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By Kate Gross 15 days ago, Apps and Software

Fabrika Brendov

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Verdict: The Belarusian digital agency specializing in website development and promotion, Fabrika Brendov, knows how to achieve your company’s goals with the help of digital marketing and an experienced team. We like their priorities – competence, experience and impeccable service. With their help, Fabrika will competently perform the most important tasks for the development of the company, increasing profits and optimizing the budget.

Even if they have just started to collect a portfolio of clients from Europe and the United States, as well as develop the advertising market in China, the statistics speak for themselves. Sites created by Fabrika Brendov increase sales by at least 200 %, and the marketing becomes more efficient at least 2 times.

  • Expanded set of digital services
  • Corrects current errors and strategies
  • Great for a startup if you don’t know where to start
  • Favorable terms of stage payment, installments, guarantees
  • Affordable price with several options
  • Estimated cost in local currency
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Of the two dozen types of digital services, the main focus is on three vectors: the development and search engine optimization of websites together with contextual advertising. This is where the agency began its success story, and here we should expect the greatest experience of employees, backed up by time and cases.

Fabrika Brendov Complete Review

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Starting not so long ago with the gathering of a close-knit team in 2014, Fabrika made the first sites within its brand, and promoted partners from previous projects through contextual advertising, while actively exploring the promising direction of social networks.

Nowadays, it is a multi-specialty digital marketing agency, branding, design, construction and maintenance of sites. It is consistently included in the top ten developers of sites with promotion, B2B and SEO agencies in Belarus according to the versions of many verified sources.

Fabrika Brendov attracts many with the statement that it takes any project and goes through with it, studying the peculiarity and unique features of each business. What if they are approached by a novice photographer who only has a personal Instagram account?

What Services Can a Photographer Need and not Only?

fabrika brendov review perks

Once you start working with the cohesive Fabrika team, you will be pleasantly surprised with the fact that the same people work here like you – smart and human (after all, you also work with people?). They are ready to listen to any of your ideas and share their previous experience, welcoming your involvement in the overall process, and not dismissing you under the guise of “trust it to the professionals and don’t interfere”.

If your goal is to be recognizable by name or a unique style, Fabrika Brendov will immediately justify its name and create your business, trademark or photo studio name literally based on you or your idea (turnkey project). Your brand will be unique, memorable and distinctive, as much as it could be your “extension”.

Don’t like spending all the time on social networks? Part of your work can be done around the clock by an attractive and functional website designed to meet your personal business needs.

If you love your work, the system of human recommendations will slowly but surely attract fans of your work to the proper side. But if you have just started, don’t wait frantically for the first call – promotion and search engine optimization are at your disposal. They are aimed at improving the ranking of your site in search engines so that your audience finds your talent faster.

In case you already have a working website, and you like it, and you even managed to post a couple of your successful works and good reviews on it – turn it into a digital gallery, a money-making machine, a communication platform and a store in one sentence.

fabrika brendov review services

Fabrika Brendov will analyze your business and website, fill it with competent commercial texts, create effective communication with the target audience, stimulate repeat sales and increase customer loyalty. Besides, we haven’t yet delved into the world of social networks – here the possibilities are endless!

No matter what asset you start cooperation with, there will always be a solution “to increase”: recognition, profit – depending on what you expect from your talent. As a bonus, there will be the constant attraction of potential customers who are ready to become your permanent partners. Fabrika Brendov knows perfectly well how to turn yesterday’s clients into loyal friends and partners for the exchange of experience because they make up the majority of the agency’s portfolio.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Website

fabrika brendov review development

As you already know from this Fabrika Brendov review, it is better to have a website than not to have one. But how about choosing at least 4 types of sites? If you aren’t sure whether you need an online store, a landing page, or anything else, trust it to Fabrika Brendov’s successful long-term experience in the development and promotion of Internet projects. This is their main specialization and the initial vector of development.

A team of specialists will conduct research on the Internet market in your region and industry, assess the competition and identify the main directions of your Internet activity. Your site will be selling itself if it is dictated by business objectives. But your internal developments won’t be discarded if you want, for instance, to complement it with a digital exhibition of your works.

fabrika brendov review sites

The cost may also depend on your preferred CMS tool: WordPress, Drupal or Opencart – Fabrika Brendov developers have mastered all of them. Each content management system is tailored to meet future challenges: you can connect more free plugins on one platform, while the other is more scalable. Fabrika Brendov will explain all the advantages of the platforms and choose a compromise solution for your particular field, for instance, photography.

If you have received a personalized website and don’t know what to do with it next – qualified technical support is at your service. It will host, maintain the viability, promote, conduct an audit, transfer to a more secure protocol or upgrade it – even if you want to keep an outdated but viable site.

