Photoshop Student Discount 2023

By Ann Young 17 days ago, Photo Editing Tips

Do you need Photoshop for studying or teaching at university? Then pay attention to a special offer from Adobe. The company gives a profitable Photoshop Student Discount with 60% off, which you can easily obtain following all my instructions below.

This student discount is a special offer for Adobe programs. It is available only for genuine participants in the educational process. That is, you will be able to get a discount only if you have documents that confirm your status as a teacher or student in one of the accredited educational institutions.

photoshop student discount photoshop student discount

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An alternative may be a valid email with the university’s domain. Registration from such an email will also be sufficient evidence. You can take a closer at other criteria by following the link and clicking "Confirmation of membership in an educational institution."

How to Get a Photoshop Student Discount?

I recommend the learning Education FAQ on the company’s website before applying for the discount. Follow these steps to obtain the Photoshop Student Discount and take advantage of the available Adobe Creative Cloud deals, granting you access to a range of powerful software for your creative pursuits at a reduced cost.

STEP 1. Begin with registration on the Adobe website and press “Enter” in the top right corner.

adobe website registration

STEP 2. Go to one of the following links depending on the educational establishment you study or work at. Next, you will be taken to a section of links that provide discounts for these establishments.

photoshop student discount

STEP 3. Click on the blue “Buy now” button and you will be taken to the purchase menu where you need to enter your payment details. At the moment, Creative Cloud Student Discount is valid only for the purchase of all programs at once. The cost is $52.99/month without a discount and $19.99/month if you have a discount.

creative cloud student discount

STEP 4. Then you will need to specify your educational data. Include only actual information, as it will be transferred to the SheerID database.

STEP 5. You need to send a document that confirms your status as a student or a teacher:

  • Unexpired student or teacher school IS
  • Acceptance letter or employment offer
  • Class schedule
  • Transcript

This document must include:

  • Your full name
  • Issue date
  • Full name of your school
  • Current term (students only)

Any documents dated within the last six months are considered relevant for these purposes. All checks are online, so it takes only 1-2 days. At the same time, you can easily download and install your products as full-featured free trial versions to get started right away, begin learning using free tutorials, etc.

Recently, Adobe has added an even simpler option. Now, if you have just entered the email address given by the school while purchasing (for example, ending in ".edu" or ".k12"), then your institutional participation will be instantly confirmed. As a result, you automatically get the Photoshop Student Discount.

What Programs Does This Offer Cover?

Adobe offers a 60% discount on all released software. There are many excellent programs to create and process photos, videos, audio, animation and even website design. Here are just the most popular ones:

  • Photoshop is the most famous image editing package.
  • Lightroom is an indispensable assistant for the photographer, working with digital images.
  • Illustrator is a powerful editor for vector graphics and illustrations.
  • Premiere Pro is for video editing.
  • After Effects is professional visual effects for video.
  • Acrobat Pro is a powerful piece of software for creating and editing PDF documents.
  • Audition is a software package for recording, editing and mixing audio tracks.

Today, every Adobe product has strong community support, including professional training materials and assistance with work difficulties. Also, all owners of licensed versions of the programs have access to the Adobe Creative Cloud service, which allows not only for saving projects in the cloud and sharing them directly on the web, but also to involve the whole team in the work on one task.

Adobe Photoshop Pricing

Photography Plan

  • Lightroom CC + Photoshop CC + 20GB of Cloud storage
  • $9.99/month

Photoshop CC Plan

  • Photoshop CC + 100GB of Cloud storage
  • $20.99/month

All Apps Plan

  • All Adobe apps + 100 GB of Adobe Portfolio, Adobe Fonts and Adobe Spark with Premium + 20 TB of Cloud storage
  • $52.99/month

All Apps + Adobe Stock Plan

  • All Adobe apps + 10 free/month Adobe Stock images
  • $82.98/month

You won’t be able to enjoy the Adobe Student Discount after graduation, so be prepared to pay full price. Luckily, the developers have expanded the number of users after the transition to the subscription system. Now you can get Photoshop and Lightroom for $9.99/month. It is great, especially as the price of Photoshop CS6 was $399.

How to Use the Program for Free?

If you still want to save money but aren’t a student, you can use Photoshop for free for some time. Downloading Adobe software from torrents will not be the best idea. The files may contain viruses, and updates with the latest features will not be available to you. Moreover, there is a serious fine for using illegal softwares.

1. Online Photoshop Editor

Online Photoshop version
  • Free
  • Supports actions
  • All Photoshop tools right in a browser
  • No offline version

Verdict: If you are new to photo editing in Photoshop or you just need to use the program without installing it on your computer, then this version is right for you. The FixThePhoto website has a built-in image editor that is very similar to Photoshop but available for free. You can use it without registration right in a browser. All you need is a stable Internet connection.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Pocket Photoshop version
  • Works on Android, iOS and Windows portable devices
  • Many automatic functions
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Few tools for advanced users
  • Frequent lags

Verdict: People often look for ways to save on Photoshop, not knowing about the existence of Photoshop Express. Actually, it is a simplified version of a popular image editor and it is absolutely free. The program has a simple interface and does not require special skills, so it will interest beginners in the areas of graphic design and photography. Besides, it will work smoothly no matter whether you use an old computer or the best digital notebook.

The platform is free, which is especially important for individuals, students, beginners, start-up specialists and small companies. It contains only the main tools for Photoshop CC. If that’s not enough, you may check out some free Photoshop alternatives that are similar to Photoshop in some aspects.

