iNFOTYKE Web Design, Google Ads Review 2024

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Verdict: iNFOTYKE is an Indian company that provides web design and web development services based on modern marketing requirements. The bragging point of the company is that it has an all-inclusive approach, so you can order a package of services, for example, complex web design, digital marketing, and Google Adwords.

The team offers website and app development to help photographers show off their works and experience.

  • A rich array of services
  • Quick turnaround
  • Responsive support team
  • Affordable prices
  • Brand logo development
  • Suitable for photographers
  • Full site control
  • No discounts
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The main goal of iNFOTYKE is to upgrade your website and make it stand out from the crowd. The team strives to understand the client's business goals to deliver high-quality and creative digital solutions as well as generate the return on investment.

The most decisive advantage of the agency is that it works with both well-recognized and new brands worldwide. The company caters to the needs of businesses engaged in different spheres, whether it is real estate, fashion, law, communications, medicine, etc.

This iNFOTYKE review outlines the services of the agency and peculiarities that make it stand ahead of the competitors.

iNFOTYKE Web Design, Google Ads Review

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iNFOTYKE is a well-recognized name in the web development world. It has been operated on the market for over 10 years and boasts more than 400 satisfied clients, including large enterprises, startups, and individuals.

A reasonable pricing policy, top-tier services, exclusive ideas, excellent results, this is just a glimpse of what the company offers.

Professional Web Design and Development

infotyke web design

The iNFOTYKE service provides clients with numerous types of web design, including corporate, industry, e-commerce, icon, template design, PSD to XHTML conversion, hand-sketching, tableless web layout, Web 2.0-based design, and website redesigns.

The company aims at developing dynamic websites that meet user’s needs. The team includes skillful professionals that have completed more than 400 projects in India and abroad. The agency uses the most innovative web design software and technologies to increase your online presence and generate organic web traffic.

iNFOTYKE provides a user-focused development of effective e-commerce strategies suitable for small, medium, and large businesses. With a pretty extensive experience in the field, the team can handle the most complex tasks to create an engaging website and promote your brand. While developing a unique strategy for each client, iNFOTYKE will help you accomplish all your online business goals.

Great Digital Marketing and Management

iNFOTYKE does its job well when it comes to improving your business social presence. Aside from engaging your target audience, the company offers practical ways to better connect with the customers and maximize the revenue.

First off, the team identifies your business goals and researches your previous website and social media activity to create stronger relationships with your customers. You can review the team’s reports that include website ranking, screenshots of the most winning posts, social media platforms statistics, etc.

Advanced Optimization

Another reason to approach iNFOTYKE is the advanced optimization services they provide. With the personalized approach, they increase both the quality and quantity of website traffic and create a site structure that makes sense to both search engines and users.

Specialists can improve your site's code, structure, content, and overall accessibility to set a higher ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Effective Google Ads – PPC

The company also works with Google Ads services which allow you to show your ads to people who are likely to be interested in your products. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and reach potential customers.

When approaching iNFOTYKE, you can enjoy the following perks:

  • Get more clients
  • Pick the right time and media for your marketing message
  • Run promotions based on your budget
  • Pay only when people take action

Different App Development

The company creates custom mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. They use a Responsive Web design approach to consistently showcase the content on numerous devices regardless of the screen size.

Also, iNFOTYKE shows a strong proficiency in hybrid mobile application development. They create products that can function on multiple operating systems. The company’s software engineers have enough expertise to work with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The team uses cutting-edge app development software to deliver outstanding results.

iNFOTYKE may serve as an iOS development organization that provides full-cycle services. The team develops enterprise and consumer iOS apps based on experience gained from numerous projects.

The agency is well-known for its outstanding Android application development services. You can order the development of an app devoted to delivery, online store, taxi, etc. iNFOTYKE delivers workable, engaging, and holistic products due to a winning combination of advanced technologies, creative thinking, and a customer-centric approach.

Lightspeed Work

infotyke landing page

iNFOTYKE can create a website in no time for virtual connections with your customers. With the Lightspeed point of sale software, you can future-proof your retail and e-commerce business. Also, the developers can help you open an online store in a couple of days.

One of the most popular packages among users is the creation of digital marketing and a landing page for your website. The turnaround time is relatively fast. However, everything depends on the complexity of your project.

Great Tech Support – AMC

It is recommended to maintain website optimization to prevent lags, improve content to build your brand online presence, and engage and retain your customers, thus strengthening your rankings.

iNFOTYKE AMC offers numerous services, including basic website maintenance and professional tech support. Also, you can enjoy the following goodies:

  • Monitoring the proper functioning of a site.
  • Checking the site for tech issues.
  • Data backup to recover from accidental data loss.
  • Monitoring and fixing bugs, errors, missing links, etc.
  • Update content on your website to make it consistent and professional-looking.
  • Web traffic analysis.
  • Page ranking improvement.

Strong Web Security

iNFOTYKE uses powerful hardware and software assets to help discover and prevent data breaches. Relying on advanced machine learning and comprehensive analysis, and using professional antivirus software, they provide excellent security for lower maintenance costs.

While providing complex analytics, iNFOTYKE delivers multiple management solutions to remotely monitor website activity, investigate and prevent threats and cybercrimes.

Professional Cloud Infrastructure Management

With professional cloud infrastructure management, you can boost your business scalability while consolidating IT resources and make your digital environment reliable, secure and lag-free. This helps to generate revenue and make your website unique.

You can order the following services:

  • Remote cloud infrastructure management.
  • Linux Server management using the most effective approaches in the industry.
  • Infrastructure management using AWS Monitoring Tools.
  • IT infrastructure management using VPS and involving the best experts.
  • Linux servers management using the most efficient security practices and employing experts.
  • AWS EC2, ELB, ROUTE53, VPC, NAT, CLOUDWATCH using professional assistance.

Unique Inbound Marketing

The iNFOTYKE service packages include inbound marketing to attract clients by creating valuable content tailored specifically to them. Thus, you will get purpose-generated content that engages a target audience and makes your brand more recognizable and easy to find.

Responsive Website for Lawyers

infotyke website for lawyers

The agency offers responsive web designing services for law companies using innovative graphic design software.

iNFOTYKE collaborates with lawyers and attorneys from all over the globe and creates unique websites for them. Each website they have worked on is powered by advanced optimization practices that help build strong relationships with clients. The combination of appealing layouts and efficient approaches allows your law company to shine in a new way.

Expert Software Testing

Leveraging their expertise, the iNFOTYKE team offers expert software testing services. Using well-elaborated tools, the agency can help you provide test consulting services, performance testing, transitioning from manual testing to automated testing, release testing, and even more.

With the help of professional services, you can focus on your business growth and new ideas generation rather than a software testing routine.


You can count up the price using the calculator on the company's website. The exact cost is calculated individually for each client. iNFOTYKE takes into account the turnaround time, the project’s complexity, type of work, basic requirements, and wishes of a client.

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