Adobe Creative Cloud Free Trial

Adobe Creative Cloud Free Trial

Want to know where to download Adobe Creative Cloud free trial and get 30–60 percent discounts? In fact, it is quite simple and you can use all Adobe Creative Cloud services free for seven days. If you have never used Photoshop and Lightroom and want to test them before paying $52.99 per month, view more about Adobe Creative Cloud trial.

What Is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud All Apps is an excellent option for professional photographers, photo retouchers, designers, and digital artists who will need the entire Adobe software package. The advantage of this plan is that you get access to all programs and a complete collection of applications for PC and mobile devices for $52.99 per month. It’s a complete collection of over 20 creative applications including Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC and Adobe CC XD. Moreover, you get up to 10TB in cloud storage where you can store your photographs and designs.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a subscription-based pack of apps from Adobe Systems that provides users with access to their full collection of programs for graphic design, photo and video editing, web development, and access to cloud services. People can use their favorite programs including Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and others.

How to Get a Creative Cloud FREE Trial

Here are several ways to get all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps for free, with a special offer or using a planned subscription.

Adobe Creative Cloud FREE Trial

Download the Adobe Creative Cloud and use the 7-day trial for free (view more)


65% Discount for Students

Use Adobe Creative Cloud with a 65% discount if you are a student or teacher (view more)


Adobe Creative Cloud Special Offer

Exclusive offers from Adobe partners with discount on Adobe Creative Cloud services (view more)


Many users are confused with the cost of Adobe’s subscription, which today is $52.99 per month. Well, if you are one of those who hesitate about upgrading to Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps, I have good news for you. You can get Adobe trials and use all the apps absolutely free for seven days.

If you don’t need all Adobe products, you may download a Lightroom trial or Photoshop trial to test these photo editing softwares free for several days before subscribing.

To get the Adobe Creative Cloud free trial, follow these steps.

STEP 1. Visit the official Adobe website.
STEP 2. Sign in or create an Adobe account.
STEP 3. Go to the “Creative & Design” section and select “View all products.”
STEP 4. Find and download Creative Cloud.
STEP 5. After the file is uploaded, open it.
STEP 6. Sign in using your Adobe ID in the new window.
STEP 7. Answer some questions and go to the main menu.
STEP 8. Next, Adobe Creative Cloud will start downloading all the applications that are included in the plan.
STEP 9. The Adobe Creative Cloud free trial will start after you open any available program.

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How to Cancel Adobe Trials

If for some reason you need to cancel your subscription, you can do it easily by following these steps:

STEP 1. Sign in to your Adobe account using your Adobe ID.
STEP 2. Go to your account, and in the “Plans” section, click “Manage the plan.” If the Manage Plan window is not displayed, contact customer support to cancel the subscription.
STEP 3. In the Schedule and Payments section, select “Cancel Plan.”
STEP 4. Specify the reason why you want to cancel the subscription and click “Continue.”
STEP 5. Within a few hours, Adobe will review your application and send a message by e-mail with instructions to follow.

How to Renew the Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps Subscription

Your Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps free trial is active since the first time starting up and for seven days. If you decide to buy this product when that free trial ends, you need to follow these steps:

adobe creative cloud plans & pricing

STEP 1. Go to the official Adobe website and sign in to your account.
STEP 2. In the account, find your chosen plan and click “buy.”
STEP 3. Sign in again, and fill in your personal information.
STEP 4. Select a payment method (monthly/annual) and confirm the purchase.
STEP 5. Go to your e-mail and wait for a letter from Adobe, then follow the instructions written in it.


Despite the fact that the number of illegally downloaded Adobe softwares has reduced, pirate versions of Adobe programs are still very popular. Adobe strongly recommends not to use pirate software, because there are a number of serious dangers that can become your reality if you use hacked versions of these programs.

If you don’t want to download photo editing softwares with lags and viruses, read more about how to download Photoshop free, Photoshop Elements free or how to get Lightroom for free in several LEGAL ways.

1. It Is Illegal

Software piracy is spreading at a tremendous speed, as many internet users are interested in pirating Photoshop or Lightroom programs and are tempted to use illegal software packages. This problem is so serious that SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was created to counteract it. Respect the copyrights of other people; otherwise, the law will force you to respect them. The penalty for using pirate software starts at $1,500. So, it is more rational to get a Creative Cloud free trial and then buy the pack at a reasonable cost.

2. Forget about Customer Support

At first, it may seem that by using a pirate version you will save lots of money. But just remember that no one will fix the errors that arise while working with such software. This is very unreliable, especially for photographers for whom Lightroom is one of their ways of making money.

3. No Updates

One of the main advantages of the original versions of the product is instant access to the latest updates. The manufacturer can fix some errors and add additional functions, and all this will automatically come to your product version. With a pirate copy, you will be deprived of the latest updates, and any attempts to join the official system can lead to big fines.

4. Computer Lags

Many people are happy to use pirated software because they can save money. But most often it happens that packages with pirated copies also contain files with viruses, adware and other malicious software that can make changes to your account, block access to the internet, control your browser or, worst of all, harm your computer on a deeper level. If you face anything like this, you will need to contact a specialist for help and pay for the repair.

Adobe Creative Cloud Discounts

In addition to Adobe Creative Cloud free trial, the company offers other pleasant bonuses for permanent users. If you work or study at any official educational establishment, you have some privileges. You can save up to 65 percent of the total cost of the selected subscription. You need to fill out the form on the Adobe official website and provide information about the place of study or work. Then the information will be sent for verification, and in a day you will receive a letter to your e-mail.

How to Get a Discount if You Are a Student or Teacher

To receive the student discount, you must be at least 13 years old, and you must register at one of the following places: 

  • University or college. It must be an accredited public or private university, or a college (including a public, junior or vocational college) that provides degrees requiring at least two years of full-time study.
  • Primary or secondary school. You must be a student or teacher at the accredited full-time public or private elementary school or high school.
  • Homeschool – regulated by state homeschooling rules.

If you are 13 or older and are a student or teacher at one of the above-listed establishments, you need to fill out an application in the following way:

STEP 1. Visit the official Adobe website.
STEP 2. Sign in or create an account.
STEP 3. Go to the “Creative and Design” section and select “Students and Teachers.”
STEP 4. Check the contents of the available Adobe plans and click "Buy Now."

discount adobe creative cloud

STEP 5. Fill out the form. You must specify the name of your place of work or study, whether you’re a student, teacher or administrator. Then you must provide a student document or another proof.
STEP 6. Confirm the application and wait for the letter to your email address. Then follow the links or instructions that will be specified in the message.

Other Discounts on Adobe Plans

If you are not a student, teacher, or school employee, do not get upset, as you can reduce the cost of any Adobe plan in other ways. The thing is that Adobe has some interesting offers, promotions and generous discounts once a month.

adobe creative cloud plans other discount

If you often visit the official site, you may notice an interesting offer, such as one advertised during the New Year holidays. In this case a Photography Plan, which usually costs $19.99, can be purchased with a generous discount, for $14.99. However, you should remember that the offer is limited and allows you to save money only once, and then you will be automatically transferred to a regular payment with a fixed price.


If you have any questions or problems with the installation, do not rush to leave and look for information on the Adobe site. Below, I’ve provided answers to a few common questions that can help you with your Adobe free trial experience.

What Do I Do if the Creative Cloud Does Not Provide a Free Trial?

If you followed the instructions correctly, but the Adobe Creative Cloud Free Trial does not work properly or does not provide a trial version at all, try deleting it from the computer and downloading it again.


Where Can I Find Information About New Functions in Creative Cloud?

To learn about new features of the latest version of each CC desktop application, visit each product’s page on

Is It Obligatory to Use Cloud Storage?

No, you can save your files anywhere – on your local hard drive, connected drives, flash drives, etc.

Free Photo Editing Plugins for Photoshop & Lightroom 

If you use Photoshop or Lightroom, you’ve probably heard about presets, actions, overlays, and brushes. Check out these five free photo editing freebies you can use for your photo editing purposes.

1. FREE Photoshop Fog Brush 

If you’ve been in the mountains, you should remember this light fog and this dramatic mood. Regardless of whether you were there or not, you have a chance to reproduce this atmosphere with these Photoshop fog brushes for free. This will help you add a soft mist, as well as create a sense of the height of the mountain. As you’ve probably understood, the ideal photos for this brush would be those taken in the mountains, but you can also use nature shots.

2. FREE Preset Lightroom for Portrait "Contrast"

After using this kind of free portrait preset, your shot gets warm colors and low contrast. It is the best Lightroom preset for outdoor portraits and studio headshots. This is a nice variant for wedding and newborn images too. All photos become more delicate and pop.

3. FREE Photoshop Action "Winter"

Do you want to add tiny falling snowflakes to your holiday pictures? This action will do just great. The snowflakes are evenly distributed across the entire frame and serve as a beautiful winter background. May be used for portraits, but it looks especially awesome on pictures of children.

4. Free Photoshop Overlay “Natural Bokeh”

Add some golden highlights to dull, dark or overexposed images. This light bokeh overlay will instantly change the mood of your photo, making it brighter and more colorful.

5. FREE Sun Splash Photoshop Overlay "Golden Hour"

The Golden Hour is one of the most attractive times of the day for photoshoots, but, unfortunately, the camera does not always capture it correctly. Use this free sun flash overlay for Photoshop, and you can get a beautiful image with warm orange hues.

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