4 Best Free Sound Enhancement Software in 2022

A sound enhancement software comes with a set of wide options you should definitely test. Some of them allow for real-time enhancement while others allow you to edit tracks and save them on your device. Plus, you can use numerous filters to remove undesired frequencies. Most programs provide HPF, LPF, BPF, etc. filters.

Apart from basic functions, you can use some additional ones to change bass and treble, remove distortion, amplify audio level, and add normalization effects. Plus, you can add such effects as phaser, flanger, vibrato, tremolo, Doppler, chorus. Most options on our list have an equalizer, normalizer, bass, tempo adjustment, pitch shift, etc.

Top 4 Free Sound Enhancement Software

  1. FxSound - Volume boost without distortion
  2. Boom 3D - With presets
  3. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer - With 7 audio profiles
  4. Bongiovi DPS - With output selection

Check out the list of the best free sound enhancement software if you want to remove unwanted sounds from the audio track. Be it ambient noise from the amateurish track, distortion, humming or hissing, this software eliminates any unwanted sound and boosts the sound quality. Use these tools to enjoy the first-rate sound.

1. FxSound - Our Choice

Volume boost without distortion
  • Full EQ with customized effects
  • Increases sound manifestly
  • Pretty good quality
  • Less restrictions

Verdict: FxSound is a software which enables you to create and modify your own audio profiles. These profiles are stored in your computer and can be edited and saved on your hard drive as MP3 or WAV files.

These audio profiles will then be played back by your MP3 player or any other audio device that supports them. To use this free audio editing software, you first need to download and install the software onto your computer. Once installed, you will be able to open any WAV or MP3 file and edit it with this free sound enhancement software.

fxsound interface

2. Boom 3D

With presets
  • Great soundstage control
  • Makes sounds immersive
  • Great set of effects
  • Great set of effects

Verdict: If you are looking for a way to make your audio tracks come alive and have more volume, then Boom 3DFree sound enhancement software can be what you need. This unique software allows you to do what is known as phase shifting that makes your audio come alive and sounds clearer. It makes your voice sound much higher and your guitar sound higher too.

You can use this audio restoration software in conjunction with other effects such as reverb, which gives the illusion of a bigger band. The phase-shifting effect is one of the best features of this software.

boom 3d interface

3. Fidelizer Audio Enhancer

With 7 audio profiles
  • Full installation user guide is available
  • Improved product’s effectiveness
  • Layout is excellent
  • Only paid version

Verdict: Fidelizer Audio Enhancer is one of the best free sound enhancement software that you can download for PC. There are a lot of advantages of using this audio profile creation program because it is able to improve your system's processing power and it can also improve the quality of audio files and downloads.

What is impressive about this open source music software is that it is able to provide better audio clarity, higher volume level, and excellent virtual surround sound effects without having to use any external program. This is why Fidelizer Audio Enhancer free sound enhancement software is considered as the best free sound enhancement software that you can download for PC.

fidelizer audio enhancer free sound enhancement software interface

4. Bongiovi DPS

With output selection
  • Chooses the type of device
  • DPS HEAR feature
  • Easy-to-use bass and treble controls
  • Not free

Verdict: Bongiovi DPS Audio Enhancer comes in two different packages. First off, if you are looking for a good multi-effects audio composer and enhancer then this is the one for you. It comes with over 40 different audio profiles that you can easily apply to the tracks and not have to worry about them clash and creating an undesirable sound on final mix down.

Second, this program also comes with a virtual rack that allows me to easily create different kinds of musical patches that you need and easily swap them out as needed. This is another feature that makes this the best free sound enhancement software application that I have come across so far.

bongiovi dps free sound enhancement software interface