Website Optimization and Promotion with Transparent Evaluation of Results

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Without search engine optimization, it is now difficult to imagine achieving results in the Internet business. This happens because of the huge number of similar commercial offers, global competition, now not limited by the language or territorial barrier, and simply because of digital garbage, which tends to pop up as real and dismiss the appropriate offers.

Therefore, Fabrika Brendov comprehensively fights for your search engine optimization of the site with the entire team of promotion and usability specialists, programmers, copywriters and analysts. First of all, attention is paid to improving the quality characteristics of the site: navigation, text and structure, i.e. how technically and calligraphically well written the site is, but at the same time convenient for search and visitors.

These indicators directly affect not only the increase in the ranking of your site but also the visitor-client conversion – the predominance of other people’s advertising and repeated keywords in and out of place now irritate even those site visitors who don’t know much about search engine optimization.

If you have no idea why you need optimization and promotion, order a free audit of the site for the main errors on the page, which is dedicated to promotion. Learn why you lose the estimated profit or traffic, and you may be surprised to find unpleasant surprises that your site can store.

fabrika brendov review promotion

Depending on the tasks of the site, several formats of cooperation in terms of the promotion are formed: by position in the search results, attracted traffic, and by leads or desired user actions. This is very convenient if your goal is not to appear at the top of the search results among the “paid” sites of trendy wedding photographers (you have a busy schedule of wedding photo shoots), but to come to your favorite newlyweds again as an invited photographer, but on the first birthday of their child, and then again.

As a preventive measure, a one-time site audit is very convenient and available. It is a set of measures for internal and external optimization aimed at improving the main indicators and ranking factors. This will eliminate invisible flaws and bottlenecks, as well as specify the list of planned works that your site may need on an ongoing basis.

After all, even once a perfectly “written” site is prone to instability – here somewhere the link became inactive due to the fact that you forgot to renew the rights to the domain. It means that the site no longer functions as a single ecosystem, and Google mercilessly sends it to the back of the search due to a “broken” link. Therefore, if you aren’t sure that you can carry out all the necessary preventive work even with the knowledge of website spidering software, there is a technical rescue team here.

Getting Right on the Mark or Contextual and Social Media Advertising

fabrika brendov review advertisement

Now there is no need to prove to anyone that advertising is one of the simplest but most effective tools of Internet marketing. It is available to everyone, and the result of advertising campaigns is clear and obvious: here you can get even more money for money. Do you think that a good product or service doesn’t need advertising? Then you should try finding that one product, sometimes without even knowing who its manufacturer is and where to start searching.

The essence of contextual advertising is that after entering a certain request in the search bar, the user sees your ad as the topic of interest to them in a prominent place on the search page. Banners advertise your business on various thematic resources, for instance, on photography equipment sites. Remarketing and retargeting are aimed at interested users who have already considered your offer, and when visiting other sites, they will see your ads.

All these types of advertising (and even testing for more attractive materials within the campaign) are represented by Fabrika Brendov in effective advertising campaigns and nice cost-per-click. But don’t underestimate social networks – it will be difficult to find a person who doesn’t have a page in any social network or never went there.

fabrika brendov review advertising

Fabrika Brendov works with universally known resources: Facebook, Instagram. There is complete freedom here because the advertising of social networks, as well as the use of Instagram marketing tools, solves several problems at once. Every day it can be viewed by thousands of new users.

Staying in the public eye will increase brand awareness, and those who are looking for similar offers will surely find the advertising. The team will study your field of activity and select the most profitable sites for placement, in our particular case as a representative of visual art – obviously, Instagram.

When Any Work Done Is Pride

fabrika brendov review portfolio

Fabrika Brendov agency is so proud of their work that they are ready not just to list the satisfied customers, but to provide visual confirmation of the finished results. The portfolio contains a lot of examples for various types of their services with a list of the work done. This is an honest and open approach and, most importantly, you don’t have to explain that you want a page similar to the website of a certain beauty salon, but you want it for a photo studio.

fabrika brendov review awards

It isn’t surprising that their work was included in the authoritative Clutch rating and noted in the electronic media CMS Magazine and SE Ranking developers (as the best digital agency). Among other things, on the list of partners, you will notice banks and state institutions. These are the structures with a dedicated budget, unlike startups, so they can afford any partner of digital services. You have already guessed who they opted for.

Fabrika Brendov Prices

For each project in the framework of cooperation with Fabrika Brendov, the lower limit of the cost is indicated. Regarding the equivalent cost: it is difficult for us to navigate in Belarusian rubles, but a cup of good coffee (and this is a frequent patron of comparisons of any services) costs 5 BYN, and the minimum price to launch contextual advertising is 500 BYN.

With the minimum amount available, you can contact the manager to discuss the details. It is worth noting that some services fall under the condition of payment in parts or stages, interest-free installments and guarantees.

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