IQhashtags Tool Review 2022: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 23 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: IQhastags is a good choice for handling Instagram hashtags and analytics. I like how easily you can employ it to devise and implement an array of promising, well-performing hashtag strategies. It also provides terrific, in-depth profile analytics.

Another benefit of the IQhashtags tool is that it fine-tunes the offered hashtags to your profile and interests while the search feature makes it incredibly simple to find relevant tags. If you’ve noticed a significant drop in your audience growth, this is the solution you need.

  • Smart and quick hashtag search
  • Tags are fine-tuned to your profile
  • Discover your best-performing hashtags
  • Monitor the growth of your profile
  • Prevent shadow bans
  • Limited free version
iqhashtags tool interface

IQhashtags lets you monitor the tiniest details of your profile growth. This tool even allows you to save different sets of hashtags for various purposes – a fantastic timesaver. You can use it to devise and implement efficient, high-performing hashtag strategies with ease to achieve previously unseen success.

IQhashtags Tool: Main Benefits

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Adding relevant hashtags is essential for expanding your reach and making your content more visible. You have to properly utilize hashtags if you want to maximize the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns. Determining and employing hashtags that are currently trending among your target audience is a must.

Avoid the mistake of spending hours looking for popular photography hashtags using the Instagram app. If you want relevant hashtags, you need a pro-grade hashtag program. IQhashtags allows you to avoid reaching out to digital marketing agencies since it provides all the data you require to hone your content strategy.

Track Hashtags’ Performance to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

iqhashtags tool hashtag performance

Before you can judge the efficiency of your hashtags, you first have to learn how well they are performing. Are you picking the optimal ones? Are they being searched for by your target audience? IQhashtags offers a feature specifically for this purpose, as it lets you evaluate which hashtags provide the best results and have delivered the largest reach for your posts. It’s no wonder this is among the most popular Instagram marketing tools for rapid growth.

The Hashtag Performance feature lets you examine the relation between the time you made a post, user engagement, and hashtag efficiency. It also provides data regarding whether specific hashtags allowed you to earn a top 9 spot in their respective categories. Additionally, this feature lets you know what is the best ranking reached by each hashtag.

Another benefit is the ability to check your current position in recent posts based on specific hashtags. This solution provides an immense amount of feedback regarding your hashtag choice and allows you to make informed, strategic decisions based on the received information.

I appreciate the ability to analyze the performance of my posts within the 3 initial hours, 1 day, 3 days, and 1 week after being posted. Hashtag Performance is an incredibly advanced feature for businesses, agencies, and individual Instagram photographers.

Ability to Organize Your Hashtags by Categories

IQhashtags provides immediate access to a rundown of your best-performing hashtags and helps you determine relevant tags for your content within seconds. The Hashtag Collections feature lets you organize hashtags based on various, logical categories, which you can later add to your content in a single click. This feature lets you create and curate hashtag lists that apply to different posts types, for instance, you can create a special collection for wedding hashtag ideas, and so on.

You’ll no longer have to browse through dozens of notes on your smartphone while going from one app to another, or need to spend hours of your time trying to come up with appropriate hashtags on your own. With this tool, your hashtags can all be stored in one place while being neatly divided into categories. You can dedicate the time you would have spent on typing in hashtags to creating new content and writing interesting captions.

After you’ve determined which hashtags provide the best results and help you reach your target audience, this solution lets you save them for future usage. It also allows you to put together dedicated lists that you can fill with relevant hashtags that match specific types of content.

Afterward, you can copy the entire list to a post or only some of the featured keywords, thus saving time on having to look for them all over again or having to type in each of them manually. IQhashtags lets you create between 1 and 72 such lists, which can be later organized based on their subject or any other parameter you have in mind.

Advanced Search Capabilities to Search for Relevant Hashtags

iqhashtags tool advanced search

To fully utilize the benefits of hashtags, you have to pick them thoughtfully. Otherwise, you won't receive the results you expect and won't see any audience growth. Performing keyword research shouldn't necessarily require a lot of time, which is something this solution proves with ease.

