How to Reverse a Video in Adobe Express in 4 Easy Steps

By Eva Williams 20 days ago, Software reviews

To reverse a video in Adobe Express will come in handy for those who need to rewind video clips without any hassle. By reversing videos, it is possible to achieve impressive effects that can serve various purposes. With Adobe Express reversing your clips is a speedy and easy procedure that requires minimal effort.

Step 1. Select Video

select video to reverse video in adobe cс express

To begin with, select files your need to process and upload them to Adobe Express reverse tool.

The video reverse software supports almost any video format, so you can rewind MPEG, MP4, QuickTime, Windows Media, and other file types without trouble.

But it is important to remember that the length of the clip cannot exceed one hour. Moreover, Adobe Express can work with audio.

Step 2. Wait for the Video Uploading

upload video to reverse video in adobe cс express

An automatic video import will take some time.

Step 3. Edit Your Reversed Clip

edit reverse video in adobe cс express

By altering the speed of the reversed file, you can play with effects. Take advantage of the preview mode to access the result and go on editing if you would like to make some additional corrections.

Use the trimming tool to cut the video to the required length. With easy-to-adjust handlebars, the precise configuration of the parameters is a cinch.

If you do not want to deal with weird audio results, choose the Mute option to turn the sound off so that a newly created clip won’t contain any sound.

This video editing software allows editing clips like a professional in a blink of an eye. Besides, it is absolutely free.

Step 4. Click Download

download reversed video in adobe cс express

Once you’ve put a video in reverse in Adobe Express and the result satisfies all your requirements, click Download. A new video will appear on your PC.


  • • Can I use a phone to reverse a video?

Adobe Express is optimized for both desktop and mobile environments. Launch the app, select a video for importing and reverse it.

  • • Is it possible to rewind the time-lapse video?

Yes, Adobe Express is capable of reversing time-lapse clips too. If you need to make a time-lapse video from a clip at a regular speed, the reverse video tool can also help you increase its rate to achieve the desired effect.

  • • Is it possible to reverse a slow-mo clip?

Yes, Adobe Express can cope with this task too. By experimenting with various speed options, it is possible to turn a standard video into a stunning slow-mo.

  • • Do I need to download and install Adobe Express?

The developers eliminated the hassle of downloading and installing Adobe Express, offering it as a web application that can be accessed from any web browser. So you can process files right on an official website. But at first, create an account and sign in.

  • • Is Adobe Express available for free?

Yes, you can take advantage of a free plan that is available for everyone. It covers numerous templates, many Adobe Stock pictures, editing features, effects, etc. Navigate to the official website and learn about all the available packages.

  • • Is Adobe Express available in many languages?

Adobe Express has been translated into multiple languages. These are English, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Japanese, German, French, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, Korean, Dutch, Chinese Traditional, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Finnish.

  • • Will I lose access to my Adobe Stock photos if I decide to return to a free Adobe Express package?

Once your paid membership is canceled, you can only use a free version of the tool. However, all already imported images will be available for usage. So, access to them won’t be restricted.

If you want to add some new Adobe images to your design, only pics from a free collection will be available. These images are indicated with a crown icon. If eligible, the licensed images in your Adobe Stock License History will be also available for viewing. You can download this collection any time you need it.