6 Best Hard Drive Erasers in 2023

The best hard drive eraser is a data cleaning program that allows PC users to completely clean their hard drives infected by viruses. Another great function of this type of software is sanitization techniques of removing sensitive data.

Top 6 Hard Drive Erasers

  1. CCleaner - All-in-one tool
  2. HDShredder - Small download size
  3. HDDErase - With built-in guide
  4. PCDiskEraser - Easy to use
  5. CBL Data Shredder - Supports drag and drop
  6. KillDisk - Works with SSDs

Regardless of the problem you are facing, you need to choose the best program for formatting your hard drive. That is why I have compiled a list of the best programs that will help you clean your data quickly and safely.

1. CCleaner - Our Choice

All-in-one tool
  • Installation process is very quick
  • Keeps a regular update
  • Scheduled scans and cleanups
  • Low weight of the program
  • No auto uninstallation

Verdict: When it comes to choosing what is the best hard drive eraser for you there are many options available to you. One of these is what is called the CCleaner hard drive eraser which has become very popular amongst people who use their computer for personal and business purposes alike. What this tool does is it makes it possible for you to effectively delete any unwanted data from your hard drive without having to actually mess around with physical media.

By deleting information by this file shredder, you can free up a lot of space on your internal hard drive that can be used for more important files. If you don't believe us, try it yourself and you will see just how much space can be saved just by deleting those old files.

ccleaner interface

2. HDShredder

Small download size
  • Can erase data from internal hard drives
  • Easy wizard
  • Write Zero data sanitization method
  • Paid version needed

Verdict: HDShredder comes in a variety of sizes that will best meet the requirements of your current computer or gaming system. The program comes with an instructional video that walks through the steps of how to effectively and efficiently erase your entire hard drive using nothing but standard computer programming, so you do not need to be a technical genius to accomplish this task. It has a back up option for you not to use free data recovery software in case of erasing important stuff.

HDShredder has various options to choose from including the ability to store and restore data and files from any computer on the network, allowing you to quickly switch between applications without losing any progress when doing so.

hdshredder interface

3. HDDErase

With built-in guide
  • Comes with a tutorial guide
  • Wipes off data and any available OS
  • Invokes the secure erase function
  • Not for frozen security status drives

Verdict: HDDErase comes with a lot of features that make it one of the best on the market. If you have been experiencing problems with your hard drive and need to get it fixed, there are a few things that you will want to know about this brand of eraser before making your final purchase.

HDDErase software will work with most brands of hard drives and memory sticks. Most consumers who purchase this type of eraser brand can save more than one file onto the same drive.

hdderase hard drive erasers interface

4. PCDiskEraser

Easy to use
  • Supports all popular file system
  • Small size
  • Supports a wide range of hardware
  • The user interface is old

Verdict: PCDiskeraser works on the same basic principle as a standard PC drive eraser in that it is driven electrically. What is different is that instead of pushing the eraser through the channel, it is pushed by gravity. This forces the device to work faster and with less friction.

While this is a very fast speed, this is also a feature that most people appreciate when looking for the best hard drive eraser.

pcdiskeraser hard drive erasers interface

5. CBL Data Shredder

Supports drag and drop
  • Can optionally erase free space as well
  • With data sanitization methods
  • Makes you confirm erasing a drive
  • Supports only one wipe method

Verdict: Compatible Data Recovery Corporation (CDR) data eraser is an extremely useful tool for recovering files that might be corrupted, lost or otherwise damaged due to all kinds of factors including hardware problems, file corruption and even accidental deletions or overwriting of files.

Although most people would consider such situations as being beyond their capabilities, the CBL data recovery tool actually has several advantages over its competitors which makes it one of the best hard drive eraser products on the market. In this article we will take a closer look at what is the CBL Data Shredder and why should you consider it when looking for an open source data recovery software program.

cbl data shredder hard drive erasers interface

6. KillDisk

Works with SSDs
  • Automatic backups
  • Notifications if backups fail
  • Easy restore process
  • Weak functionality

Verdict: There is an all new version of the KillDisk hard drive eraser which is just what you need if you have been looking for one for quite some time. The new version, which was made available by Bestop, actually features four different levels of erase speed. This is actually a very good feature as it means that if you have a lot of data to get rid of you will not have to worry about how long it is going to take as the process will be done very quickly indeed.

The amount of data that you can delete in a day is something else that is really interesting. You should be able to go through as much as ten days' worth of data with the new one. You will be amazed at the speed and the ease with which it works.

killdisk hard drive erasers interface