Qubed Digital Branding & Web Design Agency Review 2024: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 10 days ago, Apps and Software

Qubed Agency

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Verdict: Qubed Agency is a branding and web design company that offers all kinds of web services for photographers, artists, small business owners, and large enterprises. I like that the agency is ready to work with various industries, whether it’s mechanical engineering, the food sector, business card printing, or technology.

The company’s approach to working with clients is also impressive, as they employ a small creative team capable of providing unique, personalized solutions while constantly cooperating with the client and providing ongoing support. The powerful and creative technologies used by Qubed allow clients to conveniently manage their business online.

  • Broad service selection
  • Logo & Branding for photographers
  • Professional web design services
  • Customized branding and graphics for any industry
  • Unique art and illustrations
  • Personalized solutions for each client
  • No dedicated pricelist
qubed agency interface

Qubed Agency is one of the top web design companies that specialize in web, logo, and graphic design, branding, crowdfunding, etc. The agency will not only satisfy all of their client's needs by providing quality design services quickly and professionally but will also offer a tight cooperation process to ensure all their dreams come to life.

Complete Qubed Agency Review

qubed agency logo

Qubed Agency has spent the last 9 years creating beautiful and captivating digital designs for brands and enterprises of all sizes. The company specializes in producing top-tier, UX-oriented websites, crowdfunding, and digital experiences while providing a unique combination of skill, creative strategies, and cutting-edge technologies.

Besides, it provides logo design services for companies that want to develop their brand image and improve their brand visibility across popular online media platforms.

Their employees use professional web design software and apply the newest problem-solving methods technology can offer. They are very attentive to the individual needs and characteristics of each client. The team solves all project tasks by relying on its creativity, knowledge, and experience, helping you easily manage your business, attract new clients and ensure they become regulars.

Professional Web Design and Website Development for Photographers

qubed agency web design process

Qubed's design team will create a beautiful, responsive online experience for your product or service that will be able to compete with the best websites out there. Proper website design has a huge impact on your business. The website’s visual appeal can also make or break your venture since clients love to use sites that both look good and are convenient to use.

The agency can create any kind of site, regardless of whether it serves a corporate or eCommerce purpose, with a creative design, convenient functionality, and fast page loading times. The company's developers use the best website builders for photographers to receive a high-quality result. Additionally, the agency develops a personalized strategy to produce a website that targets a specific audience since such an approach opens up more opportunities for your business.

Qubed provides first-class professional web design services and utilizes its wealth of experience to create a successful, beautiful, convenient, and modern website for any industry.

Individual Strategy for Corporate Branding

qubed agency digital branding

Qubed Agency relies on a personalized approach when creating digital branding strategies. Since your brand represents your identity, uniqueness, and main values, it’s important to showcase all your strengths to new clients. Digital branding helps create a link between the consumers and the products or services you offer.

The company will help increase awareness and improve your image by using its branding-related knowledge and expertise. They can also help improve your business reputation among clients.

The creative branding provided by this agency encompasses identity design, content strategies, copywriting, and client relations, and, along with the actual quality of your product, helps create your own brand. As a result of the services provided by the Qubed branding agency, your company will be presented as a popular brand that stands out from the competition.

Quick Creative Logo Design

qubed agency interface logo design

Qubed Agency provides professional logo design services. They create high-quality, unique, personalized logo designs that will represent your company and shape the image of your business for an affordable price. The company’s designers can quickly and easily create a logo for your business that fully matches your style.

Designing a logo is very important since it represents the core of your branding identity. It has to express the essence of your business and leave a lasting impression. This agency will help produce the needed design by using professional logo makers.

The company will do everything needed to ensure your business looks appealing by providing a professionally-designed personalized logo that was created by world-class designers who have created thousands of unique designs over the years.

Unique Graphic Design Creation

qubed agency print and graphic design services

Qubed Agency tightly cooperates with its clients to ensure the developed marketing materials, print and digital media, and other assets truly reflect their brand. The delivered graphic designs are primarily based on the creative use of words, images, ideas, and solutions. That’s why the designers first discuss what kind of services you need and how you want to see your product represented before they start implementing your ideas.

