5 Best Internet Radio Station Software in 2023

If you enjoy listening to the radio through a web browser, make sure to use the best Internet radio station software. Internet radio stations have a huge advantage as you can access them from any geographic location.

They are different from DAB and analog radio. The British Internet radio station BBC Radio 2 has millions of listeners around the world thanks to its online streaming platform.

Top 5 Internet Radio Station Software

  1. RadioDJ - Witt track management
  2. PlayIt Live - Easy to install
  3. Mixxx - With up to 64 samples cart
  4. SAM Broadcaster Pro - Simple to use voice-tracking
  5. RadioBOSS - With versatile event scheduler

Unlike regular radio stations, online ones offer high-quality sound. Plus, most of them are free.

On this list, you will find the best Internet radio station software and a guide for creating your online radio station.

1. RadioDJ - Our Choice

Witt track management
  • Safe to use
  • Great support
  • Auto cross-fade
  • Lacks a built in encoder

Verdict: The great thing about RadioDJ is that the online version comes with a built in track management function that allows you to set up playlists for online radio stations as well as for regular radio shows on the go.

You can also manage and change play lists in real time to make sure you always have something new to listen to. The music management software also includes a complete list of all your radio channels so you know which music you are playing next and at what time as well.

radiodj interface

2. PlayIt Live

Easy to install
  • Intuitive interface
  • Unique scheduling
  • Free encoder plugin
  • Ability to play the tracks manually
  • Paid modules can be expensive

Verdict: PlayIt Live allows you to manage and play the content of your internet radio station on your computer. This application has all the necessary features to allow you to not only control your play lists but also track and add comments to each track played.

You can find PlayIt Live software at a price that is affordable for any cost-conscious consumer. Many top industry insiders and professional DJ's are using this application daily to manage their internet radio stations. The features are very user friendly and provide total control over your play list.

playit live interface

3. Mixxx

With up to 64 samples cart
  • Four dynamic skins
  • Vinyl record control
  • Up to 4 microphone input
  • Lacks a mobile app or remote control feature

Verdict: Mixxx has the greatest features and capabilities among all other radio station software applications. The best Internet radio station software is the one that will allow you to build, upload and manage your very own web-based radio station from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night. Mixxx is free DJ software for Mac too.

It also has a feature that will allow you to mix recordings of live songs with recorded covers and other background music that you can easily edit and mix together. It also has a feature that allows you to search for audio and MIDI tracks so that you can quickly and easily find the ones you want by genre, artist, track name, or even location.

mixxx internet radio station software interface

4. SAM Broadcaster Pro

Simple to use voice-tracking
  • Supports pal scripting
  • Voice tracking
  • The built-in encoder supports
  • Lacks a segue editor

Verdict: SAM Broadcaster Pro provides an easy to use technology solution that will meet all your needs. It includes innovative technology that will enable you to build, customize and track all your internet radio stations and even broadcast your personal radio station through the web. Voice-recognition technology makes it convenient for novices to use the program.

It is a simple easy to use interface that is also fully featured. The software also offers a wide variety of features including built-in MP3 and audio files import, track management, instant play/pause, rewind/forward, fast forward/rewind, and random repeat. This also provides the best podcast recording software experience for the best listening experience with the greatest selection of songs.

sam broadcaster pro internet radio station software interface

5. RadioBOSS

With versatile event scheduler
  • Integrated virtual sound cards
  • Aux players with mini-playlists
  • Automatizes your radio broadcasts
  • Just one main player

Verdict: One of the most unique features of RadioBOSS is its advanced voice-tracking technology. Voice-tracking automatically aligns your audio file's tempo to your beat and the beat to your tempo of the track. When you first fire up this software you will notice a number of different features and that is because the company has spent a great deal of time and effort creating the most unique and effective software possible.

radioboss internet radio station software interface