a cool digital marketing agency. 5WPR provides its clients with long-term results. The team of 250 digital PR experts works to build fully integrated campaigns.

In the rapidly changing digital world, 5WPR helps clients manage their relationships with mass media, other businesses, and clients. Smart and innovative 5WPR works hard, thinks big, and delivers successful results. The agency is known for its unique approach and innovative team that brings measurable results.

The company takes into account a brand, sales, and final clients’ results. It provides a wide range of integrated marketing services to satisfy the unique needs of each client. The agency creates integrated marketing campaigns that increase the brand value, attract, and motivate your audience. To reach out to a wider audience, you can also use third-party press release distribution services that help companies get featured on popular media outlets.

videosolo blu ray copy software interface

7. DS&P

TV advertising services
  • Use different methods for business promotion
  • Create TV commercials
  • Integrations with social networks
  • Individual approach
  • Confusing pricing policy
  • No offline PR strategies
ds&p public relations agency logo

Verdict: DS&P is a professional company that helps businesses to stick out from the crowd. The team offers TV advertising, mobile app and website development, search engine optimization and SMM assistance, as well as branding & AR/VR/XR services. They use cutting-edge technologies and instruments to increase brand loyalty, authority, and reputation.

This ad agency is very popular among businesses because it can derive benefit from digital marketing and TV ad space, doubling down on its efforts to give your brand the maximum recognition. In other words, they can present your company on the most reputable TV channels without charging insanely high sums. Primarily, they will focus on your current customer and will gradually attract prospects.

ds&p public relations agency website