Clip Studio Paint vs ArtRage

Do you create comics and 2D images and are looking for a high-quality editor for your work? Compare the capabilities of Clip Studio Paint vs ArtRage and choose the right software.

Clip Studio Paint is an award-winning, best-selling, royalty-free, line drawing, graphic designing software application. It features powerful professional-grade cartoon-style drawing tools and features animation features for both vertical and horizontal formats.

ArtRage is a versatile, fully-customizable, and user-friendly painting and drawing software. Software allows you to quickly and easily add your own brushes, sketches, paints, and oils right onto your computer desktop or printer.

Final Verdict:

Clip Studio Paint has a powerful cartoon editor which allows users to add, edit, and modify colors and backgrounds, along with a number of drawing features including pen draw, line draw, eye drawing, multiple position, multiple colors, spotlights, and layer effects.

Clip Studio Paint is the winner >

Clip Studio Paint Features:

  • Large asset library
  • Extensive export opportunities
  • Painterly blending
  • Designed for drawing and painting
  • Brush engine with stabilizer

What is Clip Studio Paint?

clip studio paint interface

One function that this software has is the "Clip Art Preset" which allows me to either save the picture as a pre-designed clip art, or as an actual artwork.

The next best function of Clip Studio Paint is the "Clip Art Masking" function, which allows me to easily move elements on my desktop or document library just by selecting an item and moving the cursor over it. For example, I simply move the cursor over a document icon and choose "Clip Art Overlay". This will overlay the image on the selected area, giving me a seamless "overlay" effect while keeping my other options open.

The third function that I love is the "Clip Studio Brush Strokes" function, which allows me to select different drawing tools such as pens, pencils, markers, and even felt tip pens.

What is ArtRage?

artrage interface

Features include, Paint Shop, Masking Layer, Drawing History, Drawing Manager, Paint Styles, Fill Palette, Paint Noise Generator, Smart Trace, Batching, Save/Recycle Brushes, Layer Masking and a lot more. In short, ArtRage gives you endless freedom and features to transform your artworks into stunning visual masterpieces.

You can import/expose your artwork from any digital source such as PSD, WMF, PDF and even Paint. If you are using Paint to work with art, it will be easier to work with ArtRage because you only need to select "Paint" menu instead of going to "drawing tools".

You have control over everything from the colours used, the blending options, the 'overlay blend' option, the colour palette, and much more. The software gives you the ability to save your work as a new file or merge your artwork into other folders.


clip studio paint logo
artrage logo

Clip Studio Paint & ArtRage Features:

  • Thousands of built-in brushes
  • Gradient maps
  • layer blending modes
  • Non-destructive tonal adjustment layers
  • AI coloring
  • Natural media pencils
  • Charcoal effects
  • Transform, distort, and scale content
  • Track paint wetness and depth
  • Blending tool

Clip Studio Paint and ArtRage Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Clip Studio Paint offers dozens of templates and precise control over every element.

ArtRage can track moisture and paint depth and includes advanced mixing capabilities.