3. Adobe Photoshop Trial

Full Photoshop version for free
  • All Photoshop tools
  • You can test the program for free
  • Full version without restrictions
  • You can use it for 7 days only

Verdict: Adobe Photoshop free trial is a great option for people who need the complete functions of an image editor for a short time or who have not yet decided how much they want it.

During the trial, users have access to all the features and functionalities of the software, providing a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.

The trial period also offers an opportunity to evaluate the software's compatibility with one's computer system and performance requirements. Users can assess whether Photoshop runs smoothly and meets their expectations in terms of speed and efficiency.

Additionally, the trial allows users to test Photoshop's integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications. It enables them to assess the benefits of using Photoshop in conjunction with software like Illustrator or Lightroom, creating a seamless workflow for their creative projects.

You will have seven days to understand exactly how much you need all the features and the capabilities of Photoshop and decide whether you are eager to purchase it or can simply use Photoshop Express.

Photo Editing Freebies for Students

Students are crazy about saving some money, moreso than other people. I want to share some useful freebies for Photoshop, such as free Photoshop filters, Photoshop actions, brushes, overlays, and free Photoshop plugins with you.

1. Free Ps Action “Teeth Whitening”

عمل فوتوشوب مجاني عمل فوتوشوب مجاني

Teeth whitening is one of the most frequent actions that you will do in Adobe Creative Suite applications. Thanks to a special action from our retouchers, you can save a lot of time instead of searching for tutorials and studying them. If you want to do it on your own, read more about how to whiten teeth in Photoshop in several easy steps.

2. Free Ps Action “Bright Eyes”

عمل فوتوشوب مجاني عمل فوتوشوب مجاني

Do you want to get bright eyes in portraits? Then pay attention to this action which is no less popular than the previous one. Forget about dim pupils of the eyes as the following action will fix your problem in a second. See more to learn how to change eye color in Photoshop naturally.

3. Free Ps Brush “Snow”

فرش فوتوشوب مجانية فرش فوتوشوب مجانية

Even the most successful winter photo will look awful without one crucial element – snow. Of course, you can be lucky, and it may start snowing during a photo shoot. The main thing is that it should not be obstructive and as magical as in professional photographs.

In order to avoid checking the weather forecast constantly, you can simply add snow with our free brush. If you’ve never used brushes, see more to learn how to install Photoshop brushes easily and quickly.

4. Free Ps Brush “Cloud”

فرش فوتوشوب مجانية فرش فوتوشوب مجانية

The situation with clouds is about the same as with snow. If you are lucky, there will be many beautiful clouds or the sky will be completely empty. Perhaps it is good for some photo shoots, and for some, it will be a hindrance. In order not to peer into the sky in the hope of getting some clouds – just draw them!

5. Free Ps Overlay “Bokeh”

تراكب فوتوشوب مجاني تراكب فوتوشوب مجاني

Do you want to get a natural and really beautiful bokeh in the photo? Then you must have a good high-aperture lens, as well as a large number of lights.

If you do not have the opportunity to do this or want to add something to a finished photo, the free Bokeh overlay from FixThePhoto is what you need. Check out how to use overlays in Photoshop easily if you’re a Photoshop beginner.

6. Free Ps Overlay “Rain”

تراكب فوتوشوب مجاني تراكب فوتوشوب مجاني

Photo sessions in the rain have a special charm and romance. However, you should be well-prepared for such a situation. But even if you are not able to capture drops as you like, use the overlay and just draw them!

Photoshop Lessons

It's no secret that Photoshop is one of the most powerful programs for image retouching. However, it is also one of the most complicated piece of photo editing software, so you will need some lessons to master it.

Previously, you had to buy expensive videos or read confusing text tutorials in order to learn something. Now there are great free Photoshop tutorials, video lessons on YouTube, thanks to which you can get an answer to any question about Adobe Photoshop.


Scott is a professional photographer, award-winning author and the CEO of KelbyOne, an online educational community for photographers, Photoshop and Lightroom users. You may follow his courses about Photoshop tricks for Beginners or Learn Photoshop in One Hour.


This is one of the most popular channels teaching the art of photo retouching. Here you will find hundreds of short and simple lessons on any topic related to Photoshop.

Photoshop Tutorial

The name of this channel immediately introduces its specialization. It differs from the others because of the method of presenting information. There is no audio in the lessons, and all actions are commented on with subtitles. Some users find it convenient, while others like a lot. Anyway, the channel deserves to be on the list of the best channels for learning Adobe Photoshop CC.


This guy makes great lessons on photo manipulation, image retouching and color correction. Moreover, he has an interesting blog where he gives tips and points out the most common mistakes made by newbies.


  • • How long does the Photoshop student discount last, and what happens after the student's academic status changes or they graduate?

The duration of Photoshop student discount typically lasts for a year, renewable annually. After the student's academic status changes or they graduate, they may no longer qualify for the student discount and would need to transition to a regular pricing plan or explore other available options provided by Adobe.

  • • Apart from Photoshop, what other Adobe Creative Cloud applications are typically included in the student discount package?

Some common applications that are typically included are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Lightroom.

  • • Can international students also avail themselves of the Photoshop student discount?

Adobe's student discount programs are often available to students worldwide, but it is advisable to check the specific eligibility requirements and availability in the student's country or region.