Clip Studio Paint vs Epic Pen

Searching for a simple program to draw and take notes right on your desktop? Then you should pay attention to my Clip Studio Paint vs Epic Pen comparative analysis in order to choose the right software for your needs.

Clip Studio Paint is an excellent digital painting software that's been slowly growing in popularity and momentum over recent months. This software enables users to not only save and edit their own work, but to also manipulate and combine photographs, illustrations, text, and clip art.

Epic Pen is a very handy and easy-to-use desktop drawing program. You can add notes, create mailing lists, capture photos and clipart from the internet and a lot more.

Final Verdict:

One of the features that makes this software so great is the built-in image viewer that it has. The Tablet PC software comes with an easy to use "drawing" tool as well as an extensive library of paint brushes and design tools.

Clip Studio Paint is the winner >

Clip Studio Paint Features:

  • Customizable brush options
  • Helpful vector tools
  • Extensive coloring options
  • Huge user base and community
  • Lots of free downloadable assets

What is Clip Studio Paint?

clip studio paint interface

Clip Studio Paint comes with several "premade" effects, four unique colors and an extensive library of sounds and clips. The Paint library can be fully customized to include everything you need to create professional looking designs and artwork, or to start out with and customize any feature you desire.

There are many other features such as "undo," "paste," and "copy/paste" and a huge number of tools that are available when you buy the software. Color wheels are also supported, allowing you to adjust and alter the colors of objects in the video or picture that you are editing.

The Paint application allows you to edit and delete any part of a picture or artwork you choose, as well as add text or a caption to a picture.

What is Epic Pen?

epic pen interface

The software has all the standard features you would expect from a drawing program such as layers, brushes, gradient tools, line tools, erase, resizing and auto complete. Other features include undo, draw anywhere, zoom and tilt. It also comes with support for both Windows and Mac.

One of the key features of the software that I find very useful is its desktop drawing capability. You can draw on the screen with the touch of a finger. Other features of Epic Pen (continent-view drawing, screen drawing, layer/foreground/fill tools) are quite useful also, if you don't want to draw directly on your computer screen.

Other nice features of the software are that it has a number of preset tools and styles to choose from. I really like the chalkboard style erase tool, it's great for erasing pencil markings or making quick notes. I also really like the wide variety of drawing styles, it's great for doing different effects, be it drawing lines, wrinkles or beigeen colors or just freehand style.


clip studio paint logo
epic pen logo

Clip Studio Paint & Epic Pen Features:

  • New 3D capability
  • New frame-by-frame animation
  • Realistic pen strokes to draw with
  • A vast array of rulers
  • Import Photoshop brushes
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Regulating pen pressure
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Easy learning curve
  • Real-time editing

Clip Studio Paint and Epic Pen Price:

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FixThePhoto Choice:

Clip Studio Paint supports pen and tilt pressures and allows you to create custom 3D links, making it a leader in this race.

The Epic Pen is touchscreen compatible and features a pen pressure adjustment that opens up more possibilities for artists.