22 Free Stock Icons Websites in 2024

By Ann Young 19 days ago, Software Reviews

Looking for free stock icons for website design, web applications, infographics, and desktops? Make your images on social networks more vivid, illustrate a presentation, improve your business cards and stationery, make the menu brighter or the flier stylish browsing through these stocks with free icons.

Top 22 Free Stock Icons Websites

  1. Icons8 - Built-in icon editor
  2. Flaticon - Convenient icon grouping
  3. NounProject - Simple search
  4. Freepik - Wide range of categories
  5. Iconfinder - Easy loading
  6. Smashing Magazine - Exclusive icons
  7. Captain Icon - Icon fonts
  8. Good Stuff No Nonsense - Hand-drawn icons
  9. Pixeden - Wide choice of sizes
  10. Iconmonstr - Bold and thin icons
  11. Glyphicons - Monochromatic icons
  12. Entypo - Straightforward layout
  13. Endless Icons - Creative sets
  14. Squid Ink - Great customization options
  15. Behance - Different styles
  16. DeviantArt - Social network for artists
  17. Free Goodies for Designers - For everyday use
  18. Fribly - Animated icons
  19. Designbeep - Extensive icons archive
  20. Freebiesbug - Blog about new icons
  21. PixelsMarket - Diverse choice
  22. GraphicsFuel - High-quality icons

Almost all of the icons demonstrated here are free. However, some websites may require attribution or backlink in exchange for using their graphic resources.

1. Icons8 – Our Choice

Built-in icon editor
  • Icons in 33 styles
  • You can change the colors of the icons and edit them
  • Multifunctional website
  • A lot of formats (SVG-sprite and icon-font)
  • None

Verdict: Icons8 is a universal website for free icons, photos, UX illustrations, and free music for your videos. Here you will find free icons in 33 styles that you can use everywhere. It provides a wide variety of icons from the most commonly used arrow and email icons to extraordinary Naruto symbols. You can download icons in any popular format, including the embedded SVG-sprite and icon-font.

You can also remove the blur by using icons with the ideal size for your target devices. All icon styles have their pixel-perfect sizes to make sure you are covered.

The built-in icon editor will help you quickly and easily change the icon before downloading. You will be able to change colors, add elements, adjust indents, etc.

icons8 free stock icons interface

2. Flaticon

Convenient icon grouping
  • More than 60,000 icons each month
  • Supports many formats
  • The possibility to edit the size, position, and colors
  • The collection keeps icons in order
  • Learning curve on managing collections

Verdict: The most convenient thing about Flaticon is that if you don’t find your perfect icon, you can edit its size, position, and colors until you find the right style for your project. Each month, about 60, 000 icons are added there. They are available in such formats as PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, Base 64, and Iconfont.

You can also manage your collection. It will help you keep your icons in order, visualize, and maintain consistency in your projects.

flaticon free stock icons interface

3. NounProject

Simple search
  • More than 2,000,000 icons
  • Lots of styles
  • Variety of collections
  • You can customize the icons
  • Monthly membership is required

Verdict: In NounProject, you can find more than 2 million free stock icons from completely different collections, from abstract presentation concepts to playful children's book illustrations. For example, there are collections of languages, geometry, bacteria, vegetables, fruit, or quantum physics.

This website offers awesome search functionality, easy downloads, and high-quality icons. You can customize any icon for a perfect fit. However, in order to download them for free, you will have to pay tribute to the creator. You can also get an unlimited number of free monthly membership icons.

nounproject free stock icons interface

4. Freepik

Wide range of categories
  • You can customize the icons of needed formats and sizes
  • Vast array of collections
  • The possibility to create font-face
  • You can manage your collection
  • Learning curve on managing collections
freepik free stock icons logo

Verdict: Freepik is a great website with more than just free stock icons. There are many categories for every taste, from clothing, fashion, and music to weather, sports, and nature.

You can manage your collection, customize the icons according to needed formats and sizes, and create font-face.

Here you will also find many Adobe Illustrator icon packs.

freepik free stock icons interface

5. Iconfinder

Easy loading
  • More than 4,475,000 free and premium icons
  • Simple search
  • A few sizes and formats for download
  • Icon sets of different styles
  • Contains paid sets
iconfinder free stock icons logo

Verdict: Icon search is very easy in Iconfinder. You have access to half a million free and premium icon stock images and can download them in several sizes and formats.

Iconfinder offers icons of different styles: with a filled outline, hand-drawn, 3D, cartoon, etc. There are icon sets on various themes, and the relevant ones are regularly added. Among them, you can find such sets as hygiene, COVID-19, social distance, summer, fruit, etc.

iconfinder free stock icons interface

6. Smashing Magazine

Exclusive icons
  • High-quality icons
  • Unique content
  • You can choose a format for downloading
  • Different styles
  • There are some requirements for downloading
  • Inconvenient search
smashing magazine free stock icons logo
Smashing Magazine

Verdict: Smashing Magazine is a very good website that provides high-quality, exclusive and free stock icons. There is a vast array of unique content, such as a set of augmented and virtual reality icons, a set of hand-drawn space icons, and a football set.

