6 Best Audio Restoration Software in 2023

Does it make sense to buy the best audio restoration software? Do such programs work similarly to photo restoration software? What tools do they have? This software is not an urgent need, because as a rule, people tend to record audio in a special studio, where good sound quality is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, sometimes sound turns out to be too low or high, which leads to distortion and noise at a louder volume. As a result, recorded audio tracks come in low quality with interference or background sounds audible even if you use the best laptop for music production. We may hear such interferences as noise from a microphone touching a host’s clothing or the sound of the wind that comes directly to the microphone. These are just a few examples that the best audio restoration software can help you deal with.

Top 6 Audio Restoration Software

  1. Adobe Audition - Industry leader
  2. iZotope RX 8 - Features cutting-edge technologies for post production
  3. Accusonus ERA - For sound professionals
  4. Todd-AO Absentia - Drag and drop interface
  5. SoundSoap 5 - Easy to use
  6. Cedar Studio - Grandfather of noise-reduction

In this article, you will find both standalone programs and plug-ins, and a few more software that combines both options. Each software will help you restore the audio sound and get rid of the noise.

1. Adobe Audition - Our Choice

Industry leader
  • Has an excellent noise reduction plugin
  • Offers a number of ways to edit sections of audio
  • Integration with other Adobe products
  • Intuitive interface
  • None

Verdict: Adobe Audition is a powerful audio editing and recording software that can be used to fix common audio problems, such as digital noise, echoes, missing files and other common audio problems. Despite its simplicity, the software is surprisingly powerful and versatile for any level of expertise. It's simple user interface makes it easy to operate, and you can get great results from this powerful program. Unlike many other Adobe Audition alternatives, Adobe Audition has a number of advanced tools for improving your quality of sound, as well as several audio restoration features.

adobe audition interface

2. iZotope RX 8

Features cutting-edge technologies for post production
  • Music Rebalance is magical
  • Easy to use
  • Decides age-old music recording problems
  • Repair Assistant has a limited palette of tools

Verdict: Used on millions of records, movies, and television shows to clean up noisy, scratched audio to pristine quality, iZotope RX8 audio restoration software is a powerful post-production powerhouse. With the latest versions 8, new sound processing tools, capabilities of advanced noise reduction software and more powerful processors than ever, RX brings even more power and intelligence to music and mastering than ever before. Simply identify and fix problems in the standalone RX Audio Editor program, or utilize the in-built plug-in applications in your favorite DAW or other music production environment.

izotope rx 8 interface

3. Accusonus ERA

For sound professionals
  • Offers both fast and high-quality processing
  • Foolproof one-knob interfaces
  • Excellent for sorting dialogue and vocals
  • Standard Bundle is a bargain
  • No ‘difference’ monitoring for the four Standard plugins

Verdict: Accusonus ERA audio restoration software comes with different premium quality tracks, which are created using the most recent technologies and tried and tested samples from the industry's most respected recording artists and engineers. The software is also packed with a multitude of musical effects and tools to make your audio recordings top notch. In addition, it also comes with an extensive library featuring acoustic instruments, piano sounds, classic songs, and more.

accusonus era audio restoration software interface

4. Todd-AO Absentia

Drag and drop interface
  • Removes obvious hums
  • Completely different take on cleaning up audio
  • Stand-alone application, it's not a plug-in
  • Can process files and not modify the metadata
  • Not for everyone

Verdict: Todd-AO Absentia audio restoration software is relatively inexpensive. This is especially helpful considering that most electronic components cost more than music or movies. It's a great program to have around the house so that you can instantly restore any files whenever you want. There are a ton of benefits when it comes to Todd-AO Absentia audio restoration software and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a solution to their audio related problems.

todd-ao absentia audio restoration software interface

5. SoundSoap 5

Easy to use
  • Works fast
  • Interface is great
  • Produces results in real time
  • Only for professional use

Verdict: SoundSoap 5 is a powerful sound editing and podcast recording software which are considered by many computer technicians as the best out there for sound editing and restoration. SoundSoap is not only designed to give you high quality sound, it is also very user friendly with an intuitive interface. With this amazing sound program, you will be able to create professional sound effects, record and edit sounds, and even add additional music tracks to your recorded music tracks.

soundsoap 5 audio restoration software interface

6. Cedar Studio

Grandfather of noise-reduction
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Easy restore process
  • Expensive subscription
  • Expensive

Verdict: If you are searching for a high-end audio editing software, the Cedar Studio could be the solution. This revolutionary product is designed by professional sound experts and is guaranteed to give your music that special quality it deserves. The software has numerous features that will help you make the most of your studio recording sessions. Among the many benefits of using this audio restoration tool are its user-friendly interface and the fact that it uses state-of-the-art technology. This program makes editing and mixing a breeze, and even for those who have no musical experience it is very easy to use.

cedar studio audio restoration software interface