AiSchedul Review – All-in-One Instagram Tool to Manage Content


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Verdict: AiSchedul is a full package of instruments to handle your Instagram page. It allows scheduling posts and stories of several accounts at the same time. If you are a photographer promoting your services on Instagram, AiSchedul is definitely worth trying.

It is very handy that AiSchedul integrates with growth services, DM management tools, and an all-in-one bio link instrument. Thus, you can increase the number of followers utilizing only one dashboard. Plus, it helps you implement most of your Instagram marketing strategies. Your profile will look better if visualize how it looks with particular photos.

  • Simple scheduling for shooters
  • Search for multiple hashtags
  • Repost of Instagram posts and stories
  • Photo import via Unsplash
  • Add external links
  • UI/UX design calls for improvement
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Businesses and influencers choose AiSchedul to promote their content on Instagram in a more efficient way. What is more, the platform offers social monitoring and alerts for trending tags and accounts, profile bio linking options to link feed posts to web pages, and a contest system.

Complete AiSchedul Review

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If you use Instagram for promoting your business, using high-quality pictures is a must. You can use photo editing software to perform standard adjustments. Besides, you need to understand when it is better to post posts and how you engage your followers. It may be challenging if you have to manage several pages. Luckily, you may automate most tasks using AiSchedul.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, AiSchedul scans your account and provides marketing actions to achieve maximum results. It is the best Instagram marketing tool to generate and implement an effective content plan. It’s not only about managing content; it’s about delivering results.

Easy Scheduling for Photographers

aischedul scheduling

AiSchedul is a convenient platform to develop an Instagram content calendar, organize visuals and plan captions and hashtags. It helps shooters post their feed and stories in the best time and create eye-catching profiles.

Even if you know how to edit Instagram photos, you need to understand how to present results in a proper way. AiSchedul can help you do that by creating a content calendar. It allows coordinating digital marketing efforts by planning, organizing, and scheduling monthly content.

Using an Instagram post maker, you can plan content days, weeks, or even months in advance and automatically post across multiple accounts. The application allows you to schedule four main types of posts including Feed Posts, Story Posts, Reposts, and Reward Posts.

Helpful Bio Link Feature

aischedul bio link

AiSchedul brags about a useful bio link function. It is a helpful tool that multiplies your bio link and transforms your bio link landing page into a powerful marketing platform driving traffic to your e-commerce pages.

This way your bio link landing page becomes an involving platform with effective posts and stories accessible in one click. You can connect posts to product pages, link blog posts, and reviews, and generate a shoppable Instagram feed right in your bio link landing page.

Advanced Social Monitoring

aischedul social monitoring

AiSchedul offers effective social monitoring instruments for beginners for you to better understand how to have a successful Instagram.

Using the platform, you can trace IG competitors and improve your content. All you have to do is to choose fitting content for your Insta feed and stories. Then, listen to Hashtags, Instagram Accounts, and Mentions, and save or repost content in a matter of seconds!

Useful Hashtag Hack

aischedul hashtag

By inserting a hashtag into your post, you automatically make your post collect other content with that particular hashtag. How does it work? Users search for hashtags via an Insta Explore feature and look through the top or latest posts with that hashtag.

AiSchedul has a built-in hashtag search to find hashtags by a keyword. This way you get a list of top related hashtags organized by volume. Plus, you may use ultra-niche community hashtags related to your content. Your post becomes closer to the top, so more people will see it.

Auto Reward Function

aischedul reward

An auto-scheduler feature allows expanding the reach of the post and automatically reward your audience. By creating fast and simple reward campaigns, you attract new followers, drive massive involvement and make more profits. Your task is to set the activities a user needs to do to win. When it is completed, AiSchedul sends auto DMs to followers.

AiSchedul Prices

You can choose from 3 payment plans. The first one is free forever. However, it has some limits. For example, you can schedule only 5 posts per month and automate giveaway contests once a month. So, if it is not enough for your needs, opt for a Pro package. Below, you will find brief info about AiSchedul plans.

Free Forever – completely free plan. Using this subscription type, you get 5 scheduled posts and 1 reward post per month. Plus, it offers branded bio links, feed and story repost, social media calendar, post galleries, email support and up to 5 mention monitoring tags.

Essentials – $9 per month. It provides 30 scheduled and 3 reward posts a month. You also get branded bio links, feed and story repost, social media calendar, post galleries, email and chat support, up to 20 mention monitoring tags and an unlimited number of team members.

Pro – $19 per month. This plan offers unlimited scheduled and reward posts. You get limitless bio links features, feed and story repost, social media calendar, post galleries, email and chat support 24/7, unlimited monitoring tags and team members.

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