7 Best Explainer Video Software in 2023

The best explainer video software is a great option for any company that needs to create a clip with nice visuals. Since modern agencies charge a high cost for explainer videos, dedicated video software is a great alternative for startups and small businesses.

Top 7 Explainer Video Software

  1. Vyond - 1000+ modern icons available
  2. InVideo - With great templates
  3. Wideo - With modern interface
  4. WideoWave Video - 200+ million stock videos
  5. Rawshorts - Online application
  6. Animaker - One of the cheaper solutions
  7. Moovly - With generous export limit

Such programs are easy-to-use. It will not be difficult for you to create a video even without prior experience. You only need to learn the basics to create professional-level videos. Such programs help you create high-quality content, convey your thoughts, improve user experience and turn them into loyal customers.

All these explainer video software will help you produce awesome videos for your ad campaigns.

1. Vyond - Our Choice

1000+ modern icons available
  • Range of different styles
  • Timeline controls
  • Timing and animation control
  • Not too many voices

Verdict: Vyond is the best video website creation and hosting program that will make it easier for you in making your own video webpages. This unique program is the first of its kind. In order to get the program, you can either download it from their official website or get it for free through many different sites online.

One thing that makes Vyond so special is its "quick launch" system. You don't have to wait for any long load times in order to watch your videos. All you need to do is launch the program, point it to your computer's memory and then be ready to go. There are also an easy drag and drop feature which will allow you to conveniently change how your video looks as well as how it will be presented. This free promo video maker is handy for webmasters and editors.

vyond interface

2. InVideo

With great templates
  • Reasonably priced paid plans
  • Thousands of well produced tracks
  • Runs smoothly
  • The library has vast resources
  • Cannot switch between templates

Verdict: InVideo Explainer is a video presentation software that uses a combination of graphics and text to offer users information about a video. The most important thing to remember about this software is that it works great with both Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition, InVideo provides a wide variety of video backgrounds for use in your videos.

You can choose from a wide selection of licensed artwork and photographs, which include such icons as a cow, a giraffe, a fish, a plane, a tank, and much more. In addition, the software has a number of different templates that you can freely choose from. Once you have made your selected video, you will be able to upload it onto the internet for others to view for a reasonable price.

invideo interface

3. Wideo

With modern interface
  • UI is very easy to navigate
  • Decent selection of icons and images
  • Value for money
  • Has some bugs

Verdict: Free video editing software may have come a long way from the standard three-track tape format but Wideo has made things a lot simpler for the home video enthusiast. This product allows the user to import their favorite videos and then allows them to make alterations, transitions and even add text to the video.

Plus with Wideo you can also edit footage on a timeline and add text and audio as well. The best part about this software is that it's completely free.

wideo explainers video software interface

4. Wave Video

200+ million stock videos
  • A rich library of stock videos and audio
  • You can customize your templates
  • Automatic subtitles
  • It is possible to create dynamic videos
  • No 4K video support

Verdict: Wave Video makes it easy to create and edit videos using stock recordings, images and audio clips. You can customize templates, style your videos, and add captions in a quick way.

Advanced features include automatic subtitles, built-in voiceover for recording podcasts, more than 20 different transitions for creating dynamic videos, layouts (picture in picture), automatic resizing for 30+ video formats, and video hosting.

wave video explainer video software interface

5. Rawshorts

Online application
  • Drag and drop user interface
  • Great selection of stock footage
  • Affordable prices
  • Editor is pretty slow to load

Verdict: Rawshorts is the best way to explain the new type of shorts that have become extremely popular. There are a lot of advantages that you will enjoy by using this type of product. First of all, it allows you to get your message across in a very entertaining way that your audience will not be able to stop and rewind.

Another thing that the people find exciting about the short films or videos is that they come in a variety of different styles and lengths. If you are in need of a product that will help you to understand the way in which these shorts work then the best explainer video software is going to be perfect for you.

rawshorts explainers video software interface

6. Animaker

One of the cheaper solutions
  • Learn by doing tutorial
  • Easy to use interface
  • Offers the largest stock media libraries
  • They could add a few more templates

Verdict: Animaker is one of the best and most innovative products that a person can get for their business. This video software is what is known as a multi-media creation tool. With the use of this particular software, one can be able to convert any sort of file to any other format such as an audio or a video.

One of the best things about this product is the fact that it is easy enough to use by anyone, no matter how advanced or simple their system is. Anyone who has a good enough computer system should find it easy to use this software.

animaker explainers video software interface

7. Moovly

With generous export limit
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: Moovly provides you with everything you need to create, develop, and stream professional videos. The first thing you will notice is that it has all of the necessary features to create the perfect video for your needs. First, the Moovly explainer video software has all of the necessary file formats that you would need to convert files to be used in creating your video.

It also provides you with the right interface to help you design your video and track the progress of your video while it is being created. There are a few different video editing features that Moovly gives you that are very useful. This includes a timeline to see how your video is progressing, a time line, and an insert picture feature that allow you to plug in a picture from your computer or an image from a picture file.

moovly explainers video software interface