Adobe FrameMaker vs Lucidpress

Looking for a program to create brochures, flyers, business cards, and PDF presentations? I’ve compared Adobe FrameMaker vs Lucidpress, so read this detailed review to figure out which software is right for you.

Adobe FrameMaker is an electronic document editor designed primarily for editing and creating large or complex graphics, with integrated support for advanced graphic formats such as Postscript, PDF, PICT, TIFF, and GDI.

Lucidpress is an award-winning software allows users to create professional looking promotional materials for their businesses and personal products or even for other individuals. It's best uses are for printing newsletters, brochures and direct mail campaigns.

Which is Better? Final Verdict:

Adobe FrameMaker offers literally hundreds of templates to choose from, as well as hundreds of features, both useful and those you don't necessarily use on a regular basis. For example, there are tools to help you organize your documents into folders and subfolders. The software will also allow you to print your work as well as save and download it to a local printer.

Adobe FrameMaker is the winner >

Adobe FrameMaker Features:

  • Translation support
  • Smart Paste
  • XML support
  • Easily customizable tables
  • Autocomplete

What is Adobe FrameMaker?

adobe FrameMaker interface

While there are many other features available in the software, such as customizable widgets and toolbars, the most interesting feature is the "renderscale" tool. This tool makes your images look much better on the screen because it distorts the colors to the black and white format, resulting in the artworks looking much better.

Another one of the best functions of Adobe FrameMaker is its ability to adjust sizes and margins automatically. This powerful software is not only simple to learn, but also easy to use.

The latest version of this software also includes many other features, such as: Web-based Intranet and Extranet viewer, password protection for PDF files, advanced printing features, and automated PDF/PNG conversion.

What is Lucidpress?

lucidpress interface

If you need a website builder, Lucidpress is not the only one that can help. But, it does have a few extra functions that make it much better than its competitors. For example, you can add modules to your website that can help with search engine optimization (SEO). Other modules include categories for sorting your website pages, allowing users to change the color scheme for their pages, and adding a search bar for easy access to keywords.

One great feature of Lucidpress that I really like is the comment feature. This feature allows you to put a small comment in the box below every individual page. This comment box is visible to the person who lands on your website, giving them a direct connection to you.

The last major feature of Lucidpress that I am going to talk about is the back link counter. This feature takes into account all of the sites that link to your website and gives you an estimate of how many back links you have on those sites. 


adobe framemaker logo
lucidpress logo

Adobe FrameMaker & Lucidpress Features:

  • PDF export / import
  • Editing images
  • Multiple editing layers
  • Newsletters
  • View links
  • Animation
  • Asset categorization
  • Asset library
  • Catalog creation
  • Collaboration tools

Adobe FrameMaker and Lucidpress Price:

STARTING PRICE $29.99/month $10/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe FrameMaker is cross-platform and offers a dedicated attribute editor, as well as processing based on ready-made templates.

Lucidpress offers a large asset library, a simple catalog, and the ability to animate.