If you're interested in finding hashtags that are appropriate for your topic, Hashtag Search lets you do so in the most intuitive and convenient way possible: you simply have to type in a single hashtag that you already have or a general keyword from the relevant niche. To give you an example of how this process works, let’s imagine you want to use the hashtag #portraitphotos.

Once you do so, you’ll be presented with a broad array of photography-related hashtags. Additionally, this tool lets you check out the exact number of times that all similar hashtags have been featured up until now. It’s a groundbreaking feature that also lets you add every hashtag from the search results while sorting them from most to least popular or vice versa.

The presented hashtags can also be sorted based on various criteria like the average like count, average comment count, and the of number times a keyword was used in your posts. Another benefit of this solution is the ability to view currently trending hashtags, which let you know what keywords you can use right now to expand your reach.

Taking advantage of popular hashtags is almost always a great idea as long as they are relevant to your posts. Thoughtfully chosen hashtags will improve the discoverability of your content and this tool can do wonders for helping you achieve that goal.

Detailed Profile Analytics to Grow Your Account

iqhashtags tool profile analysis

The Profile Analysis Feature lets you examine crucial stats that are of interest to anyone who wants to have a successful Instagram account. You’ll be able to check out not only general data but also a lot of smaller parameters that will help you obtain a wealth of valuable “behind the scenes” knowledge.

This feature allows you to monitor the engagement rate of your content, evaluate its fluctuations, and determine the reasons behind both positive and negative trends. As a result, you’ll easily see how much engagement increases when you create new posts and examine what type of content yields the best results so that you can make appropriate adjustments in the future.

This feature is also used for getting an overview of your most-used hashtags. Most of the data is provided in percentages so you can learn facts like “You’ve used the "x" keyword in over 45% of your posts". By possessing such knowledge, you’ll be able to make more conscious hashtag decisions.

Additionally, the Profile Analysis tool lets you know the specific number of banned hashtags included in the captions while providing an in-depth breakdown with links to each specific post, making the process of removing banned hashtags a lot simpler and faster.

You can employ IQhashtags to check what influencers are subscribed to you. Once you see who is interested in your posts, you might take advantage of this opportunity to reach out to them, collaborate with them, do some cross-promotion, etc.

List of Banned Hashtags to Increase Post Visibility

iqhashtags tool banned hashtags

Each time you add a banned hashtag, you’re simply wasting the opportunity of exposing your content to new users – potential subscribers and customers – since said hashtag won’t be doing anything at all. It won’t allow you to appear on the Explore Page and if you add banned keywords frequently, your profile might be tagged by the app’s algorithm as a spam-posting one.

IQhashtags provides a Banned Hashtags tool that is incredibly simple and convenient to use. You merely need to type in the hashtags while dividing them with spaces or commas, or you can paste a selection of hashtags that you’ve put together previously (for instance, from your smartphone’s notes or an Instagram editor).

I appreciate this feature’s ability to analyze the hashtags in real-time, meaning you’ll receive the data from the latest, official sources and if an additional hashtag was introduced to the banned list even an hour ago, it will already be recognized.

The usage of banned keywords can significantly lower your content’s visibility so if your goal is to boost your profile’s growth, you should dedicate maximum effort to avoid including banned hashtags regardless of what your post is about. This tool simplifies that task to the maximum, as it allows you to locate banned hashtags in a matter of seconds – add it to your arsenal, and won't have to think about this problem again.

IQhashtags Tool: Prices

IQhashtags provides 4 reasonably-priced subscription plans, allowing everyone to find a suitable option for their needs and budget.

FREE - $0. 1 Instagram profile, hashtag search and metrics, banned hashtags checker, hashtag collections.

STARTER - $5 a month. 1 Instagram profile, hashtag search and metrics, banned hashtags checker, hashtag collections, hashtag performance every 7 days.

GROWTH - $6 a month. 2 Instagram profiles, hashtag search and metrics, banned hashtags checker, hashtag collections, hashtag performance every 48 hours.

PRO - $12 a month. 5 Instagram profiles, hashtag search and metrics, banned hashtags checker, hashtag collections, and hashtag performance every 24 hours.