Adobe Express vs Fiilmora: What to Use in 2023

If you compare Adobe Express vs Filmora, you will see that both programs are suitable for enhancing video content, however, they were designed for different purposes and have different learning curves.

Adobe Express is an easy-to-use web-based video editing service that will come in handy for novice users and professionals who need to streamline and speed up their workflow. However, it doesn’t have some pro-level tools, which makes it hardly suitable for those who work on complex projects. You can use it for designing eye-catching images for social networks and creating informative slideshows.

Filmora was created for people that already have some experience in editing videos. It’s not widely used by beginners because of the steep learning curve. While it has an extensive toolset, it might take you a while until you master it. Besides, it doesn’t support many integrations with other services and has convoluted sharing options.

What is Adobe Express?

adobe creative cloud express logo

Adobe Express was until recently known as Adobe Spark. It’s a web-based service that makes it easy to create top-level designs and video files. The program comes with convenient sharing tools.

Adobe Express was designed to make professional software, such as Photoshop and Adobe Premiere, more accessible to beginner users. Using it, you can quickly share your files with your clients, create engaging content for social networks, or design promotional materials for your marketing campaigns.

When writing this Adobe Express vs Filmora comparison, I noticed that the former clearly wins the competition as it comes with in-built libraries of digital assets. Thanks to the integration with Adobe Stock and Unsplash, you can search for paid and free videos and add them to your workspace. Additionally, you can upload your own content due to the integration with Creative Cloud, Adobe Lightroom, and Dropbox.

  • adobe creative cloud express interface
  • adobe creative cloud express interface

    Adobe Express: Pros and Cons

    An in-built library of music files. If you want to make your videos look more polished, you can add various presets and digital assets as well as royalty-free music. While this library doesn’t have a huge collection of files, you will find an audio file that will help you transform the atmosphere in your clip. If you aren’t satisfied with the available selection of audio files, you can import your own tracks.

    A wide choice of graphic design assets. You can tweak your project by adding a variety of digital assets to them, including shapes, symbols, and figures of people. While there are plenty of free options, you will need to pay for premium options that are marked by a crown icon.

    Drag-and-drop UI. The developers did everything to ensure that this software will be easy to use. You will quickly figure out how to create your project and apply various tools without any experience. When you take a first look at the user interface, you will see that it was created with user needs in mind. You will find the timeline at the bottom of the screen. On the right, you will see the options that allow you to adjust styles and select a suitable layout, whether you prefer to use the program in full-screen or split-screen mode.

    Plenty of integrations. CC Express is especially useful when you need to browse a library for free photos and other images. It integrates with Adobe Stock, Lightroom, Dropbox, Google Photos, and Google Drive plugins, which makes it easier for you to export files stored on these services.

    Allows adding voiceovers. To make your videos more informative, you can also add voice-overs. Using the dedicated tools, you can add narration when editing your footage, so there is no need to record it separately.

    Streamlined editing workflow for beginners. To start using this web-based service and create your first project in it, you just need to select a suitable title and choose the most suitable template. It will enable you to add informative boards to the timeline. They will make it easier for you to understand what a particular segment of a video should be dedicated to. You will easily figure out how to use all the features even if you have never used such software before and don’t know anything about storytelling rules. It makes this solution suitable for those who want to make their marketing efforts more effective and create engaging promotional content.

    Impossible to move design assets. When adding digital assets, you will be able to put them only in specific places, for instance, in the center or in the corner. It’s impossible to select another position, add several text boxes, or overlay them.

    Limited toolset. While CC Express has some convenient actions that enable you to quickly trim, resize, or merge your files, their choice is rather limited. You can convert your files to GIF format, apply the Reverse effect and use some other options, but you won’t be able to solve more advanced tasks.

    What is Filmora?

    filmora logo

    Filmora is a widely-used professional video editing software for Windows and macOS. After comparing Adobe Express vs Filmora, you will see that the latter is better suited for enhancing 4K footage. It’s perfect for budget-conscious users as enables editing both audio and video content without wasting much money. You will have access to a variety of options for applying effects and personalizing your videos.

    Using this program, you can apply overlays and various elements, including text and audio. It’s especially suitable for creating tributes, dedications, and stories. With the help of the available tools, you can also add voice-overs and resize your videos.

    To emphasize a particular object in the frame, you can employ the tilt-shift feature. In addition, this software lets you flip and rotate your videos as well as minimize the noise level.