To ensure the result is up to your standards, Qubed’s employees begin by researching all relevant aspects of the project. Next, they use graphic design software to create personalized business cards, presentation materials, menu designs, journals, banners, labels, and even photography shirts. The company uses the best flyers software and professional brochure makers to provide cool brochure and flyer designs.

I like the professionalism that is constantly demonstrated by the company’s employees. Regardless of how small or large your project is, their designers won’t stop until you’re fully satisfied with the result and all your graphic design ideas are brought to life.

Effective Crowdfunding Design Services

qubed agency crowdfunding

Qubed is a full-cycle agency that specializes in crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. They are a part of Indiegogo’s Expert Directory and have received hundreds of recommendations from campaigners and staff. This company helps entrepreneurs by providing services related to developing crowdfunding campaigns and designing presale pages for projects that require financial support.

Their team of graphic designers, 3D designers, and copywriters will ensure your crowdfunding efforts pay off by infusing your project with their creative insights and experience. They'll make use of your individual style to ensure you stand out from the crowd while focusing on understanding your crowdfunding needs and providing first-class technological solutions while not forgetting about your target audience and the current market situation.

They have a lot of experience in creating beautiful and captivating digital experiences for brands and enterprises of all sizes. Qubed Agency helps clients design crowdfunding pages, presale target pages, digital ads, lifestyle product photography, etc.

Creative Images Collection: Lifestyle and Product

qubed agency lifestyle and product photography

Quality photography is essential if you want to present your product or service properly. Even though nowadays, photos taken with smartphones are becoming increasingly more popular, the perspective and imagination provided by a professional are still incredibly important and require years of experience. That’s why this agency is ready to help you by producing amazing photos of hotels, interiors, catering venues, real-estate listings, food products, and all kinds of other services.

Professional photography also helps convey the authenticity and spirit of your product or service. Qubed’s services include everything related to commercial and product photography, regardless of whether you need to present your entire enterprise, manufacturing process, business portrait, or a finished product.

Impressive Portfolio and Case Study

qubed agency works

Having over 9 years of experience in web, graphic, and crowdfunding design, this agency has developed hundreds of successful website designs. Crowdfunding projects that the company has completed for their clients have amassed over $10 million combined.

Their portfolio is very expansive and features examples of their work that can get you inspired and provide a better idea of Qubed’s services. You can either check out the “All” section or pick a specific service you’re interested in like Indiegogo, Logo & Identity, Print, Web design, etc.

You can also acquaint yourself with an interesting case study that explores how rebranding helped revitalize a health discovery business and what methods the agency used for creating cool designs.

Blog with Useful and Valuable Tips

qubed agency tips

The Qubed branding agency website has a blog that features articles containing valuable graphic and web design tips as well as crowdfunding recommendations. You’ll learn about the best marketing strategies for reaching your target audience, the main goals of rebranding, and advanced branding techniques.

You’ll also find valuable guides on “How to Make Your Website Interactive for Users” and “How to Strengthen Your Brand”. You’ll learn about the best UI design software, modern graphic design trends, fastest WordPress photography themes and much more.

Qubed Agency Prices

You can easily contact Qubed Agency to make use of their graphic and web design, redesign and rebranding, logo, or brand creation services. The website doesn’t have a price list since the company uses a personalized approach, meaning the price depends on the type and number of ordered services. If you want to receive a price quote, you merely need to contact one of the agency’s representatives.

To do so, you can make a call, send an email, or fill out a website form, and Qubed’s employees will contact you back in the shortest timeframe possible.

You can also make use of the Website Questionnaire, a more advanced form type, that requires you to not just provide your name, email, phone number, and company name, but also give more information about your business (size, new or established, website, location, etc.). You’ll also have to specify your needs and required services, approximate budget, and so on.

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