Adobe Presenter vs Lessonly

By Ann Young 7 days ago, Apps and Software

The information below will help you to compare Adobe Presenter vs Lessonly in order to choose the best variant.

Adobe Presenter is a powerful presentation tool that allows you to create, share, and edit slides and presentations in a matter of minutes.

Lessonly is a software, which is designed to help teachers, educators and parents to teach their subjects using a variety of teaching aids with using of the latest technologies.

Final Verdict:

Adobe Presenter is a complete software for creating a variety of educational activities, including courses, seminars, webinars, interactive exercises and much more. The site provides a large number of templates and video tutorials that will help you create your projects quickly and without unnecessary fuss.

Adobe Presenter is the winner >

Adobe Presenter Features:

  • Integration with Adobe Captivate
  • Creation of SRT files
  • Slide branching
  • Free content libraries
  • Video add-ons

What is Adobe Presenter?

adobe presenter interface

Course authoring features in Adobe Presenter make it possible to create, modify, and customize workbooks, project files, slides, presentations, and projects. Its slide viewer allows to view slides in different orientation and size.

Other important options include multiple taxonomies, tax calculation, and integration with QuickBooks. You can even integrate Adobe's customer relationship management (CRM) application with Adobe Presenter. The power of integrating Adobe applications such as Microsoft Project, Excel, PowerPoint, and web collaboration tools like SharePoint is only surpassed by its presentation and document authoring features that enable to transform your documents into professional-looking documents.

Adobe Presenter is able to use multiple data sources. This feature makes it possible to import external files such as scanned documents, text and images from multiple sources. With other course authoring software you need to separately extract these sources to combine them together. Adobe's expertise in image conversion services further enables it to provide fast and reliable conversion of image files to PDF and other electronic document formats.

What is Lessonly?

lessonly interface

The course authoring features of Lessonly include a number of advantages that are not available with many other similar programs. These options include live editing, a number of samples that can be used while viewing lessons and a number of different color schemes that are used throughout the course.

Each lesson comes with its own code that allows to download and print out the correct template that has been formatted with Lessonly. This feature alone makes this software more desirable because it creates a uniform experience for users that work across a number of platforms.

The Lessonly products include various types of e-books and videos for classroom purposes and for home use as well. E-books are accompanied by both text and image support, which make them easier to read on laptops and other portable devices. The company provides its software in both professional and user editions so that everyone can make use of it irrespective of their level of technical skill.


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Adobe Presenter & Lessonly Features:

  • Advanced Quiz Manager
  • Video recording
  • Automatic closed captioning
  • Publishing features
  • Third-party plugins support
  • Bulk uploading
  • Unlimited number of lessons
  • Tagging options
  • Smart groups making
  • Sharing capabilities

Adobe Presenter and Lessonly Price:

STARTING PRICE $14.99/month $300.00/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

One of Adobe Presenter’s main features is integrated viewer, which allows to view presentation on a variety of screens, including kiosks, tablets and LCD monitors. It also uses a number of different kinds of testing that ensure each lesson will function properly before allowing the final file to be distributed.