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ai file format logo AI file is a file format/drawing created in Adobe Illustrator program, one of the most well-known vector graphics editors. When you export a file from this program, it is saved in AI format.
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What Is an AI File?

What is an AI file? Created in Adobe Illustrator, this drawing comprises lines connected by dots, not raster image data. AI files are typically used for creating banners and logos. Besides, this format is suitable for printing purposes as it has a high resolution.

When zooming an AI file in, it doesn’t lose high quality. AI format was created by Adobe System for presenting one-page vector pictures in PDF or EPS formats.

  • Layer support
  • May include text elements
  • Clear and high-resolution results (ideal for web design and printing purposes)
  • Rather small size of files
  • May be viewed in a number of programs
  • Not suitable for working with pixels
  • Operates in a proper way only in Adobe Illustrator

How to Open an AI File?

AI file type is actually not open since it was designed by Adobe Systems for working exclusively with Adobe products. It means that if you stop working with an AI file, you can continue working with it only in Adobe Illustrator.

However, if you don’t have any Adobe products installed and don’t want to purchase them but still need to open AI files, you may find fitting alternatives. Some of them function solely as an AI file viewer, so you won’t be able to make any changes to the file. In many cases, just viewing the file will be enough.

Professional Software to Open an AI File

Other software from Adobe. Since AI files support layers, you can view them in Adobe apps, for instance, Photoshop, and edit them without any difficulties.

Affinity Designer. Being a decent Illustrator alternative, it will open an AI extension file and will even let you edit it.

Gravit Designer. This software is another excellent Illustrator alternative supporting file type AI. Its vector resource library boasts a number of shapes, illustrations, icons and emoticons that may be combined in any desired way. The results are exported in JPG, SVG or PNG formats.

Free Software to Open an AI File

Inkscape. This feature-packed program is often called a powerful free Illustrator alternative. It is also used for viewing AI files and for web design purposes – creating icons, cover images for social networks, channel designs, and graphic interface for mobile applications.

GIMP. This well-known program is also capable of opening an AI file. It is especially useful for the cases when you have to paste an AI file into a big artwork without making any further changes. I should mention that pasting an AI file in GIMP, you will get it automatically converted into a PSD format.

Vectr. This Illustrator alternative has been released recently and is still being improved. It can import a number of file formats, extension AI included. Vectr lets users produce logos, banners for social media, create user interface design, add watermarks and more.

Open an AI File Online

Boxy SVG. This online service includes more than 100 commands that make up customizable keyboard shortcuts. While using one-key shortcuts, you may easily switch between different panels and tools. Boxy SVG is a decent Illustrator web alternative and a great way to open AI files online.

Vecteezy. This website may serve as a great AI file viewer online, so you don’t need to install any programs. It is possible to import an AI file or select one of the AI files straight on the website. Vecteezy offers a vast selection of graphic elements and patterns.

How to Convert AI Files?

In case you need to turn an AI file into a file of a different format, for instance, PNG, EPS or SVG, use one of the following format converters.

AiViewer. This service lets you convert AI files in two simple steps. Firstly, upload the file to the website. After that, convert it into the desired format – JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP or TIFF.

Zamzar. This online service provides another effective way to convert an AI file into JPEG, PDF, PNG and other widespread graphic formats.

Convertio. This website is often used as an AI file converter online, with a variety of formats supported.

AI File: FAQ

I would not be surprised if you had any additional questions about AI files and its operating. Here are some frequently asked questions that touch AI files and that may come up to your mind. Check them out and find more useful information.

1. How to open AI file?

You may view and open an AI file format in Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Sketch, Gravit Designer, Inkscape and other Adobe apps.

2. Are AI and PDF formats similar?

The only similarity between AI and PDF is that they are both vector graphics formats. They use different file formats to preserve information. But AI format is capable of saving a PDF version of the info inside itself, in case the “PDF Compatibility” feature is activated.

3. Are there any AI analogs?

Some file formats are slightly similar to an AI one but they aren’t the same. These are JPEG, PNG and SVG formats.

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