5 Best Music Apps For Kids in 2022

Try using the best music app for kids to help your children learn how to play musical instruments. Playing music and even just singing or listening to songs helps children develop faster.

Top 5 Music Apps For Kids

  1. Melody Jams - Interactive music-making game
  2. Crayola DJ - DJ game
  3. Kapu Bloom Tunes - For paint with music
  4. Loopimal - Plug-and-play music maker
  5. Keezy - Musical instrument sampler app

It is important to teach children to listen to music every day so that music becomes an integral part of their life in the future. Music lessons have a positive effect on children’s skills by helping them learn how to concentrate, increasing their self-esteem, and promoting self-expression. Children acquire problem-solving skills, which contributes to their personal growth. On this list, you can find the best music app for kids that will suit children of all ages.

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, read this article to find the best music apps for kids.

1. Melody Jams - Our Choice

Interactive music-making game
  • Adorably-drawn monster characters
  • Different instrument skills feature
  • Makes animate band
  • Only paid version

Verdict: Melody Jams is not just about learning to play an instrument, but it is more of a way of introducing the child to the different sounds and tunes from around the world. It also helps the child understand different types of voices and the rhythm of music. As a matter of fact, this app would be able to combine the learning of music with the enjoyment of singing along with other kids in the comfort of their own houses.

This app provides the best lessons for kids on how to play instruments and sing along with the jingles, songs and rhythms that can truly make your kids feel special and learn how to appreciate the beautiful things around them. This is actually the perfect way to collect the tunes, so Melody Jams can be used as music management software.

melody jams interface

2. Crayola DJ

DJ game
  • Beautiful interface
  • Good quality graphics and sound
  • Endless gameplay
  • Difficult to add track with phone

Verdict: Crayola DJ is one of the many types of apps that are available through the Google Play Store. This particular application is great for parents because it lets them know exactly what type of music their kids like to listen to.

It gives them a chance to also let their kids know what type of songs they do not like, which is something that just about all parents want to do. For parents who are planning on taking Crayola DJ on their smartphones or tablets, here is how they can get started.

crayola dj interface

3. Kapu Bloom Tunes

For paint with music
  • Creative features specifically for toddlers
  • Finger-painting app
  • Funny tickling plants
  • No recording or sharing options

Verdict: Kapu Bloom Tunes is a fresh and innovative musical entertainment experience that has been developed to cater the needs and requests of the keen children users. In this app you can find so many instruments to choose from such as Kappu Wood, Mokumi Micro Bit, Lela Lazer Micro Bit, Bula, Drayano, Samba Fever, and many more.

It also features a total of 6 themes for you to select the instruments for your child. You can have the app tune up your karaoke songs or it can also create dance beats that can add some fun to your kid's next party. With the addition of these fantastic sound effects, your kids can surely enjoy their music even more.

kapu bloom tunes music apps for kids interface

4. Loopimal

Plug-and-play music maker
  • Digital building app
  • Simple interface
  • Groovy beats
  • Kids can't save creations

Verdict: Loopimal is a simple and unique educational and open source music software which will help children develop their musical skills in an entertaining manner. The unique feature of the music app is that it provides instruments, sounds, and musical beats making use of an intuitive interface.

As you start using the various instruments with this program, your children will be able to understand and execute simple music pieces. They can also create their own instrument personalized by adding and modifying sounds using a MIDI file.

loopimal music apps for kids interface

5. Keezy

Musical instrument sampler app
  • A colorful soundboard
  • Play with music
  • Additional sounds can be recorded
  • No free trial

Verdict: Keezy gives kids real world sounds to use while they learn how to play the guitar or any other instrument. The best part about this particular free instrument app is that it allows kids to expand its catalog by purchasing actual instruments and sound effects in the future. This makes this particular app for kids a great option because kids can expand its music library as they get older.

One of the best features of this wonderful free instrument sampler app is the fact that it lets children make demos on their own. They can make music and then look at what they did to see how well they learned. They can also make music and listen to it again to make sure they are doing it right. Also, this app is used as music transcription software.

keezy music apps for kids interface