7 Best Online Math Classes for Kids to Learn in 2024

Maths lessons online are good because the student can master new knowledge at a pace that suits him. You don’t have to only learn something new with them, you can turn to them to refresh the knowledge you already have, or to work out gaps in learning. The advantage is that your teacher will always be in touch with you, this is where online learning is superior to offline.

Top 7 Online Math Classes for Kids

  1. Brighterly - Skillful combination of learning and entertainment
  2. Think Academy - Offers highly interactive lessons
  3. Mathnasium - Effective own development methods
  4. Revolution Prep - Highly qualified teachers
  5. Tutor Doctor - Consulting lesson for free
  6. Skooli - High-end digital teaching rooms
  7. Prodigy - Offers to play math games for free

To choose the best online math classes for kids, you need to pay special attention to friendly and fast student support, in addition to meeting your child’s learning needs. Help from the teacher must be provided as soon as possible so that the student does not get lost himself and does not lose interest in learning mathematics. I have collected the most popular and reliable online courses, reviews of which inspire confidence in the quality of service and training.

1. Brighterly – Our Choice

Skillful combination of learning and entertainment
  • Comes with placement testing to provide more personalized learning
  • Highly skilled and friendly teachers
  • Personalized schedule
  • Practical notebooks for more effective self-learning
  • None

Verdict: Brighterly employs top-notch US math teachers with years of experience to bring to your children. Their teaching methods are to be commended as they inspire children’s interest in learning through fun. Turning to them, you will forever stop worrying about your child’s grades in mathematics. What’s more, the cost of one lesson starts from only $20.

It is easy for children to learn a new, even such a complex subject as mathematics because teachers explain everything in detail in simple words and formulations. In addition to theoretical knowledge, your children will also gain practical skills and tricks that will simplify mental counting and so on. Be sure that all mathematics tests will be excellent, because fun and games help to master the material, and the resulting love for the exact sciences will doom your child’s future to success.

brighterly online math classes for kids interface

2. Think Academy

Offers highly interactive lessons
  • Individual assessment of knowledge for free
  • Summing up and reviewing lessons
  • Home and practical tasks
  • Contact with the teacher
  • You can get confused about tuition fees

Verdict: This is one of the best online math programs elementary with a focus on children with their individual approaches and scientific methods. Their team develops really interesting and comprehensive training programs and pays great attention to dividing students into groups according to their level of knowledge to make the process even more effective. For 1 course you will have to pay $50 and more.

The platform provides small virtual prizes to encourage student progress, which can also be tracked in regular learning reports. Here they give preference to learning in groups, improving the ability to participate in a team, which also positively affects the communication skills of the child in addition to mathematics knowledge.

think academy online math classes for kids interface

3. Mathnasium

Effective own development methods
  • Personalized learning program
  • Over 1 thousand offices around the globe
  • Do not use rote techniques
  • Math knowledge level evaluation
  • Location-dependent cost

Verdict: Mathnasium has invented a fundamentally new approach to the study of mathematics. They base it on the knowledge that the child has already acquired, consolidating it, filling in all possible gaps, carefully working through them, and proceeding to expand their scientific thinking with the gradual introduction of new knowledge.

This approach can help any child, regardless of age and knowledge level. What’s more, it also works for different purposes, whether for children who have difficulty understanding mathematics, those who do understand something but not everything, and even those who are well versed but want to consolidate the result. Mathematical knowledge as such, and its positive “consequences” can radically change the life of a child who realizes how many doors open before him with these abilities. The price for 1 lesson is about $25 – 35.

mathnasium online math classes for kids interface

4. Revolution Prep

Highly qualified teachers
  • Individual and in-team lessons
  • Full-time teachers with many teaching hours
  • On-demand video lessons & drop-in options
  • Satisfied feedback regarding exam preparation
  • Purchase starts from 5 lessons
revolution prep online math classes for kids
Revolution Prep

Verdict: Among the best online math programs for elementary, there is one that stands out for its full-time teaching staff, and that is Revolution Prep. The creators of this online learning platform made a bet on a full-time job and did not fail, because in this way teachers are even more devoted to the common cause, which cannot but affect the academic performance and success of students. This resource offers its services for $1,398 and up for 12 lessons.

As for the program, the team is incorporating more and more fun elements into the learning to keep the kids interested. They are provided with plenty of props to help them master the material and have fun immersing in the world of mathematics. Your child will definitely not be left without attention, because Revolution Prep prefers small groups to devote as much time as possible to everyone. Progress is tracked online or weekly using video reports.

revolution prep online math classes for kids interface

5. Tutor Doctor

Consulting lesson for free
  • Individual learning schedule
  • Education plan to fit your need with live teachers
  • Protected place for learning online
  • Guaranteed results
  • High-cost programs
tutor doctor online math classes for kids
Tutor Doctor

Verdict: Tutor Doctor uses the most personalized methods at every stage of learning, from scheduling to adjusting to your own pace and learning style. In addition to working on the courses, your child will have a lot of homework, because they believe that this is the best way to consolidate the knowledge gained in the courses. The price range for classes starts at $40 and ends at $80.

The inculcation of academic discipline is the goal of the platform team, and it is achieved largely through independent work with materials provided by Tutor Doctor. What’s more, you will always have a recording of your lesson with the teacher at hand. Including parents in the learning process is also an interesting approach – the team will tell you how to help your child and provide all the necessary infographics you will need to share this journey with your kid.

tutor doctor online math classes for kids interface

6. Skooli

High-end digital teaching rooms
  • Automatic backups
  • It is available for business and personal
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality
  • Expensive subscription
skooli online math classes for kids

Verdict: What if you are not looking for mathematics programs for kids, but need one-time help for your child with solving some math problems? Then Skooli is what you need. A one-time mini-lesson is very convenient for everyone: both the teacher and the student enter the digital classroom, where they can draw, share files and communicate both in text and voice. Upon completion, the student can view the recording of the lesson from their laptop for online classes.

The team consists of teachers throughout the country who have the appropriate qualifications and certificates of no criminal record, etc. The cost of such a mini-lesson is formed very easily - $1 per minute, and the minimum lesson duration is 15 minutes. Thus, this is a godsend for those who do not need help on an ongoing basis, but only occasional hints.

skooli online math classes for kids interface

7. Prodigy

Offers to play math games for free
  • Programs for 1-8 grade students
  • Preparation for exams according to standards
  • Assessing the level of knowledge before training
  • Hints and text speech options
  • No emphasis on mathematical thinking
prodigy online math classes for kids

Verdict: For those who are not suited to group learning, we advise you to take a closer look at Prodigy with its focus on individual lessons. Here they will build a training plan for your kid that fully corresponds to his level of knowledge and will take him to a whole new level. They can unleash the mathematical potential of your child and make him confident in his knowledge.

1 lesson at Prodigy lasts 30 minutes and costs $30. In addition to the lesson itself, you will also receive in return all the necessary notes and a roadmap for the next lessons. You choose the time and day for each next lesson for your child, and also always stay up to date with his progress and the next topics of study. What children especially like about Prodigy learning app for kids is the online math game, which motivates the student even more.

prodigy online math classes for kids interface