Icon sets are available in a variety of formats, including SVG, PSD, and PNG.

You will also find several attribution requirements. But the majority of sets don’t require a backlink.

smashing magazine free stock icons interface

7. Captain Icon

Icon fonts
  • You can adjust icon colors
  • The possibility to increase the size without loss of quality
  • Many formats
  • Plenty of categories
  • Attribution is required
captain icon free stock icons logo
Captain Icon

Verdict: Beautiful, free and vector icons from Captain Icon are available in EPS, PSD, PNG, SVG, and Web Font formats. You can customize the colors of the icons and scale them to any size without loss of quality.

This website offers a large selection of categories, such as design, sport, social networks, office, weather, etc. Also, here you will find icon fonts that can be used as web fonts to create beautiful and clean websites and interfaces.

Attribution is obligatory, and you can use these free icons for personal and commercial projects.

captain icon free stock icons interface

8. Good Stuff No Nonsense

Hand-drawn icons
  • Universal and unusual icons
  • Convenient and easy search
  • Collections of hand-drawn vector icons
  • SVG and/or PNG formats
  • A limited number of sets
good stuff no nonsense free stock icons logo
Good Stuff No Nonsense

Verdict: As the name implies, you will be able to find top-quality icon stock images here without browsing through useless stuff. This website offers collections of hand-drawn vector icons that you can download for free.

There are both universal collections, such as New Year, social media icons, and unusual ones like Good Idea, GEEK PACK, etc.

All files are available in SVG and/or PNG format. Icons are absolutely free, no links are needed.

good stuff no nonsense free stock icons interface

9. Pixeden

Wide choice of sizes
  • Unusual sets
  • Available sizes from 16x16 to 512x512
  • Font sets for icons
  • A limited number of formats
pixeden free stock icons logo

Verdict: You can download icon sets for your web design project in any size for free. All free icon sets are presented in the PNG format with the size from 16x16 to 512x512, and depending on the icon sets with full-level Adobe Photoshop PSD in the vector form.

There are some unusual sets, such as laundry, weather, archives, and several sets for iOS 7 with a combination of standard and custom icons.

pixeden free stock icons interface

10. Iconmonstr

Bold and thin icons
  • More than 4496 free stock icons
  • 313 collections
  • Simple design
  • Adjustable searchAdjustable search
  • GPL licensing is quite problematic
iconmonstr free stock icons logo

Verdict: Discover more than 4496 free icons in 313 collections on Iconmonstr. A simple design and icons are available in several sizes. They are free to use without attribution.

You can select bold or thin icons and vote for the icon, which will be made next.

This website offers a convenient location. When you click on the set you like, you will see the available format (such as SVG, EPS, PSD, PNG) at the top. Below, you can download and view the collection. Nothing extra, everything is simple and minimalistic.

light it web development company work example

11. Glyphicons

Monochromatic icons
  • Monochromatic icons and symbols
  • Large selection of icons
  • Many sets
  • Simple search
  • Only PNG format
  • Only paid sets
glyphicons free stock icons logo

Verdict: Glyphicons offers accurately prepared monochromatic icons and symbols focused on simplicity and easy orientation. If you are looking for minimalistic, single-color icons and symbols, check out Glyphicons and you will find hundreds of free PNG icons. However, there are only paid sets with plenty of premium icons.

glyphicons free stock icons interface

12. Entypo

Straightforward layout
  • More than 400 pictograms
  • Quick access to icons
  • Simple design
  • Attribution is required
entypo free stock icons logo

Verdict: With more than 400 pictograms, Entypo offers all the stock icons you might need for your graphic design. Icons are free for personal use. Commercial use requires attribution.

The website design is very simple. You don’t need to scroll through several pages and look for the needed icon. Everything is found on one page and is in quick access.

entypo free stock icons interface

13. Endless Icons

Creative sets
  • Simple and elegant icons
  • PNG and SVG formats
  • User-friendly interface
  • Categories for search
  • The names aren’t visible in the Free Icons section
endless icons free stock icons logo
Endless Icons

Verdict: Endless Icons was created to share free stock icons and creative items with the design community. Here, you will find simple and elegant icons available for download in PNG and SVG formats.

It’s convenient to search and select icons on Endless Icons. You can search for free icons or entire sets. Or click on the Tags tab and select the desired icon by a name.

10clouds web development company work example

14. Squid Ink

Great customization options
  • More than 2,000 icons
  • 5 formats
  • 17 categories
  • Ability to customize icons
  • 50 free icons
squid ink icons free stock icons logo
Squid Ink

Verdict: Squid Ink offers 2,000 vector icons in 5 formats and 17 categories. Icons are scalable, colorful, and creative. On Squid Ink, you will find icons related to audio, holidays, clothing and shoes, games and entertainment, as well as finance and household.

Each element has been developed with vector shapes. You can change the colors or styles of the layer, move and resize each element in no time.

