Remove Password Protection from PDF File in Adobe Reader

Want to learn how to remove password protection from PDF file in Adobe Reader? I have described several simple methods below.

You will learn how to achieve the desired result step by step. Even inexperienced users will cope with the task.

Method 1 - Through Advanced Tools Panel

This method involves using the toolbar and will work best for those familiar with Adobe Reader. However, novices can also grasp the process if they meticulously repeat the actions.

STEP 1. Open Your PDF File

open document to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

Start your Adobe Reader for Mac or Windows and upload your document. You can import your file either from a computer or external storage.

STEP 2. Head to the Tools Panel

tools panel to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

Choose Tools > Encrypt > Remove Protection.

STEP 3. Confirm Password deletion

approve password removal to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

If a document is password-protected from unauthorized reading, you need to click “OK” to ditch protection.

Method 2 - Through Google Chrome Browser

Another way to remove password from PDF in Adobe Reader is via a Google browser. But do not worry, your documents are absolutely protected.

STEP 1. Open Your File with Google Chrome

open via chrome to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

Right-click a password-protected PDF and choose Open with > Google Chrome.

STEP 2. Enter the Password

enter password to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

You will see a pop-up window with the field where you need to enter a password to open a doc. Your PDF for reading will appear in a browser.

STEP 3. Click the Printer Icon

printer icon to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

Find Printer Icon aimed at direct document printing. Usually, it is in the right upper corner.

STEP 4. Set Up the Destination

set the destination document to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

In the window with settings, find Destination and choose Save as PDF. Besides, the program allows saving either a specific page or the whole file.

STEP 5. Name Your Unlocked File

save to remove password from pdf in adobe reader

You can name your PDF and save it in the needed folder. Now you can open a file without entering a password in a free PDF Reader.


  • • What is a password of DPFs?

To view a file locked with a Document Open password, also known as a user password, you need to know the right combination. A permissions password, referred to as a master password, prevents unauthorized change of permissions configurations. Without entreting a code, you can’t print, tweak, or copy the text in a PDF.

  • • What is the point in protecting PDFs with a password?

By setting a password, you can hide your personal and sensitive data from prying eyes.

  • • Can I access a PDF without a password?

Yes, if it wasn’t initially password-protected. If it was, and you do not know the right combination, getting access to it will be problematic.

  • • Is it possible to restore my Adobe PDF password?

Unfortunately, the program does not allow retrieving the password used to secure your electronic signature. In this case, you need to remove your e-sign and make a new one.