Simple Ink Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 19 days ago, Apps and Software

Simple Ink

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Verdict: I had to make an intuitive website to promote my services, so I tried I was truly fascinated by how much faster the process turned out to be in comparison with popular website builders for photographers.

It sounds great to me that the service features pre-made templates for various types of content, so the platform is highly advisable for non-techs like me.

  • Extraordinarily fast and simple website creation
  • No need in code writing
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Suitable for search engines
  • Bounded functionality
  • Does not allow to make adjustments
simple ink interface

Simple Ink is a Notion-generated platform, which enables users to create websites of different kinds without writing the code.

Using its functionality, you can make personal website, portfolio, landing page, blog and even ecommerce platform etc.

Simple Ink: Main Features

simple ink logo

Simple Ink benefits from the Notion platform’s functionality. This technology makes it possible to create websites and blogs by turning the link into a web page.

Notion is written in Python, there is a CLI. It is a very detailed tool, which handles data gently. It keeps the code formatting as much as possible.

All the workflow is quite easy, as the customers are provided with the ready-made samples for the content organizing on the page, so there is no need to use Figma or other professional web design software.

Few Seconds to Create and Update the Website Images

simple ink photography site

Simple Ink offers an intuitive editor Notion, which will greatly simplify the process of web pages creation for photographers. Due to its drag and drop feature, you can easily drag a picture to the newly created site, as well as edit it, deleting old images and replacing them with the new ones.

This is a perfect portfolio website builder, allowing to place photo and text materials as you wish.

Simple Ink platform will provide you with plenty of modern-looking templates for various types of photography sites, which you will be able to update and change as you wish.

simple ink photography site example

A great advantage of web pages creation on Simple Ink ecommerce website builder will be high velocity of updates. If you need to change or insert a goods photo to your online store, it will take you maximum 5 minutes, and in the majority of cases – few seconds.

50+ Templates for Content Organization on the Web Page

simple ink templates

In comparison to WordPress photography themes, Notion’s templates Simple Ink includes are much more original and simple to set.

Among the others, Simple Ink offers CV/Resume layouts, personal site templates, Notion blog templates, influencer web templates, etc. You can look through all the options, or set the filter to the one you need.

simple ink forms

It is vital for website not only to have a good visuality but also functionality, so Simple Ink also provides you with ready-to-use forms to make an order in your future web resource, connection with your manager, photo goods purchases, email correspondence subscription, and a lot more.

You do not need to know the code in order to download Notion forms into your pages, and you do not need to spend money on requesting the design in web development companies as well.

Web Page Customization with Fonts and Icons

simple ink icons

Instead of applying stock icons websites, you are able to create them using the Notion functionality on Simple Ink. To do so, you need to choose the themes among the offered variants, determine the icon size in pixels, and also indicated the color. You can select among the suggested palette, or indicate the 6-digits code of the desired shade.

Besides, you have the opportunity to change the font on your website. Notion offers you three fonts to decide, yet you are also able to use the Equation block or a Fancy Text Generator to alter the font. The Notion custom fonts section is the best way to alter your Notion websites' font.

Simple Ink Prices

There are two plans available for Simple Ink.

The Free plan can be used forever. It includes ability to make 1 fast loading and hosted website with unbounded pages number. It can also be optimized for search. The available custom styling includes: navbars, custom fonts, dark/light mode, custom code, etc.

The Monthly plan for $12/month involves: custom domain and URLs, ability to delete "" badge, sitemaps, password-protected pages and priority support among other advantages. You can also get a free trial period here.


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