5 Best MP3 Tag Editors in 2024

Use the best MP3 tag editor to quickly add tag info to your tracks. Of course, you can use some built-in tag editors in media players, but, unfortunately, they are not as good as standalone ones. They allow you to add such information as titles, artist names, and genres with minimum time and effort.

Top 5 MP3 Tag Editors

  1. MP3Tag - With online metadata lookup
  2. TigoTago - With music or video library
  3. Metatogger - With column-header filters
  4. TagScanner - Powerful multiple files tag editor
  5. MusicBrainz Picard - Fast and accurate tagging

If you have to edit a great number of audio tracks that require tag info, it is recommended to use the best MP3 tag editor. It is an optimal solution that will save you valuable time. Plus, such software guarantees that your songs will be properly tagged.

1. MP3Tag - Our Choice

With online metadata lookup
  • Simple and clean design
  • Customizable front panel
  • Supports variety of formats
  • Changes not saved automatically

Verdict: MP3Tag is a software that allows you to manage your music or video library in an easy to use manner. It will allow you to change, add and remove files, as well as the metadata assigned to them. This feature can be very useful if you are a heavy user of a music or video library.

The file format used by the MP3 tag editor to manage your music or video library is the WAV format. This format is commonly used by computers and other machines to store digital music or video content such as photos, videos and sound clips. In order to use this type of music or video library management, you must have a computer or laptop that is connected to the Internet. You can convert this type of format using WAV to MP3 converter.

mp3tag mp3 tag editor interface

2. TigoTago

With music or video library
  • Batch editing capability
  • Lots of organization tools
  • Compatible with audio formats
  • Interface not intuitive

Verdict: TigoTago is one of the greatest software that you can use to make your music and video library of your choice. You have to understand that you can find the best MP3 and iPod music and open source video editor is the only way for you to have a great collection of your favorite music.

You do not have to be an expert in this field because all you need to do is to learn the basics of this music and video editor. You will only learn the basics and once you learn it all you will be able to use it easily. What is more important is that you also make sure that you only use the best and the most reliable product.

tigotago mp3 tag editor interface

3. Metatogger

With column-header filters
  • Works with many formats
  • Several ways to edit tags
  • Integrates lyrics from online searches
  • Complex interface
  • Works with only one online database

Verdict: Metatogge is a simple and easy to use computer program for creating, editing, and saving your customized MP3 tags. You can do all these with just a few clicks of the mouse and you can perform all functions in order, either by clicking on the tag button or by dragging the icon to the appropriate place on the desktop.

There are quite a few other features that come with this great MP3 tag editor. Read on and find out how it can work to your greatest advantage. The best feature of Metatogger MP3 tag editor is its drag and drop feature. You don't have to be an expert in computers or music in order to use this wonderful program.

trustcont mp3 tag editor interface

4. TagScanner

Powerful multiple files tag editor
  • Support basic and extended tags
  • Automatically pulls metadata
  • Exports playlists as HTML
  • Does not support viewing synced lyrics

Verdict: TagScanner is a great tool for adding, editing and deleting your favorite music or video files. It is designed specifically for XP, so it should work on any version since the beginning of Windows. This powerful and easy to use software is one of the best tools for any computer user who wishes to keep their music or video library organized and searchable.

TagScanner is very easy to use - just drag and drop files into the program's window that you wish to scan. You can also preview your library by cropping the image and clicking in to view all of the music or video files. TagScanner works extremely quickly, even when you're browsing large libraries.

tagscanner mp3 tag editor interface

5. MusicBrainz Picard

Fast and accurate tagging
  • Ideal for organizing albums
  • Multiple ways of identifying tracks
  • Cross-platform
  • Involves learning curve

Verdict: MusicBrainz Picard is the best MP3/MID player for saving and organizing your digital audio files. You can also use it to make your own personalized music videos with your favorite songs, and you can create and save as many recordings as you want.

This music management software will allow you to organize your digital music better by putting all of your songs in one place so you know what song to listen to when you need some motivation. This mp3 tag editor was created to help people organize, store, manage and transfer their music library so they will always have the best selection at any time.

musicbrainz picard mp3 tag editor interface