Half Pant Hippo Graphic Design And Technical Service Review

Half Pant Hippo

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Verdict: Half Pant Hippo provides digital marketing, app development, design, and web development services at affordable prices. The company offers a comprehensive choice for photographers, covering the technical aspects.

This agency takes care of website supporting, regular security scans, WordPress updates, multiple design tasks, and more. Clients from all over the world address HPH with their business needs.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Responsive managers
  • Affordable services
  • Work following your demands
  • Suitable for photographers
  • We only wish the $249 plan had 2 Active tasks instead of 1
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The main goal of Half Pant Hippo is to save your time by relieving you of petty technological and design tasks. HPH copes with all assigned tasks step by step. Clients can make changes in the process of work until specialists have moved on to the next stage.

This Half Pant Hippo review contains a detailed description of all the services the company provides. Learn more about their WordPress updates, website support, design tasks, etc.

Half Pant Hippo Service Features

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Half Pant Hippo service helps businesses to interest current and potential clients with professionally designed visual materials. You can browse the Half Pant Hippo portfolio to learn more about their services and ensure they are professionals. Here you will find examples of brand designs, illustrations, infographics, and entire websites.

Thanks to advanced Photoshop skills and impressive experience, the HPH team can cope with tasks related to web, graphic, social media and branding.

Shopify tasks, websites support, server tasks, and other services are included in the Half Pant Hippo technical support package. Turnaround is one of the main advantages of the company. Typically, they complete one task in one day. Half Pant Hippo also accepts rush orders. However, you should look for other options if you want to get a final product in less than 6 hours.

Professional Graphic Design Tools

HPH studio can create individual illustrations, posters, character design, icon set, design books, covers, and other visuals. They will help you bring to life your ideas by dint of design means.

Unique Brand & Corporate Design

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They can create a unique logo to draw attention to your business. They will work out all the nuances of brand naming, corporate strategy, business presentations, brand manuals, and business cards. If you don't know how to make a photography logo design, Half Pant Hippo specialists will do everything for you.

Responsive UI/UX Design

Nowadays companies heavily rely on Internet resources to attract clients. HPH team will help you achieve the best interaction with your target audience. They develop a convenient user interface that looks great on both mobile and desktop devices. The studio offers custom projects for UI assets, web and application restyling, responsive design, etc.

Modern Web Design

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Half Pant Hippo professionals provide clients with modern web design solutions. A distinctive feature of their designs is a minimalist style and a focus on white space filled with different colors and font variations.

An interface is easy to navigate and understand thanks to full-page headers. Storytelling content is one of the top website trends in 2021. HPH will help you keep your advertising campaigns and content up-to-date.

Unique Digital Visual Contents

Using relevant digital content is one of the most effective ways to attract more visitors to your social accounts and website. Half Pant Hippo experts create engaging visual content for ads, banners, social media assets, etc.

A professional team works with each client individually and finds design solutions that are fitting in each particular case. They take into account your goals, services, product features to create a unique project for you. Professionals use only top graphic design software to carry out orders. Half Pant Hippo studio uses various stock photography platforms and printing resources.

Great WordPress Supporting

WordPress is incredibly popular for its simple and effective tools to customize your website in a straightforward way. What's more, you can take advantage of numerous plugins to improve your website. Half Pant Hippo service provides regular plugin updates and light website changes. SSL certificate installing is also available for you.

HPH offers WordPress support for both e-commerce stores and e-learning resources and corporate websites. With a personalized approach to WordPress development, you can benefit from a flexible product creation and instant usage of ready-made CMS.

Professional Shopify Development

Shopify website development is another field Half Pant Hippo specializes in. Creating fantastic convertible designs isn’t a difficult task for HPH. They tightly cooperate with retail businesses that decide to change their eCommerce platform, open an online store instead of or in addition to a physical one.

You can ask the experts to do the following:

  • Add products
  • Solve design issues
  • Alters designs
  • Improving website speed
  • On Page Digital Marketing

Thanks to their efforts, the design of your store will be fully in line with your brand.

Quickly Server Supporting

You can also order pro server support services.

Advantages of resorting to HPH for server management:

  • Professional team
  • Reliable equipment
  • Systematic maintenance
  • Security

The basic goal of a server maintenance provider is to make sure the servers and other hardware are up and running. Experts constantly check them and provide necessary technical support. Half Pant Hippo employees offer their help in creating efficient platforms and systems to meet your business needs.

You can also order SSL installation, in-site migration, and site speed up.

Digital Marketing

Half Pant Hippo service checks if your website uses the latest digital marketing practices and helps you make your digital marketing strategy more effective. HPH professionals use advanced SEO software and proven methods to make your website “more appealing” to search engines.

Digital marketing, social media, email marketing, paid media, development are included in the service package offered by HPH. The company can help you with a whole range of techniques (for example, premium link building or content optimization) to promote your website on the net.

To make your website enjoy maximum visibility, the HPH team uses cutting-edge instruments and the latest SEO practices. Innovation, customer success, forecasting, and goals are priorities for Half Pant Hippo service.

Half Pant Hippo Prices

You can choose from three plans. Regardless of the plan you choose, you’ll work with a web developer, graphic designer, digital marketer, and network admin.

Pond - $249 per month (support 1 website, 1 active task, no limits for design, WordPress, and Shopify tasks).

Lake – $499 per month (supports 3 websites, 2 active tasks, no limits for design, WordPress, and Shopify tasks).

River - $799 per month (supports 5 websites, 5 active tasks, no limits for design, WordPress, and Shopify tasks).

The company offers an individual plan for clients, who can’t choose among the offered options. Besides, they offer 1-week money-back guarantee.

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