Adobe CC Express vs iMovie: Which Tool is Better

Comparing Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs iMovie, I discerned that both programs offer many clip editing features. However, the Adobe product is fitted with advanced tools, allowing users to replace backgrounds, add branding elements, create animated text, experiment with fonts, and even print and share PDF documents. Its opponent is wholly focused on working with video content on Mac, iOS, and iPadOS devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a go-to program for small companies, freelancers partaking in commercial projects, bloggers, and aspiring design amateurs. You can use a web version or mobile applications to create social media posts and marketing materials in a quick way by simply adjusting provided template.

iMovie is unrivaled if you want to create styled clips with titles, smooth transitions, and matching sound effects. It is positioned as a clip editing program with a variety of effects, 4K support, and audio editing tools. There are 13 high-quality video filters that you can use to jazz up your clips with vintage touches, western vibes, or fun comic looks.

What Is Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

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Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a cloud-based platform for managing video files. You can access it through browsers or perform clip editing in mobile apps (you can download them from App Store). The program has all major video and audio editing tools included in different software from the Adobe Suite. The instruments are located on a user-friendly interface. Besides, choosing this program in the Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs iMovie competition, you also receive access to Adobe Stock and Adobe Fonts.

If you mainly create Instagram Stories, YouTube thumbnails, and commercial ads, it can fully satisfy your needs. Adobe CC Express comes with a collection of templates that make the process of creating varied social media posts a breeze. You may have come across the Creative Cloud Express vs Photoshop comparison but everything is pretty clear there. While Photoshop is designed to cater to the needs of experts, CC Express is absolutely beginner-friendly.

  • adobe creative cloud express interface
  • adobe creative cloud express interface

    Adobe Creative Cloud Express: Pros and Cons

    Terrific customization. The workspace is neatly organized, so the getting-used-to stage won’t take long. The left part is occupied by elements you can add to a project. It refers to Adobe Stock photos (opens in new tab), B&W icons, backgrounds, etc. The right side houses pre-made color palettes, tools for animating designs, layouts, and design options. All previews are displayed in the center. The layout is adapted to desktop and mobile environments but the features are identical.

    Standard clip editing. Though CC Express can’t pride itself on offering advanced clip editing features, it perfectly copes with cutting and splicing clips and converting them to GIFs. You can also add text but it is placed either in the center or corners by default. Besides, it is impossible to change the font styles as they are automatically chosen in accordance with the applied theme. The voiceover option is linked to a mic on your device and you can record audio and then add it to a clip. As for the animation section, you can slightly modify text and images, add typewriter, fade, zoom, and pan effects.

    Similar to iMovie, this program allows expediting some processes, including trimming, resizing, video merging, conversion to GIF, and reversing. But such capabilities can hardly satisfy demanding experts, who usually need cutting-edge tools.

    Users can add various elements to a project. After choosing a template, you can personalize it by adding different elements such as text, shapes, icons, photos, music, and design assets. You can create an original text in a basic editor or use pre-designed options and simply drag and drop them into the composition. The section with design assets includes ready-to-use textures, overlays, frames, and brushes. If needed, you can customize them.

    Lots of images and fonts. No matter what package you choose, they all include license-free images and fonts but the number may vary. For instance, the Premium package comprises 20K fonts and 175 million pictures accessible via Adobe Stock. The best part is that all collections are regularly updated.

    Different export options. Once done, you can output your projects in PNG, JPG, PDF, and MP4. Alternatively, you can share your clips online right from the app. There is no info concerning the file size and quality, which may spike confusion. Besides, it is impossible to export files as GIFs. As for import, the program accepts only common file types, which seems limiting.

    Decent support. If you use a free version and face any perplexing issues along the way, you should check out the FAQ section. There are recommendations for the most common scenarios. Paid members can get in touch with managers via a live chat or phone to get the timely assistance.

    Few features in a free version.

    What Is iMovie?

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    If you want to complement your projects with videos or images, perform 1-click trimming, add beautiful transitions, and make sound fade, you should definitely opt for iMovie in the Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs iMovie battle. Here, you can also import and edit ProRes video2 and Apple ProRAW images. Similar to the Adobe program, this video editing software for Mac has pre-designed templates for streamlined video production.

    The program can fully satisfy the demands of companies of all sizes when it comes to creating videos. The updated version has comic book style filters and soundtracks, so you can create videos that resemble specific films. Some users compare Adobe Premiere Pro vs iMovie, since both programs offer lots of handy tools and functions. However, the former is more suitable for advanced clip editing, while iMovie is great for simpler processes.

    • imovie interface
    • imovie interface

      iMovie: Pros and Cons

      Neat interface. Users can hide some tools if they don’t need them at the moment. Thus, the working area will be clean and organized. The interface is dark by default and there are 2 tabs in the center of the window – for Media and Projects. The left part of the Project section is a large button in the form of a plus. By clicking on it, you will see 2 options – New Movie and New Trailer. To upload files, you need to click the down arrow icon.

      Great effects and enhancement features. The package of integrated special effects and enhancements is sufficient for embellishing any video. Besides, there are 10 high-quality filters and 8 themes with music and sound effects. You can add audio to a clip to create a specific mood.

      Adjustable elements. If you need video content that speaks for your brand, you should use logos, cast names, and credit rolls. Adding them to clips is a no-brainer task in iMovie. You can choose a suitable template from the gallery and then customize it. Templates cover a variety of genres and help express a specific mood. Making the needed adjustments, you will receive one-of-a-kind videos.

      Titles and audio to choose from. Text and titling functions in the program are up to standard. There are different title styles, so you are free to choose the one that perfectly meets your current project. There is a preview option to ascertain you’ve selected properly. You can make titles animated, as well as change fonts, sizes, and alignment.

      People-detection feature. Though it is impossible to find a specific person and their identities, the tool still does a great job at tracking characters in movies and tagging them to define their number and distance from a camera. However, the process may take some time as iMovie has to scan every clip to provide info about a person in question.

      Quick sharing. If you want to show your clips to your relative, friends, or followers, you can share them through iCloud Drive, AirDrop, social media networks, and video-sharing platforms.

      Poor quality enhancement.

      Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs iMovie: Price

      adobe creative cloud express vs imovie price

      Adobe CC Express is available for free. Such a version comes with basic features only. So, you can access all offered images and templates, as well as use 2GB of storage. There are CC Express mobile apps and in-browser versions.

      CC Express Premium costs $9.99/mo or $99.99/year. For this money, you receive premium templates and design assets, graphic groups, 20K+ licensed Adobe Fonts, tools to refine cutout & resize videos, as well as 100GB of cloud storage. You can test the program for free for 30 days.

      Keep in mind that the software is a part of many Adobe app suits, so if you have subscribed earlier, check out the programs at your disposal.

      iMovie works on Mac and OS platforms for free.

      Adobe Creative Cloud Express vs iMovie: Who Wins?

      There is no one-size-fits-all program, so the choice depends on your demands and skills. Adobe CC Express is a user-friendly program for preparing marketing and promotion materials without performing complicated tasks. So, if you need high-quality designs but don’t want to grapple with sophisticated mechanisms, you should opt for this software.

      iMovie will surely interest users with little-to-no experience, who aspire to create attention-grabbing marketing video content. Everything is super simple here.

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