Noise Agency Company Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 21 days ago, Apps and Software


  • Rank
  • Platforms: Online/Browser
  • Pricing: Starts at €3,990 (nearly $3,994) for web development

Verdict: I chose to approach the Noise agency while I was trying to get my business off the ground. I needed to develop a comprehensive website that would provide all the relevant information about my brand on one platform to make it easier for my target audience to find me. Given the multi-faceted nature of my requirements, I quickly concluded that Noise was the optimal web design agency for what I had in mind.

I appreciate the broad range of provided services related to web development, brand strategy creation, etc. I like that they focus on actual site metrics and analytics and are dedicated to developing resources that will be highly ranked on Google. In doing so, their team of creative and talented designers creates trending, aesthetically pleasing websites, which is particularly important for me as a photographer.

  • Broad selection of brand promotion services
  • Account for factual site performance metrics
  • Original trending design
  • Branding campaign creation
  • Multi-award winning agency
  • Limited availability
noise agency website

Noise is an aspiring digital company that focuses on providing branding, website design, web development, and marketing services for different platforms. Its mission is to ensure its clients establish, grow, and sustain relationships with their target audience. When providing their services, Noise prioritizes usability, memorability, client retention, and site conversion rates.

Noise: Main Features

noise agency logo

The Noise company employs a team of experienced marketers, developers, designers, and other experts. The agency also collaborates with contractors who specialize in certain niche industries that might be related to the needs of each specific client.

When cooperating with a customer, the agency accounts for their ideas and requirements while doing everything in its power to make them a reality. They aren’t bound by generally accepted collaboration standards like other companies, which makes it more comfortable for clients to work with them. For instance, regular website development companies often require you to sign a contract for at least half a year, while the Noise agency subscribes to a policy that if a client isn’t happy with the provided results, they can finish their cooperation sooner.

Development of Fully Functional and Original Websites for Creative Brands

noise agency website development

Noise agency delivers fully functional and responsive sites that are optimized to be properly displayed on all possible devices. You can request any kind of web platform from a minimalist brochure or portfolio page to complex eCommerce platforms. The company’s primary focus is to provide terrific website functionality, which is why their specialists attentively study the user experience before they get to work.

Noise agency is a WordPress partner, meaning they have access to a variety of advanced tools and the capability to conveniently maintain and edit the website even post-launch. It’s also a Shopify partner, which makes it a great option for anyone interested in launching an eCommerce store. The agency’s employees provide the training and solutions you need to ensure you’ll be able to make all necessary site adjustments by yourself once your collaboration ends.

Being a web design company. Noise also handles the visual aspects of your platform, focusing on delivering a product that fully matches the style and values of your brand. Their designers aim to develop relevant assets while accounting for all the current trends and modern technologies.

Branding Strategy Creation for Fully-Fledged Online Business Representation

noise agency branding

Noise agency realizes the importance of delivering holistic solutions for their customers, which is why their web design services are bundled with branding offers. The company specializes in developing and implementing branding strategies that increase brand awareness and ensure their client successfully attracts new customers.

If needed, Noise can develop all necessary content including images, identity, texts, etc. Before it begins the copywriting process, this branding agency asks their clients to provide all existing content – photos, videos, PDFs, and other assets that will be used for the website. Such an approach is essential to ensure all elements are properly arranged and can be built into a single, coordinated strategy.

Effective Digital Marketing Campaigns for Promoting Creative Brands

noise agency digital marketing

Being both a Meta partner, you can be certain Noise is a great digital marketing agency for entrusting your Meta advertising campaigns as well as content and social media marketing. This is an ROI-driven company that has ensured the satisfaction of a huge list of clients, with some of them achieving an ROI as high as 25X.

Noise ensures your site receives a consistent influx of interested clients through both paid and organic traffic means. Their experts will ensure more and more visitors convert into paying customers by taking advantage of proprietary tactics that allow photographers and other creatives to double or even triple their client base. Moreover, the users who aren't converted will be retargeted at some point via compelling advertisements. After the Noise company is done working on your project, it’ll schedule a 1-hour online marketing workshop dedicated to all the ins and outs of your future campaigns.

Social Media Management for Appropriate Brand Portrait on Social Nets

noise agency social media management

An active brand presence on social media is a must if you want to be an efficient business manager. When it comes to social media for photographers, your profile acts as a portfolio that allows your clients to learn more about what you have to offer and order your services. If you want to ensure your business account looks professional, Noise will handle all the tasks you need, ranging from content creation to advanced profile setup.

The social media management package includes the development of all types of content – images, videos, and text. The team will put together a month-long content plan and will handle the publications and analytics while allowing you to dedicate your time and effort to creativity.

Noise Prices

Before we discuss the pricing policy of this agency, I should note that the final cost of your order may end up being noticeably higher than the rates provided on the official site. The reason is that the company's experts will account for the individual circumstances and requirements of your order regardless of whether it’s related to web design or branding.

The website offers a rundown of the minimal rates for different services that will help you decide whether the Noise agency is the right choice for you. For web development, the prices start at €3,990 (about $3,994) for a standard brochure-type solution. If you require a more complex platform, you should be ready to pay up to €20K (about $20,021).

The marketing services are offered monthly and are priced starting at €990 ($992) a month. Lastly, social media management packages cost €490 ($491) or more a month.