8 Best Loyalty Program Software in 2021

The best loyalty program software allows you to gather client information to streamline the process of personalizing rewards, benefits, and incentives that they will receive for their purchases. You can also automatically send out the rewards as soon as they were earned, and make other events to trigger once the customer meets specific conditions.

A loyalty program is also highly beneficial if you want to boost client retention and the overall number of sales.

Top 8 Loyalty Program Software

  1. Open Loyalty - Full loyalty program control
  2. Fivestars - Comprehensive, integrative CRM
  3. Kangaroo - Multiple ID support
  4. Goody - Synergy integrations
  5. Yotpo - Integrations with WooCommerce
  6. Tapmango - Assists stores and restaurants
  7. Belly - Simplicity of deployment
  8. Referrizer - Integrates with third-party apps

When choosing software, I’ve mainly considered the provided reward settings. A well-designed loyalty program should offer your clients a broad range of participation.

Regardless if a customer prefers to enter their account via smartphone, PC, or in-store, the software has to support that choice. If you want to ensure your enterprise reaps the full benefits of a loyalty program, you need to provide it access to the all details of your clients' purchasing behavior.

1. Open Loyalty - Our Choice

Full loyalty program control
  • Unique customizations
  • Full control over the data stored
  • Easy API integration
  • Handle programs of any size
  • None

Verdict: Open loyalty program software is designed to simplify the process of managing your company's loyal employees by reducing the roles and increasing productivity. The program is also customizable. With this software you can define and manage various types of set limitations suitable for your campaign.

This loyalty program software is easy to install and manage. You can use the data for omnichannel segmentation. This program enables you to track all transactions that are made in your business. You can also track all purchases that have been made by your customers. If you want to maintain communication with your clients, you may need to use customer service software.

open loyalty program software interface

2. Fivestars

Comprehensive, integrative CRM
  • TCPA compliant
  • Customer tracking
  • Registration without the app
  • Slow application

Verdict: The software starts by determining your spending habits throughout the year. You will then be sent emails each month with offers to save money on your purchases. One tool is the Fivestars Personal Finance Tracker. There are tools that allow you to keep track of your spending as well as being able to get credit card offers to use.

You can actually earn money by referring other people to the program. You have the ability to choose from one of two programs and that is either Fivestars Points or Level Up.

fivestars loyalty program software interface

3. Kangaroo

Multiple ID support
  • Clients management and analytics
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Integrates with POS system
  • Provides customers with rewards
  • Missing some features

Verdict: Gives companies the ability to keep better track of expenses. This includes an analysis of all expenditures, including where funds are spent once the purchase has been made as well as over the course of several billing cycles.

The aspect of Kangaroo loyalty program software is that it can be customized so that it meets the specific needs of each company. You can choose a level of customization that best fits your needs and the resources available. Other features of the program can include detailed reports on customer satisfaction, the cost of various marketing campaigns, and the profitability of various aspects of a company's activities.

kangaroo loyalty program software interface

4. Goody

Synergy integrations
  • Solution for various industries
  • Automatically reminded
  • Native Android and iOS apps
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Do not user-friendly

Verdict: Goody uses to reward customers and boost customer retention and referrals. You can use one simple incentive program or many, depending on how you want to distribute your reward gifts. Program includes the creation of custom messages, design and printing of custom gift seals, desktop publishing, printing and designing of gift certificates, and desktop sharing of gift vouchers. You can create email campaigns with the help of this software, or use for this task email marketing software.

This software allows you to choose a wide range of options for customizing incentive programs. The ability to personalize your reward programs. You can create and edit rewards within the cloud-based software, making tracking and reconciling reward points easier.

goody loyalty program software interface

5. Yotpo

Integrations with WooCommerce
  • Monitors SEO
  • Integrations with e-commerce
  • Сollects user-generated content
  • Reward control
  • Complex setup

Verdict: Yotpo loyalty program gets more traffic for your website. Most of the packages offer free trial periods. The website has links to many popular blogs, articles, and social media sites and can help any individual to grow their business with the help of its integrated SEO and social media marketing tools. You can use it instead of SEO software that your teammates work with.

Through Yotpo's tracking technology a member can view their keywords used in Google and Yahoo searches and also monitor the number of visits to their website. Tracking can also be used to see how your content is received by search engines. You will have free unlimited access to special tools, content, and reporting.

yotpo loyalty program software interface

6. Tapmango

Assists stores and restaurants
  • Add Yelp/Google reviews
  • API integration
  • Customer experience management
  • Third-party POS applications
  • Heavily to set up

Verdict: Tapmango provides the users with various types of functions and modules such as user profiles, group calendars, events, task listings, downloads, search functions, and a lot more. These functions also help the users to track the loyalty patterns of their customers and use this information for future marketing campaigns. It integrates with free POS software.

It has a simple yet effective user interface and powerful functions. Moreover, most of its functions are supported by the BlackBerry platform and it ensures that the developers can easily adapt it to any smart mobile device.

tapmango loyalty program software interface

7. Belly

Simplicity of deployment
  • Digital loyalty program
  • Control a customer iPad program
  • Connect to social media
  • Many marketing materials
  • Annoying pop-up notifications

Verdict: Belly by Mobivity is designed to assist companies in providing greater levels of service and support for their existing customers as well as to help new customers. The functions that this loyalty program software offers include customer order management, e-mail and contact management, activation management, return and refund management. Also, it offers account registration, billing, sales tracking and lead tracking, website analytics, site search options, and web promotion, inventory management.

Belly also allows companies to easily manage their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It is extremely easy to use and manage this particular program. This system not only provides the customer base with outstanding support but also gives companies the ability to use all of the best tools that they need in regards to increasing their customer base.

belly loyalty program software interface

8. Referrizer

Integrates with third-party apps
  • Leads and customer management tools
  • Runs email marketing
  • Features include data importing
  • Integration with Google
  • Don't offer support on the weekends

Verdict: Referrizer is a comprehensive membership site that also offers referral tools, market study tools, and memberships in its builder section. It works as an online referral manager. All the marketing and member management work can be done from the same web portal.

This loyalty program will make it possible for the online referral process to be automated to provide maximum performance while minimizing the cost of sales leads. It integrates with Google and other third-party apps.

referrizer loyalty program software interface
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