Clip Studio Paint vs MyPaint

Looking for a minimalist graphic editor for digital art with an unlimited canvas and a professional set of brushes? Then check out my article about Clip Studio Paint vs MyPaint stand-off and choose the best bitmap software for your creative work.

Clip Studio Paint is used for both digital creation of simple animations, general illustration, and comic strips. It can be used to convert a clip art or normal illustrations into either 3D designs or photographs.

MyPaint is a powerful free and open-source raster graphics editor designed for digital painting using screen-printing techniques. It's available for Windows, Linux, and Unix-type operating systems.

Final Verdict:

Some of the most common tools included in the software include: premade templates for brushes, backgrounds, text and the ability to save your work as either an EPS or JPEG file.

Clip Studio Paint is the winner >

Clip Studio Paint Features:

  • Convert 3D and 2D data into manga style quickly
  • Printing and exporting a book of multiple pages
  • Materials and tones
  • Reference layers
  • Customizable brushes

What is Clip Studio Paint?

clip studio paint interface

Like many other similar programs, Clip Studio Paint features a large library of templates which can be used for creating both still and animated images. Each template is also decorated with several helpful features that make them easier to use than those of competitors, such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

Features include undo/redo, a wide variety of brushes and tools, support for both text and vector formats, and the ability to adjust stroke and color. While most competitors offer similar features, none has the same level of user-friendliness.

One of the biggest pluses to choosing Clip Studio Paint over drawing software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Paint Shop Pro is the fact that you can export your work as a PDF file. PDF files are generally easy to read and work with on most computers.

What is MyPaint?

mypaint interface

The advanced tools such as premade check boxes, gradient tool, adjustable style guide, and erase tool are found on the toolbar. The software also allows for per Brushes and per Layer Styles so that editing multiple widgets in one place is easy.

One of the key differences between MyPaint and other similar programs is that it allows users to edit and add to their work much like an illustration tools.

Some of the tools include: premade shapes from a variety of graphics packages, and even an extensive library of stickers and borders. Along with these tools, MyPaint also provides several useful features such as: undo/redo tools to fix mistakes, and support for multiple layer blending and masks.


clip studio paint logo
mypaint logo

Clip Studio Paint & MyPaint Features:

  • Backup editing
  • Assortment of rulers and perspective guides
  • Comic book panel creation
  • Extensive materials library
  • Better frame by frame animation capabilities
  • Layer management
  • Dynamic brush library
  • Gamut masking color wheel
  • Custom brushes
  • Easy workflow

Clip Studio Paint and MyPain Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Clip Studio Paint includes its destructive tonal adjustment layers and AL painting.

MyPaint has an intuitive interface and offers custom and dynamic brushes.