Adobe FrameMaker vs Crello

By Ann Young 4 days ago, Apps and Software

Choosing between a basic and professional application for creating designs and page layouts? Don’t know what software to choose – with ready-made plugins or manually customizable tools? I’ve compared Adobe FrameMaker vs Crello, and I'm ready to tell you what tasks each software is suitable for.

Adobe FrameMaker is a popular document editing and publishing software designed mainly for writing and editing complex or large documents, such as highly structured documents. However, it also includes a lot of tools that can be used for basic office needs, such as making simple forms or even emailing attachments.

Crello is an easy-to-use, fast and affordable internet marketing software that allows you to create graphs and page layouts. With Crello, you get over 30,000 high quality templates for everything from blogging to social media and more.

Final Verdict:

One can import text, images, video, audio files and any other type of file into the software. The Adobe FrameMaker software allows the user to create a number of different projects, each relating to a specific file. It allows the user to save the file directly to a particular location or as a PDF file

Adobe FrameMaker is the winner >

Adobe FrameMaker Features:

  • Dynamic preview
  • Structural rods
  • SharePoint CMS support
  • Cloud hosted
  • Cross-platform

What is Adobe FrameMaker?

adobe FrameMaker interface

Adobe FrameMaker is a general-purpose document processor mainly designed for editing and creating large or complex graphical documents, such as vectorized layouts. Aside from the user-friendly design and ease-of-use, this software is also considered as one of the best tools for designing advertisements.

The main features of the software are the AutoShape tool, the Shape Manager, the Track Changes tool, the Document Viewer, the Advanced Features, and the Tracking History.

Adobe FrameMaker software comes with six standard templates for designing business documents, web pages, presentations, and the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) document format. These templates are very useful for those who are new to this software package. The software allows the user to rotate, flip, and zoom all kinds of elements in the documents. Additionally, the software features an interface for third party tools and an integrated search tool for finding a particular document.

What is Crello?

crello interface

The reason that so many entrepreneurs are taking notice of this highly-functional marketing software is simple: the best functions are packed into a user-friendly package. Crello is available in three different versions, each targeting a different audience and unique set of needs: Crello Store, Pro and Enterprise.

With Crello, you get over 30,000 high-quality templates for everything from blogging to social networking and more. What will allow you to create videos, graphics, and animated backgrounds to fit your individual marketing needs.

The key function for any website is the ability to display graphics, videos and animations and to have these elements react to the visitors in a meaningful way that is enjoyable for them.


adobe framemaker logo
crello logo

Adobe FrameMaker & Crello Features:

  • Integration with Word
  • Workflow automation
  • Autocomplete
  • Object snapping / grouping
  • Smoother DITA creation process
  • Ready-made templates
  • Free, premium, and stock photo library
  • Manage designs with your team
  • Upload custom fonts
  • Icons library

Adobe FrameMaker and Crello Price:

STARTING PRICE $29.99/month $7.99/month
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FixThePhoto Choice:

Adobe FrameMaker is built on a powerful 64-bit architecture for a smoother DITA creation process.

With Crello, you can manage your project with your entire team, upload and edit your own fonts, and use ready-made templates.