Stripo Email Template Builder Review: Pros & Cons

By Kate Gross 16 days ago, Apps and Software


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Verdict: The Stripo email template builder is a comprehensive solution for quickly creating advanced email templates that typically demand pro-level coding skills.

I like that this service fully covers the client’s needs and allows them to spend time on more important business processes without compromising on the quality of service.

The main advantage of this service is the huge collection of over 1000 premade customizable email templates suitable for any business type.

  • Email templates
  • In-depth customization
  • Website integration
  • Build-in translator
  • Personal library
  • Occasional issues with Outlook support
stripo email template builder interface

Stripo stands out from the competition by allowing you to save complete emails and their sections as well as advanced parameters in your personal library.

The key to the success of this software stems from the fact that its UI appeals to both beginners and HTML/CSS experts so everyone can use the tools that are to their liking to design a professional, visually-appealing email.

Stripo Email Template Builder – Main Benefits

stripo email template builder logo

Stripo exists to make your life easier by offering everything from premade templates for all possible purposes and business industries to synched modules and a brand guideline creator. This service lets you design banners straight in the editor without ever having to use Photoshop.

It’s a great tool for collaborative work since you can design an email as a team within one environment in real-time. The software lets you assign roles to different users and roll back to previous versions of an email in case you're unhappy with some of the changes your teammates have made.

Feature Rich Email Builder with no Code

no code stripo email template builder review

This multifunctional e-mail marketing software offers immense customization capabilities and in-depth analytics. Most tasks in this software can be performed with the help of drag-and-drop functionality. However, if you’re an expert in this field, you can use the HTML & CSS code editor instead. Employ this tool to design emails from scratch, or edit and add new sections to premade emails with the help of the Drag-and-Drop editor.

One of the Stripo’s biggest advantages is that you don’t even have to switch between the two editing modes. Another important feature is the built-in translator. The developers have integrated the 10 most popular languages to ensure your clients from all around the world receive personalized information and you don’t have to write a dozen different emails while using a third-party translator.

Proprietary Library of Time-Saving Templates

template stripo email template builder review

Stripo is an email builder that can do wonders for saving time on performing mundane tasks. It allows you to produce specialized photographer e-mail templates and their elements (header, footer, signature…) that you can later employ any time a relevant occasion arises or have them be sent to your clients automatically.

This no-code email creator has a library of over 1000 fully customizable email templates fit for all industries and goals. Once you've found a suitable option, you can change the template's font and provide information that suits your needs. Additionally, you can conveniently add images for e-mail in a single click since the algorithm is already supplied with the correct parameters and recommended formats.

To make sure your future newsletter is perfect, you can take advantage of the preview mode. With its help, you can check out how your email will look on over 90 different devices and platforms. This way you can immediately get rid of all flaws and errors that you would have missed otherwise.

Strong Connection with Your Website for Better Exchange

The thing that I was impressed about the most is the ability to teach the system something by simply showing it my website. The integrated Brand Guidelines generator produced a selection of corporate styles, fonts, and color palettes that offered a perfect match for my brand identity.

Additionally, thanks to the provided smart blocks and synched modules, the system updates the entire template without requiring any effort on the user’s part. For instance, if you want to update the price or stock of a product, the only thing you have to do is add a link to the relevant positions on your site.

Advanced Integration and Export

It’s worth noting that the Stripo email template builder offers integration with over 70 ESPs and CRMs, including MailChimp, eSputnik, and Hubspot. This fact speaks volumes about the level of trust and reliability that this software has achieved. It allows you to directly export emails to Gmail and Outlook with zero quality or data loss.

You can also download the template as a PDF/PNG file. If you find the capabilities of the built-in editor to be lacking, you can benefit from extremely convenient integration with platforms like Canva, Calendly, or Figma.

Tools for AMP-Powered E-Mails

amp stripo email template builder review

Since an email newsletter is an important business tool, the developers made sure you’ll be able to create an email that won’t be ignored or lost among dozens of others in someone’s inbox. Additionally, thanks to the Content Modules section, you’re able to design quizzes, confirmations, and open forms within a couple of minutes.

One of the main advantages of this type of email is that it allows you to collect client reviews since you're giving them the ability to add comments and provide their opinion straight in the email. AMP forms integrated into emails tend to receive 5 times more feedback compared to standard external forms and you don't even need to have coding knowledge to utilize them since everything here is automated.

This software ensures your audience only receives fresh news, as the information in the email gets updated the second it’s opened. This is particularly relevant for stores since they won’t need to manually update the quantity, price, product photos, and descriptions of their products every time they send an email.

Blog Is Filled with Informative Articles

blog stripo email template builder review

The company’s blog has over 200 posts on email marketing and design. Before you open an article, you can check how much time you need to dedicate to reading it. This is very convenient since you immediately understand whether you have the time to spare for a specific post.

Additionally, the blog is structured in a way that ensures you don’t waste time endlessly scrolling through all the posts. You can find the required information by keywords or by sorting the content based on design themes, technical questions, and marketing tactics.

Stripo Email Template Builder Prices

Stripo developers offer a client-oriented approach when it comes to pricing. They allow a single user to test the service for free while saving up to 10 templates and being able to export 4 emails a month to Zapier, Gmail, Outlook, HTML, PDF, Image, and Webhook.

Basic plan costs $150 a year and grants access to all export options for over 70 ESPs 50 times a month. It also lets you store 50 emails and send 50 test emails a day.

The more a plan costs, the more storage and capabilities you receive. The Medium plan grants access to 3 users, 2 projects, custom fonts, and the translator feature and will cost you $450 a year.

Pro plan is meant for professional agencies that have about 10 users. It also provides unlimited storage, access to premium templates, support for 3 communication channels, and even year-long storage for all your email versions.

Prime plan is designed for users who have special requirements that are negotiated with the developers.

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