    • filmora interface
    • filmora interface

      Filmora: Pros and Cons

      Over 900 effects. To enhance your video content, you can apply more than 900 effects without paying a dime. It enables you to add various elements to your videos and edit titles. Thanks to the integrated Filmstock library, you can also use 400 special effects. The developers work closely with Boris and NewBlue, which allows you to edit your clips using OpenFX. If you compare Filmora vs Movie Maker, the former will look like a winner due to these features.

      4K editing. Another advantage of this software is that it allows you to edit 4K videos. To do it, you can employ the Action Cam feature that enables you to cut, merge, and edit your 4K clips. What I like the most about it is that it enables users to create low-resolution copies and then save a video in 4K. Thanks to it, you can use Filmora on regular computers as it doesn’t require a powerful software configuration.

      Motion-tracking feature. It’s one of the most widely-used tools that allow you to capture the movement of an object and apply various effects to give your videos a more dynamic feel. This option will be useful for people who create movies and stream games as it makes it easy to hide some content.

      A library with 200+ text effects. To make your intros, outros, and end credits more attention-grabbing, you can use over 200 text effects and customize them to your liking using various overlays and adjusting their parameters. Thanks to the panel of advanced settings, you can change borders and text fill as well as add shadows.

      Split screen. If you need to create tutorials, interviews, or guides, you can add a split-screen to make your videos more informative. It lets you add engaging animations, text, and graphics to your clips.

      Color matching when merging clips. If you need to stitch several segments of a video without making the transitions between them noticeable, make sure to match their colors. Pay attention to various parameters that affect how your colors look. For instance, you may need to adjust the WB, tweak colors, and use 3D LUTs. You will be able to preview all your edits, which will help you spend less time on editing even if you have never used similar tools before.

      Preset templates for streamlined editing. Filmora comes with a variety of preset templates. They will come in handy for those who need to create videos like a pro without wasting a lot of time. For instance, you can use templates for intros and outros, openings and end screens.

      Quick and intuitive auto-ducking. It allows you to adjust the level of background sound so that the voice of the speaker becomes better heard. You just need to indicate that the clip contains voice, enable auto-ducking, and the background sound will become less noticeable.

      Steep learning curve. The key shortcoming of Filmora is that it is notoriously difficult to master. It wasn’t created with the needs of beginners in mind, which is why it’s more suitable for professional use.

      Occasional lagging. You might notice some lags when using this software, which makes it less convenient to use. As the result, you will need to spend more time on each project to finish it.

      Lacks integrations. If you don’t know what software, Adobe Express or Filmora, supports more platforms, keep in mind that the latter integrates only with FreeLogoDesign.

      Adobe Express vs Filmora: Prices

      adobe creative cloud express vs filmora pricing

      Adobe Express is free to use if you create an account. There is no need to indicate your payment details to sign up. This version allows you to use the main features and templates. You can also upload your own photos. However, be ready that all your projects will contain a watermark that will be impossible to remove.

      If you need to use it for professional purposes, make sure to purchase a paid version. After paying for a subscription, you won’t need to worry about a watermark. Besides, you will get access to more advanced templates and collaboration tools. The licensed version costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. U.S.-based clients can get a generous 20% discount. In this case, the subscription will cost them $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year.

      If you opt for Filmora, you can choose between monthly ($9.99) or annual ($49.99) subscriptions. Alternatively, you can buy a lifetime license for $79.99. All these plans include the same tools. Students and teachers can buy it with a 37% discount after selecting the Filmora Education plan. Business owners will benefit from the Team & Business plan that costs $155.88. It will allow them to use this solution to facilitate teamwork.

      Adobe Express vs Fiilmora: Who Wins?

      Adobe Express is a free video editing software that stands out for its intuitive interface and easiness of use. It’s a perfect option for creating videos, ads, or slideshows. The program will be useful for novice users who don’t have any prior video editing experience and want to create a high-quality and professional video. It has a well-organized workspace, which makes it a smart solution for bloggers and other content creators.

      Filmora offers a set of essential video editing features that allow you to cut, trim, and split your files as well as select a title, and add animations and transitions. You can use it to adjust the sound volume, perform color correction, and crop your video. In addition, it has a set of advanced options that enable you to perform keyframing and motion tracking, stabilize your video, use the Chroma key, and add overlays. While the program has an impressive choice of editing options, it might be a daunting task to master them.

      Besides, this software doesn’t support integrations that could have facilitated your workflow. It is more suitable for experienced users. However, it’s more expensive than other pro-level programs.

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