You will have access to 50 free icons that you can use for an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects.

moove it web development company work example

15. Behance

Different styles
  • Qualitative icons from professionals
  • Creative icons
  • Different styles
  • Various categories
  • Restrictions for downloading
behance icons free stock icons logo

Verdict: Behance is a great website for finding free content as its participants display their creations. If you are looking for designer quality icons from professionals, then it will be very useful to you.

However, you will have to search thoroughly in order to find exactly what you are looking for. Behance is not as convenient for search as other websites on this list. Despite this, the website is worth it as you will find many icons with a wide variety of styles.

behance free stock icons interface

16. DeviantArt

Social network for artists
  • 200,000 free icon stock images
  • Creative ideas
  • Inspiring icons
  • All kinds of categories, formats, and styles
  • Range of attribution requirements
deviantart icons free stock icons logo

Verdict: DeviantArt is the largest online social network for artists and art lovers. It’s also a platform for beginners and recognized artists to demonstrate, promote, and share their works with an enthusiastic, art-oriented community.

Here you will find nearly 200,000 free stock icons available for download.

There is a range of attribution requirements, so be sure to check it out before downloading icons. Some artists also demand that you become a member of the DeviantArt community.

deviantart free stock icons interface

17. Free Goodies for Designers

For everyday use
  • Unusual unique sets
  • Icons for designers’ daily work
  • The possibility to choose a format
  • For all types of online use
  • A small number of icons
free goodies for designers icons free stock icons logo
Free Goodies for Designers

Verdict: Free Goodies for Designers is a small group of excellent designers and art directors who do this mainly for entertainment. That’s why you won’t find many icon images here.

But they are all unique and definitely useful for designers since the designers themselves use these icons in everyday work. For example, a beautiful and modern vector illustration of people with several devices or a set of Minimal constructions.

Free Goodies for Designers is well-organized and offers PSD, SVG, and vector icon sets for all your online uses.

free goodies for designers free stock icons interface

18. Fribly

Animated icons
  • Flat and animated icons
  • Regular updates
  • Simplified search
  • Offers not only icons but also other freebies (fonts, etc.)
  • Ads
fribly icons free stock icons logo

Verdict: Fribly is updated almost every day and offers free icon sets from several designers. They share not only icons but also other useful and inspiring materials, like photography inspiration. All search work on the Internet will be done for you. All you need to do is to select a collection and download it.

There, you will find flat icons, animated SVG icons with CSS when placing the cursor on them, as well as regular animated icons. You will see different themes: pizza, buildings, flags, baskets, money, or transport.

fribly free stock icons interface

19. Designbeep

Extensive icons archive
  • Large selection of sets and icons
  • Regular news publications
  • Convenient search
  • Different styles and formats
  • Ads
designbeep icons free stock icons logo

Verdict: Check our Designbeep instead of looking for graphics on multiple websites. There, you'll find free icon sets from Freepik, Behance, and other resources. Designbeep follows many designers and developers and, of course, websites that share or issue icons, and regularly post updates.

designbeep free stock icons interface

20. Freebiesbug

Blog about new icons
  • A variety of graphic resources with icons
  • A wide selection of formats
  • The possibility to choose sizes
  • Lots of styles
  • Ads
freebiesbug icons free stock icons logo

Verdict: Freebiesbug is a web design blog that displays high-quality free design resources. Here, you will find the latest free graphic resources with icons.

Iconscout has recently launched Unicons. It’s a full set of over 1000 free vector icons. These icons are available in such top categories as User Interface, Business, Shopping, and Medicine. They are carefully processed in a 24px grid to have consistency on all types of displays. You can download icons as SVG files. Front-end developers can use them as a web font with a CSS file in the head section of a web page.

Also, you can find a set of 40 items with clothing and vector shopping icons developed by Kasra Design specifically for Freebiesbug. Icons come in different formats, including AI, PSD, EPS, and PNG, so you can edit them in your favorite application.

freebiesbug free stock icons interface

21. PixelsMarket

Great variety
  • Icons from unknown sites
  • Not only icons but also fonts and templates
  • The possibility to choose the needed size
  • A lot of categories and styles
  • Not many formats
pixelsmarket icons free stock icons logo

Verdict: At PixelsMarket, you can find resources from all over the Internet, including lesser-known websites. There are not only stock icons but also freebies for design, such as fonts, templates, etc.

It also offers a growing collection of free icons that you can download and use. There are many styles of icons, such as animated, drawn, customizable, and different categories like business, social networks, hospitals, weddings, etc. The formats of the icons are different (most often, SVG and EPS).

pixelsmarket free stock icons interface

22. GraphicsFuel

High-quality icons
  • Icons from all over the Internet
  • Collections for Instagram and social networks
  • Many colorful collections
  • Annoying ads
graphicsfuel icons free stock icons logo

Verdict: By offering free and premium resources, GraphicsFuel provides many colorful collections from around the Internet on such themes as fashion, science, space, business, and Halloween. There are collections for successful Instagram, online learning, basic icons for daily designer work.

graphicsfuel free stock icons interface