Adobe FrameMaker vs Oxygen XML Editor

By Ann Young 22 days ago, Apps and Software

Looking for an intuitive program to create layouts and pages for desktop and digital publishing? Check my Adobe FrameMaker vs Oxygen XML Editor overview and choose the right software for your work.

Adobe FrameMaker is software designed exclusively for editing and writing large or complex graphics, such as structured documents.

If you are looking for powerful, flexible, professional-looking and interactive electronic publication, then Oxygen XML Editor is one of the products that you should consider. It has all the features that you need for beautiful magazine design. This software is written in C++ with the ScrapBook engine.

Final Verdict:

The good thing about Adobe FrameMaker is that it is very user friendly and intuitive. The biggest feature of this software is the built-in pen tool that allows for creating calligraphy. Some other great features include high-resolution output and the ability to export text and images.

Adobe FrameMaker is the winner >

Adobe FrameMaker Features:

  • Styles inspector
  • Metadata
  • View links
  • Case sensitivity control
  • Styles and middle tables

What is Adobe FrameMaker?

adobe FrameMaker interface

Adobe FrameMaker is intended for both designers and coders because of its capability to combine text, images, layouts, and other graphic elements, all in the same document.

Some of functions include AutoShapes, Paths, Collaps, Styles, AutoFit Text, Fonts, Text formatting, Palettes, and Colors. The overall user interface is very straightforward that allows any person with minimum computer skills to use it.

This software also includes a large library of templates, hundreds of functions, and thousands of plugins that allow the software to be customized and personalized for specific purposes. In addition to these drawing features, the software provides support for a wide variety of color formats such as RGB, CMYK, grayscale, and others.

What is Oxygen XML Editor?

oxygen xml editor interface

Oxygen XML Editor provides a number of tools to help you create the visual appearance of your content, including toolbar, visual indicators, text frames, and so on.

There are many features to showcase that this product can make your tasks simpler and more enjoyable. Features include: professional toolkits that help you create a visually appealing newsletter, article authoring, image retouching, page layout software, layout conversion, and much more.

When it comes to the toolbar, you can select a number of different styles, such as: standard toolbar, centered toolbar, expandable toolbar, or even toggle buttons for easy switching. You can also choose between a number of different color schemes, and you can change the size and spacing of elements with the grid options available with Oxygen XML Editor.


adobe framemaker logo
oxygen xml editor logo

Adobe FrameMaker & Oxygen XML Editor Features:

  • Responsive layouts
  • Thumbnail support
  • Integration with Vimeo and YouTube
  • XHTML theme editing
  • Dynamic development modes
  • Works just like Adobe InDesign
  • Excellent color management options
  • Ideal for print documents and interactive PDFs
  • Easy to use
  • Interactive layouts

Adobe FrameMaker and Oxygen XML Editor Price:

STARTING PRICE $29.99/month $99
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe FrameMaker can handle database formats and perform multi-layer editing.

Oxygen XML Editor offers great color management, PDF support and interactive layouts.