Use this professional Instagram Post Maker Online completely free of charge. Use ready-made layouts or create them from scratch, using customizable layers, brushes, and a sophisticated text editor. Don’t overpay, create professional Instagram posts and banners for your posts straight in the browser.

FAQ: Instagram Post Maker

How to create a professional Instagram banner?
There are quite a lot of ways to create Instagram banners from scratch. The developers of the Instagram Post Creator have taken care of it and offer 500+ ready-made templates and layouts. They can be edited and used in your posts on Instagram for free.
How to edit the text?
If you have just added text or you are using a PSD file, just double-click on the text to open an additional menu on the upper tab. Here you can change the font, color, size and other advanced settings with the help of layers.
How to choose the size before saving and sharing on Instagram?
In the upper tab, find the "Image" button. In the drop-down menu, find the "Image size" section. Enter the value manually and crop the images to the desired size. In case of incorrect cropping, you can always return to the original image via the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Z”.
Which format to choose to save the final version for sharing?
The maximum and optimal size of an Instagram photo in pixels is 1080 x 1080 px. The aspect ratio of vertical photos is no more than 4:5 (4 – width, 5 – height), the horizontal photos – no more than 1:1,9 (1 –height, 1,9 – width).

Instagram Post Maker – Video Tricks: